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Slammiversry 2011 Dream Card

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TNA World Heavyweight Championship

King of The Mountain
Mr Anderson (c) vs Sting vs Bully Ray vs AJ Styles vs TBD

Mr Anderson wins the title on Impact and the same night Bully Ray Becomes No.1 Contender but Mick Foley Makes it KOTM to annoy HH and adds Sting & AJ Styles to the match and the final Combatent will either be Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan meet in a 3-way at the Begining of the show

Christopher Daniels vs Jeff Jarrett

The Jarrett/Angle Fued ended at Lockdown and since Daniels has got in his face about Selling out & Jarrett says Daniels is Nobody and wont ever be someone

TNA Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Bros (W/ Chris Harris) vs Beer Money inc (c)

"The Pope" D'angelo Dinero vs Kazarian vs Doug Williams
all say they'll be the future of TNA sets up a 3 way at SMV with a future world title

Steel Cage Match- Mexican America vs McMg

McMg return and want to take down the arrogant MEX US and the two teams battle at Sacrifice and Mex US win but the guns want a rematch and they'll do it in the cage

TNA TV Title- Gunner (c) vs Murphy

Murphy pumps up and unleases his anger on Gunner both men get the chance to cut promos

TNA X-Division Championship- Brian Kenderick vs Amazing Red (c) vs Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck

Max wins the title at Sacrifice when pope cost Kaz his title

TNA Knockouts Championship- Mickie James vs Tara

Tara turns on Madison Rayne and they set up the dream match

Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan vs Kurt Angle- Winner goes to main event simple as

so what do you think?

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  1. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    Not bad at all. I do hope they bring back the KOTM match though.
  2. EMAN123's Avatar
    No Robbie E? This card fails...just kidding. Nice card, who would you want to win the 3 way and be the 'TBD' one?
  3. KingKris006's Avatar
    I'd watch that. I'd buy that.... well maybe... dvd. Nice card.
  4. ozfan's Avatar
    Nice card but who wins the Winner Goes To Main Event match?
  5. eboy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ozfan
    Nice card but who wins the Winner Goes To Main Event match?
    I Hoped you wouldn't ask I'll say Joe give him back his main event status
  6. jordan1995's Avatar
    king of the mountain match ftw

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