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Nation of Domination - The Rock, Owen Hart, and More

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The Nation of Domination - How I miss it so.

This faction led in to the peak of the attitude era and was another important part of what was created i that era.

It just worked, and evolved and evolved and evolved.

Lets examine the members of my favourite faction.

Faarooq - The original leader, he was perfect for the portrayal of the black panther. Gravel voiced and authoritive in demeanor, he made the Nation hugely believable. Though he was to enjoy legendary success in the APA, from this groups formation he was the undoubted leader and this was his biggest role in WWF as a singles competitor until his excommunication.

The Rock - The group where eveything started for the peoples champ. Though he would later outshine the group to a point where he was the leader destined for greater things, he gave a new edge and character as the leader, a huge departure from the political agenda the group previously had.

D'Lo Brown - Originally in line to be the next breakout star, he personified attitude in the Nation. If you can make a successful gimmick out of shaking your head manically you have got what is known as it. Started out as the group's bodyguard before he trimmed down,when Faarooq disbanded the original nation he was the only person retained. The very definition of underused talent, I know I am not alone in people who though that he had everything in his locker to become a main eventer. Whether it was politics or the incident with Droz, he was never allowed to be as big as he could be.

Kama Mustafa/The Godfather - Recruited as the supreme fighting machine, he had the badass persona down to a tee. He suited the group in it's 2nd incarnation. When the Rock's charisma led to him taking over the group, the other members took on his cocky attitude in various ways. He was no different, he became the pimp that we all loved and this gimmick carried over successfully in the aftermath of the group's dissolution.

Mark Henry - The only NOD member from it's heyday still around. Is probably on his last legs. Was the least over member of the Natio by a distance, he brought his world's strongest man/sexual chocolate persona to the group but was the least charismatic member of the group, as the muscle usually are. Has done well to still be around and being at the level he is today, which is out of either company loyalty or general improvement, its hard to tell cause I don't personally care.

Owen Hart - Brought great credibilty to the group, a main event influence that was invaluable, and even if he looked out of place he wasn't. Was in danger of being lost in the shuffle before he joined, as he was a then face and the man was born to be a heel. He had a well earned reputation throughout his career and it is a horrible tragedy what happened to him RIP.

There were several other members too from the first incarnation, Savio Vega and Crush. While in the Nation they fit in well as disciples of Clarence Mason, Faarooq et al, but unlike the people above, they were not able to get over when kicked out of the group, and were responsible as figureheads for Los Boricuas and DOA (I'm making that sound Sideshow Bob makes when he keeps getting hit by the rakes). Ahmed Johnson was a big name who was in the Nation as well, but his time was shortlived. It's a shame, because having feuded with the Nation as a hugely over babyface since it's incarnation, it was a big move, a shock when he jooined up with Faarooq's new vision.

I miss the Nation, mainly because of the power the group displayed. They had a huge role in the midcard in all incarnations, had some theme music which suited them down to a tee (all incarnations, personally my favourite theme music ever), and they were one of a kind.

I have longed to see them be reinvented, but am kind of happy they haven't. In professional wrestling's landscape, I don't think they would fit in, they would probably just be another Nexus with no agenda, and who is really credible to be a member of the group anyway?

I could imagine Booker T as a leader, motivated by having to get over to the title by using a corny King Booker persona, being resentful and taking some superstars under his wing. I could only imagine R Truth could fit in right now, Mark Henry would make sense as a figurehead also because he could claim rights to the group. Out of the existing roster people everyone else looks the same. And in today's climate, would WWE risk anything controversial again? Probably not

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  1. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    You hit it right on the head with this one. The Nation was so cool because it was so believable and that fact that it could evolve over time and still be great. But it would not fit in today at all. I think it is just one of those great things that should stay dead...

  2. EMAN123's Avatar
    Always thought the Nation was awesome, they had stars that were low-level, for the most part and atleast while they were in the Nation but you could still take them seriously up against DX, LOD and Ahmed Johnson, whoever
  3. Chaston80's Avatar
    I like this blog...many factions always get the nod for being great stable but it seems the Nation of Domination get forgotten about. Its a shame too cause they were great and dominant just as their name suggested.
  4. Sony's Avatar
    They are forgotten because they did not have longevity. The nation did have entertaining feuds, but they were not legendary feuds. To be considered along side stables such as The four horsemen, Heenan family, NWO, ect the nation needed to have the longevity and legendary feuds that will be remembered for years to come...not just entertainment value alone.
  5. jhorton1215's Avatar
    If you went with a modern version, it would work well with a well-timed heel turn from Kofi Kingston. He's the one guy on the current roster from Africa, and could benefit from it as much as The Rock did. Now Kofi's not The Rock, but this could be the type of thing he needs to jump to that next level and reach his ceiling.
  6. 68wPayne's Avatar
    ^^^ I think Kofi would serve better as feuding with a new NoD like Ahmed did. Have the new Nation led by R-Truth with JTG, Mark Henry, and Michael Tarver (Truth wanting the WWE/World Title, Tarver going after IC/US and JTG and Henry for the Tag) try to get Kofi to join them but refuse and feud with them.
  7. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    good to hear the feedback. NOD brought me back to wrestling in 97. I think Kofi would be brilliant in either role. I would plump for him in the nation though. It would be an easy way to turn him heel so he can build a persona that he needs. If he was in the Ahmed role, it would be good too because it would generate sympathy face heat. But I'd like to see him heel if I had to choose Unfortunately, these will probably never happen even though it makes mind boggling sense!
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