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WilloTron 5000

Smack"Let"Down, Top Heel, and P.S Your a Racist

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I think that this week WWE has seen one of it's weakest weeks of TV in a while in my opinion. And from what i've heard, TNA had a strong week with a decent rating.

Of course just like any blog it is a mixture of fact and opinion. Therefore just like that mix i think there will be a mixed response to this blog. I believe this because in my humbled opinion Smackdown has been a hell of a lot weaker since the draft. Pre-draft i think Smackdown showcased good quality matches every week however i think we've seen the opposite in the last few weeks. Particularly this weeks edition of Smackdown where we only saw 4 matches. It was a weak show, whereas pre-draft i'd have looked forward to seeing the likes of ADR, Drew Mcintyre, Kofi Kingston et al. Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan had great potential but didn't deliver. If them two got it right i'd love to see a series of matches between them two. Although Chavo vs Sin Cara is promising. I just hope that the Smackdown roster is in a period of settling down and that things are going to improve in the coming weeks. The absence of Edge is certainly noticeable and the fact that 'from the vault' has been filled with matches featuring the Undertaker for the past god knows how many weeks shows that his absence is felt on the roster too. Another bit of positive news was the foundations being set for The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal to form an alliance. This could make Khali prominent again and give rise to Mahal on the Smackdown roster. In addition, the recent re-signing of Daivari could be another great addition to that team. Promising!

After this week's Raw as well as Smackdown i came to the conclusion that Michael Cole is the WWE's top heel. CM Punk is arguable however he isn't on TV consistently week after week with the opportunity to get the crowd on his back - unlike Cole. I like Michael Cole and his character is brilliant; some of his quotes and one liners are fantastic. In terms of his heelish persona, when he gets a mic and starts talking usually negatively about; Jerry Lawler or the city that their in the crowd go out of their way to boo him and jeer him. And it's not just a certain area of the crowd, there is a resounding wave of heat on Sir Michael which as of late has been unmatched. He's certainly WWE's top heel at the moment. CM Punk needs to take note, and work to get that crown back.

I was very suprised and slightly puzzled to watch Superstars and find Tyson Kidd being accompanied to the ring by Michael PS Hayes. Now the former Freebird has a past, and not one that is warranted or tollerated in the WWE or anywhere for that matter. Back in 2008 he was suspended for 60 days by WWE for making racist remarks to Mark Henry. And now the WSM is on Smackdown. That could get interesting backstage. However i feel Hayes is a strange choice to manage Kidd. There's no doubt that Hayes can give Kidd much needed advice however, it just doesn't look right on TV. They look like the odd couple. Perhaps a diva as a valet could be Kidd's bets option. I wonder if Hayes, as Smackdown head creative writer has any plans for him and Kidd to build a racist faction? Perhaps the ressurection of Kerwin White? Back to my smackdown rant above, Tyson Kidd vs Trent Barreta would have fit perfectly on Smackdown TV this week, perhaps bettered the show!

Just a quick pointer about the draft 3 or 4 weeks ago. Why is it when a superstar get's drafted to the opposite show, the superstars on that show look really pleased. It really puzzles me. If i was Rey Mysterio when he was on Smackdown, i wouldn't be celebrating if John Cena was coming over. Or somebody like Drew Mcintyre, when Randy Orton got drafted. I'd be worried about my own path to the top. It happens at every draft every year and puzzles me.

Anyway after what has been a piss poor WWEek, i'm hoping for a stronger one next week

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  1. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    Smackdown has been more entertaining than RAW lately and for years for that matter, TNA is still crap(:
  2. DXFan619's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ut11smithcor
    Smackdown has been more entertaining than RAW lately and for years for that matter, TNA is still crap(:
    In what world are you living in? (In regards to the SD/RAW comment)
  3. cmason's Avatar
    Tyson Kidd vs Trent Barretta wouldnt have fit perfectly on Smackdown. No one out of internet fans have a bloody clue who these people are. Yes the match was good but thats like you should put a indy match on every week just for the sake of it. AND Micheal Cole has been the top heel for WWE for a long time. Punk is a great heel but no one who can wrestle like punk will ever have the pure hatrid that a Michael Cole or a Vicky Gurrero will. Punk is the best wrestling heel with Miz being not too far behind.
  4. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    i disagree with Miz purely for the fact that he has got a decent reaction from fans over the last couple of months. Probably due to facing Cena, however a great heel but hasn't totally got all of the fans on his back.
  5. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    @cmason i believe Trent Barretta vs Tyson Kidd would have fit well on Smackdown because of the fact that Smackdown was weak this week and this bout was a strong & entertaining match - something that Smackdown needed this week. Nothing to do with Internet fans knowing who these superstars are at all!
  6. cainecollin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DXFan619
    In what world are you living in? (In regards to the SD/RAW comment)
    The Real World? I think Smackdown has been the better show for several years now, as do most people I've talked to about it. SD has had most of the better rivalries and tended to have people much better on the mic. While Raw most mostly Cena or someone talking about Cena during other peoples matches (or any chance they weren't saying anything else)
  7. miraistreak's Avatar
    you're* a racist.
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