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Current WWE vs WWF

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This is gonna be my first official post here, the names Mike Madness and I just wanted to get your opinion on a few things.

A lot of people bash the current WWE and in my opinion they have a good right to. Most people when bashing the WWE will turn to the Attitude Era as the way wrestling use to be, and should still be. Like many here, I have been a wrestling fan through the Attitude Era. Most hail this time as the golden era of wrestling, and in many ways it was. This was a time period of great innovation in America wrestling with many promotions using foreign superstars and a more Exteme style of wrestling. While I loved this era for the larger than life stars, the Monday Night Wars, WWF, WCW and ECW, its not my favorite era. While I was attracted to the violence, the language, the divas another era I enjoyed more than the Attitude Era was the time known as the Brand Extension Era of professional wrestling.

During this era I will include 2000 to around 2006. So basically the end of the Attitude Era to the Brand Extension Era. During this time wreslting in my opnion reached its peak. Multiple superstars were being billed as the guys of the company and many were up and comers of their time. When looking at this time period one thing I notice right away was that the titles meant alot less. There was once a time when a superstar like Kurt Angle could go to the ring, put on a hell of a non-title match and still be considered one of the guys of the company. Wreslting was more about the individual and less about the belts. There were many guys that were established in the WWE, and even midcarders that would hold their own against the bigger guys. Wrestling was at a period when their was more respect towards the prestige of the belts rather than who had it. When Chris Benoit won the US title, that was considered major and was treated like a major storyline. He brought that belt honor and it was his job to defend the title to the best of his abilities.

The current WWE switches titles so much that its even a little silly. Guys like Swagger, Sheamus, and even Del Rio are constantly being thrown in and out of storylines, to me they are still midcarders. In the current WWE you need the belt to be considered a main eventer, and in some cases, that doesn't even work (Swagger). The belt is always thrown back to John Cena or Randy Orton and most of the storylines revolve around them. CM Punk is a perfect example of a star that was able to break past these two yet even he still gets dragged back down when his star rises too much.

Around 2002-2003, guys like the Guerreros, Benoit, Angle, Taz were all developing into their careers. These guys didnt need titles to be put over, they were as physically big as HHH, The Rock, Undertaker, and character wise they were finding their own. Belts are just an object, they didn't need them to sell tickets and merchandise, they were good on their own. They began to develop tag teams which is a perfect example of a way to showcase multiple stars at once. These guys formed stables, had managers and started using new ways to entertain the crowd and make their mark. Guys like Edge and Chrisitan, the Dudleys and the Hardys put on their TLC matches and rocked the PPV'S. Groups like Too Cool got some of the biggest pops of the night for their dancing routines alone. This was a time when guys like Kane would just destroy a locker room full of guys, storylines were entertaining as hell. Cruiserwieghts would put on matches that would ignite the audiances. Guys like Mysterio, Tajiri, Kidman, and even Chavo would have matches that would make fans go wild. There were so many different styles in the WWE at that time that the match cards were always entertaining. Hardcore wrestling, Lucha, Tag, Technical, Powerhouse, Brawlers, Collegiate, Japanese shoot, and Indy were all featured on the match cards on a daily bases.

When people knock the current WWE, they cite the PG era as the root of all thats evil. I don't believe so, the WWE could still put on great matches if the writers stepped their game up. I do believe moderate blood is necessary in wreslting as long as it isn't a Ric Flair blade job, lift the ban and use it to put over some storylines. They have a talented cast of wrestlers but simply do not use most of them wisely. They could build great heels and faces if they really wanted to. The WWE simply doesn't listen to their fans. Guys like Zack Ryder have constantly made themselves the center of attention yet nothing is done. They push Dolph Ziggler who i do like but i still can't get over his name, i mean really Dolph as world champion. Some guys are doomed from the start just by their names alone. The John Morrision and R-Truth fued was good but JOMO really needs a manager because to me he is boring on the mic. The Miz is a perfect example of a WWE creation gone right but he just seems out of place with the John Cena and Rock fued. We cheer for Evan Bourne yet he is used as a jobber. Make an Unamerican stable, thats one of the fastest ways to build heat on a guy. They force feed us John Cena yet I believe Cody Rhodes is the one to start watching. Tag Teams like Santino and Kozlov simply make me want to turn the channel yet they break apart Cryme Time who was actually a good group. What happened to wreslting, what happened to the product I grew up with. Im all for changing it up, but the time period I mentioned wasnt even the most extrem time period, they can go back to this under PG. The WWE could go back to having the divisions and showcasing each stars talent yet they refuse to. The put really talented smaller guys in squash matches and they depend too heavily on their main eventers. They have the cruiserweights, the technical guys, highflyers yet they bring in Sin Cara and make him face I do commend the WWE for him facing Primo and now moving on to Chavo but in my opinion, showcase Bourne with Sin Cara. They made Mysterio the ultimate underdog yet all along he has been a great star, he doesnt need to face Big Show, put him with someone his own size. They have him with the Cody Rhodes fued which I enjoy but I feel like its time for Rhodes to step his game up and move on to bigger things, as in winning a title.

I do enjoy the current product at times but there is deffinately room for change. The WWE has all the tools at their disposal, whether they decide to act upon it is up to them. They have the stars yet they build some guys doomed from the start. The next few years will be very telling, they need New stars now and depending on how they build them could mean the difference of making alot of money, or barely getting by.

I don't know, just my opinion, some food for thought, let me know yours below.......Madness Out

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  1. Steve Austin's Avatar
    I completely agree with you, great blog. Like you my favourite period in WWE was 2000-2006 with Evolution, Benoit world champ and great storylines, feuds and matches, I not that fussed about the no blood they can build a good feud without but they dont they could have longer matches but don't one of the best matches in wwe I've seen in a while was recently on superstars it was Barretta vs Kidd and it was awesome also Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara from this weeks Smackdown was a great match, Smackdown seem to have some great matched recently and it makes a nice change from the promo filled RAW.
  2. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Everything changes over time..everything is smoothing over good..this is like the 80s again..when the future attitude era happens new stars are gonna be born and talents now will be more interesting..
  3. Madness's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chunkkynutzzz
    Everything changes over time..everything is smoothing over good..this is like the 80s again..when the future attitude era happens new stars are gonna be born and talents now will be more interesting..
    Im all for changes in wrestling i just feel that maybe the talent roster was a little more in depth back than, the WWE would hire smaller guys knowing they would put on great matches rather then now, acquiring the biggest guys who may still be rookies just for the sake of having a big guy on the roster (Mason Ryan). A guy like Tajiri then was showcased as a small terror among the light weight division as opposed to now, he would have been simply overlooked (Yoshi Tatsu). Some really entertaining matches as far as physical abilities are on WWE Superstars, most of the wrestling is pretty sound (Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta), while Raw is saved for the theatrics and gimmicks (The Miz, John Cena) and Smackdown is a combination of the two (Christian, Randy Orton).
  4. b7575's Avatar
    I agree with what you said at the end. Smackdown has more wrestling than the promo-filled Raw

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