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WWE's rated PG Stars head to head. Ted DiBiase Sr vs Ted DiBiase Jr.

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For the third part of my head to head series, we are going to have a showdown between father and son. Ted DiBiase Sr vs Ted DiBiase Jr.

There are now quite a few second, and even third generation wrestlers showing up in the WWE. But not everybody can follow in their fathers footsteps. There are those like Randy Orton, who are doing quite well for themselves. And then there are guys like Ted DiBiase Jr. Lets take a look at the two Teds, and see where the differences are.

Ted DiBiase Sr. The person who will forever be known as the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was one of the greatest characters to ever come out of the 80′s. Despite showing up in the WWF late (1987) He quickly established himself as one of the best Heels in the business. He would use his money to humiliate others, thus proving that, everybodys got a price. And on several occasions he would attempt to “buy” just about anything he could. Such as the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble. But he couldn’t buy Hulk Hogans World Title. Even his plan to pay Andre The Giant to win it for him backfired. So what does a millionaire do if he can’t get what he wants. He spends more money, and creates it for himself. And so was born, the Million Dollar Belt. That was one of two things that most people will always remember about DiBiase; his belt, and of course the laugh. No person in the history of pro wrestling has ever had a better laugh. It is the most perfect, sinister laugh you will ever hear. But what really made Dibiase great, was the fact that he was all charisma, and skill. He could give golden interviews, and then back up what he said in the ring. He never did win the big one, but who cares, he had his own Championship. And despite being a Heel, he was one of the most popular stars of his era.

Ted DiBiase Jr. Now what can really be said about the son of the Million Dollar Man? Not very much unfortunately. This is for two reasons. The first, being that he really hasn’t been in the WWE for very long. And the second, being that unlike his father, this DiBiase has about as much character as a bowl of cottage cheese. Ted Jr was still very green when he first came into the WWE, and it showed. But over time he did seem to improve, and he was paired up with Cody Rhodes, and eventually Randy Orton, to form Legacy. So far this has been the highlight of his short career. The main function of Rhodes and DiBiase of course was to simply run interference for Orton so that he could either win, or retain World Championships. Of course they did have a good feud with DX, which culminated in the main event of SummerSlam 2009. But after that, and a falling out with Orton, the group split up, and DiBiase was on his own. This is where it became obvious that Ted Jr just didn’t have what it took to be solo. So what to do? Have him copy his fathers gimmick, complete with bodyguard Virgil, and the Million Dollar Belt. Of course Virgil got the boot, as Ted Jr upgraded from washed up bodyguard to red hot Diva Maryse. But thus far, he is still not very exciting to watch. Now this is very early in what will most likely be a long career for the younger Dibiase, so there is lots of time for him to improve. But for now, he is simply not able to fill his fathers shoes.

Winner…Ted DiBiase Sr.

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  1. el gabo's Avatar
    This one is a no-brainer. I remember seeing him when I was a 6 or 7 years old and still remember that laugh and his famous line, everyone has their price.(which is true by the way.)
  2. nightman's Avatar
    I agree, this one was no contest, but when I was looking at doing this series, I was trying to pick 7 of the biggest names of the 80s, and pair them up with their current counterparts. Some are better than others, and this father and son match up just had to be done, even if it was a squash..And Yes, everybody does have a price...LOL
  3. samoan619's Avatar
    100% squash match lol i say irish whip from dibiase sr to instant million dollar dream and dibiase jr is out for the count..
  4. Trips88's Avatar
    Well yea Sr. is better. Like most wrestling family's the original is the better performer. The only two second/third generation wrestlers that have stepped out of the family shadows are The Rock and Randy Orton and even they have had help from their fathers. Rock came in with his dad's first name and he grandfathers last name and Orton did that whole big story line with his father back when he started out. Thus proving that father knows best.

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