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Impact Wrestling: A Genius Business Move

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I may not know much of how the wrestling business works behind the scenes, but neither do many of you. I am pretty sure we do not have any former-wrestlers of a large promotion on this site (sorry to say, Ryan Clark). I do however, know a thing or two about business in general. What TNA is doing is exactly what they should be doing at exactly the right time, everyone just needs to see it from a business point of view.

We all know WWE is now dropping the word wrestling from the shows and from it's name. If I remember correctly, many people were disturbed by this. I know my first thoughts were, "why?" What Impact Wrestling (IW) is doing is playing off this emotion, your emotion. Business 101 says that all companies need to change with the competition and evolve with the times if they want to survive. Marketing the idea that you are a wrestling company when your biggest competition is scared to use the word is a simple but ingenious thing.

TNA needed a name change anyway. Sure the abbreviation was different than the competition, not including a 'W' in the mix, but when many people outside the internet fans think TNA stands for "Boobs and Butts" (PG people), you may have a problem. Again, what a perfect time to get rid of that name, and get a name that has wrestling in it. A name that forces you to say "wrestling." The competition is getting wrestling out of it's name, so to make your product stand out put something in that not only the people are looking for, but something that makes you different. I am sure if I asked you if you rather watch good wrestling on Raw or 1 hours of decent promos, you would choose the former. Differentiating your product is key in any industry, and this name change does an awesome job at that.

My next point has to do with everyone that say "TNA always takes shots at WWE" or "TNA needs to stop mentioning WWE on air." They should keep doing it, why? Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who watches TNA knows that WWE exists. Everyone also knows that WWE is the top company in the US. So why hide it? You see it all the time on TV and in advertising:

"Dominoes Pizza beats Papa John's Pizza 4 to 1 in a National taste test"
"Dominoes Pizza uses fresh ingredients, not like those other guys."

And after a while, IF (yes, IF) this IW direction works, you are going to hear "we didn't turn our back on wrestling, like those other guys," and many people are going to get the idea that WWE did. Many of us already think that, but we let our hatred for TNA blind us. We are NOT that casual wrestling fan, we are the marks, like it or not. Both WWE and TNA are not going to cater anything towards us because we are the minority. So trying to convince that fans that are not nearly as passionate about the product and just want to see good wrestling to tune is, is what IW should be doing. So whatever IW is saying may seem like bull to you, but it is not for you.

For those who say the TNA is just re-branding because of WWE is 100% right. Those of you who say that TNA is copying WWE is 100% wrong. TNA is going in a direction that the fans want, marks or casual. If your disregard the names, and I gave you these two choices, which one would you pick?

Choice 1: Company who focus hard on the in-ring product to provide the best wrestling they can offer.

Choice 2: Company who focuses on other types on media, occasionally focusing on the in-ring product.

Business 101 says find out what your target market wants, find out what your competition is doing, and adjust accordingly. TNA or IW is doing a perfect job of this. So bash it if you want, but TNA is doing the same thing WWE would do in this position. Did WWE not adapt it's product to compete with WCW in the last 90s? Exactly.

Of course Vince Russo could book this all down the drain and make this a complete waste of money for IW, time for us, and energy for me defending them, but that is for another blog.

Appreciate the read if you made it this far!
Crack, out.

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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    The change is about getting new sponsorship deals, and making more money. That is not a bad thing, at some point this has to be a priority for them. TNA to nike= tits and ass, impact wrestling says it all. TNA's biggest goal is to get out of the impact zone, and get on the road with tv tapings. This might help them, accomplish this.

    The biggest things that the IWC complains about tna, that they don't create there own talent. That the originals don't get air time. There is too much talking, where is the x division?
    They have made a super face group of tna originals that has been undefeated in the last 3 ppv's and holds like what like 60 to 70% of the titles. They are making the revival of the xdivision part of the new re-branding. They have 4 guys they are developing and a knockout. Finally the fact that there was too much talking from oldies like hogan flair bish and jarrett who were all in the ring when the wrestling matters, stuff started. Is it a jab, or comment on the E maybe but storyline wise its aimed at hogan flair bish and jarrett who get lots of air time. Kudos to them to turning the IWC complaints into storyline, while at the same time making the IWC the face.

    Yet sadley tons of haters, come out and cry, There is a wrestling show on next thursday that no one knows what will happen next (minus the spoilers). I hope they tighten up storylines and feature lots of wrestling now that would be awsome. I was never a big russo fan but ppl forget he was with tna almost from the begginig ( you know the glory years, when no one watched but everyone says they did now) well here is to hoping they make wrestling better. I like enjoying three wrestling shows a week.
    Updated 05-14-2011 at 01:22 AM by monctonvike
  2. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by candlelarbra521
    Totally agree, the idiots who said that you didn't read the blog didn't read your comment, anyway i won't be explaining it to them, but i agree with you.
    I'm the "idiot" that said that and if you have a problem with what I said, then call me out on it.
  3. VKM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by candlelarbra521
    Totally agree, the idiots who said that you didn't read the blog didn't read your comment, anyway i won't be explaining it to them, but i agree with you.
    We said he didn't read the blog because in the blog, it was never about their wrestling or how they bring in 90's and 80 wrestler's. What it was about is that TNA had made a wise buisness move by changing their name and heading into the direction of having "wrestling matters". I guess you didn't read the blog either did you?
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    smart article, nice and reasonable. whatever the sheep is on about, he's fighting with the wrong person
  5. hey you guys(and girls)'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by candlelarbra521
    Totally agree, the idiots who said that you didn't read the blog didn't read your comment, anyway i won't be explaining it to them, but i agree with you.
    i didnt read it but agree with what is said very valid and worth skipping
  6. Graffis's Avatar
    First off, WWE only changed their name because the world wildlife fund was taking them to court for the WWF initials. So, don't be stupid. And second, no matter how much you guys hate it, WWE will always be number one. So if TNA wants to mention them in their promos and do things to compete with them, then they should. If they are putting the thought in peoples head that they are on the same level as WWE, thats good business. And if changing there name to get rid of the child-like TNA to get people to take them seriously, it can only be good. So everyone needs to stop thinking they know everything about business decisions because if you knew anything you wouldn't be on this site bitching about... well anything.
    Updated 05-14-2011 at 09:23 PM by Graffis
  7. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    You can call it underwater basket-weaving if you want, it's still wrestling. If TNA wants to beat WWE it needs to cut the fat (wrestlers who should have been retired 30 years ago) and promote young talent. And keep young talent, give it a few years and you'll see them start jumping ship, especially if they don't get the exposure they want. AJ styles would be mid-card at best in WWE but I can see guys like Morgan and Terry getting a gigantic push from Vince. we'll see though...
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