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The (very late) ToughBlog : Week 6

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Hey again, Hakumen's back and ready to give his belated thoughts on this week in Tough Enough. Yeah, I ran into a few snags whilst trying to write this, like my computer updating without telling me, making me lose all my progress and well, studying. But, we're past all that now, so time to rock! It's been a crazy time in the world of wrestling as of late, with such madness as Christian's 3 day title reign, the Angle-Jarrett storyline STILL GOING and R-Truth threatening to kick Alberto Del Rio's cat. But, is there anything crazy happening in WWE Tough Enough? Well let's take a look, and whether it's crazy or not, I'll let you be the judge...

As always, we open with a recap of last weeks happenings, with events ranging from Ivelisse's injury, Ryan's elimination and the crew's humiliation at the hands of a few midgets. Way to make your contestants look good from the outset, guys. I can say that if someone tuned in for the first time and saw that, then well I don't think they'd be too convinced with the caliber of the athletes in the contest. But maybe that's just me. Anyway, the remaining contestants return home, to some pretty varied reactions. Luke returns, ego even larger than before, telling us "it was just a mental challenge". While I'd be inclined to agree, the bottom three still isn't a good place to be. Don't get complacent Lukey-boy, that's all I'm saying. But, no one really expected him to go, so no one was really bothered when he came back. Christina on the other hand, was a different story, with a lot of heat coming from Ivelisse, who was still clearly not happy (god damn, you could see it in her eyes!) about Christina's botch which lead to her injury. I can understand that, but there's clearly a lot of bad blood between them and it's pretty likely it may surface throughout the duration of the show. That aside, the week rolls onward...

And so, the week begins and what can I say, no special wake up calls this week! Booker clearly thought he did a good enough job last week. So, its just your bog standard Daily Training to kick off and yeesh. Eric can't keep up already. It was at this point where I thought if there's any indication this guy isn't good enough, this is it. Boy would I be proved wrong later this episode, but maaaan this guy needs to get in shape. He can only ride on his "look" for so long and maybe the trainers are going to realise that soon. Oh, and props for Bill DeMott's imagination. Comparing the contestants to a blood clot. Genius... if not a little gross too. But in essence, lots of push ups, squats and rolls. What's funny is Ivelisse and Christina can't even do that together. How hard can it really be?!

But then, (as Good ol' JR would put it) business just picks up. Austin enters to give this weeks theme. Focus. Seems good enough, but makes you wonder what challenges they could do for that. But, training continues and one thing worth noting is that Jeremiah sure has a set of balls on him. Tha dude got slammed so hard he was spitting up blood! And he kept going! Daaaaamn, I just gained a lot more respect for that guy, considering how green he is. That just shows how much he wants it. After, AJ actually got some camera time for once. Shame all the camera showed was him getting it all wrong and generally being mediocre. Trish put it best, there's just no room for mediocricy in the business. AJ's chances ain't looking so great all of a sudden, and your left to ponder about about that as the break rolls round. He's solid and all, but I agree, the guy has no USP.

Next up, it's time to fly! Why wasn't this in the week based around agility? Makes a bit more sense than an obstacle course. It's only elbowing from the second rope, but hey it's a start. Jeremiah begins by once again showing the size of his Johnson and challenges the trainers request, rather going top rope than second. All the same, he goes second and doesn't do too great. God knows what wouldv'e happened if he went top. My man Andy and top contender Martin continued to look solid, whilst Luke isn't quite as impressive as he may say, but still better than most. Then holy crap, it was time for Eric to hit the air. All I could think of was the Lesnar-Big Show superplex. I thought that ring was going to be wrecked. It was a bit shaky, but OK I guess. Ivelisse struggled with the bag as always and gave a standard elbow. But of course, her leg was bad. Now, I don't know how serious that injury was, but I don't think it can be used as an excuse all the time, like she
seemed to make out. The trainers thought similarly, so much so that they even gave her a little pep talk/kick up the backside to see if she could suck it up and continue. Well, she's a tenacious little thing, saying she'll never quit. You can clearly see she wants it just as much as, if not more than the other guys, but heck, if you can't perform... then well you can't perform. Christina was also pretty impressive that day, definitely outshining her rival, which obviously didn't help Ivelisse's situation any further...

So it's time for the life lesson. I never get why they're called life lessons. I mean, playing basketball with midgets and cheerleading in a city hotspot are CLEARLY imperative to a good way of life. But anyway, life lesson or not, this week's challenge is a high-rise, ropes course thing (I have no idea what they're actually called . And here to teach the crew all about Focus is none other than the favorite of Zack Ryder's dad, John Morrison! Hey, maybe John could spend less time teaching others about focus and maybe "focus" on keeping his girlfriend from sleeping with everyone in the WWE, eh?! (OMG IM SO FUNNY AND POPULAR LOLZZZZ). Just kidding. Everyone starts out good, with Martin, AJ and others making good time. Heck, even Ivelisse was doing good with her spazzy leg. That was until she hit the upside down rope. Time for super Morrison to assist with words of wisdom such as "you can do this" and in a classic movie cliche moment, she juuuuuuust fell short of grabbing his hand. Oh, how dramatic Monday night television is. Her run through the course may look bad, but you never see how long the whole thing took in total, so it's pretty hard to judge how bad she did. The other notable performance was Eric. Oh man. You wouldn't think this would be the guys strong point, but holy Jesus I didn't expect this. And no, I'm not talking about how funny and weird his afro looked whilst poofing out of a helmet, oh hell no. One hour and thirty four minutes. One and a half hours! That's right, he got stuck and didn't finish the course. It was real dissapointing, and as for that indication of his inability I mentioned earlier, THIS WAS IT. Poor guy. Mustv'e been really boring up there for over an hour...

Back in the gym, it's time for the skills challenge. The skill of squatting on a top rope. But of course, "focusing" whilst you do it. I don't see a point in their careers whenever they may need this skill, but it doesn't matter. What Austin says, goes. Andy was like an elephant on a tightrope and didn't last long at all. Darn. He still somehow impressed Austin getting p***ed off when he lost. I'm pretty sure Luke's done that every week. Maybe THAT's why they think he's so good . Well, the injured Ivelisse and Booker T's "dawg" Jeremiah do well enough to advance in this top rope squat tournament thing. AJ and Eric fail in the next round leaving Luke, Christina, Ivelisse and Jeremiah to fight for the trophy of best squatter! But, with a twist. Two heavy guys run the ropes too! As you can imagine, this didn't last long, with the girls falling short, pretty evenly too. Luke and Jerry (for short) do the final challenge, with a few moves thrown in, including their turnbuckle moves from earlier. Jeremiah overshoots the elbow completely, resulting in Luke becoming top dog once more. Now time for one person's dream to end. Yup, one. Definitely one. You'll see why...

After the trainers deliberation, it's Ivelisse, Eric and AJ on the chopping block. AJ because he hasn't broken away, Ivelisse because of her questionable condition, and Eric because...he's Eric. From what the focus (unintentional link) and build up of the programme have been, it was obvious that it would be either Eric or Ivelisse. Sure enough, Ivelisse's belt become Austin's property, and she's eliminated as Austin can only go by what she can currently do . But that ain't all. Austin's firing both barrels tonight, and one elimination isn't enough. So, Eric or AJ? Boring or Inable? Well, now we're at the "nut cutting" time (as Austin put it), turns out AJ's gonna get another chance to impress, as Austin's wrath and belt grabbing skills are turned to Eric. AJ roams free while the Tough Enough experience comes to an end for Eric and Ivelisse.

So, final thoughts? Remember how I said one persons dream is over? Thats because I'm pretty darn sure Ivelisse's isn't. Or at the very least it shouldn't be. To begin with, she was eliminated because of her injury. Austin went as far to say that if her leg wasn't bad, she wouldn't have been in the bottom three. Second, that injury wasn't her fault, it was Christina's. To completely crush any chance of her achieving her dream because of someone else's error would be ridiculous. And third, if friggin Ariane can get a contract with FCW after she was eliminated, Ivelisse should be a damn cert for it. Rant over.

As for Eric, his dream could possibly be over for good, but hey, who am I to say that he can't do it. If the dude gets in shape, we may see him in the future. Well, that's all for this week! I'll try not to be late for next week, but until then, hope you enjoyed!

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