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WWE's rated PG Stars head to head. Curt Hennig vs Chris Jericho

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For today’s head to head, I got some help from a friend in choosing what I consider to be a “perfect” matchup. Curt Hennig vs Chris Jericho.

At first I wasn’t sure that this would be a good pairing, but the more I thought about it, and did a bit of digging into their pasts and history, I realized just how much alike they really are. So on with the competition.

“Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig. What many, including myself probably werent’ aware of, is the fact that Hennig actually did a short stint in the WWF from 1982 to 1984, teaming with long time friend “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert Or that he was already an established star in the AWA, winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Nick Bockwinkel in 1987. What all of us do know, and love, is the man who entered the WWF that was absolutely PERFECT ! Who can ever forget those promo’s of him shooting half court 3 pointers, or throwing and catching his own Hail Mary pass. And for over a year, he never lost a match. Hennig of course was considered by insiders, and his peers, (most notably Ric Flair and Bret Hart) as one of the greatest in ring performers in modern wrestling history. He may have only won 2 Intercontinental Championships, and never became a World Champion while he was in the WWF, but Hennig (who was also great on the Mic) was definitely one of the very best to ever grace a WWF ring. Now THAT, was Perfect!

Chris Jericho. Mr Jericho may not be perfect, but, “he is the very best in the World at what he does”. Or so he likes to tell us. And many of us would have to agree. Jericho has played both the Heel, and the Good Guy, and has proven to be excellent at both. (I prefer him as a bad guy) And thus far he has won 22 Championships in the WWF/WWE. This includes 9 Intercontinental Championships, and 6 World Championships. One of those of course being the first ever Undisputed World Title. Jericho is one of the most skilled men in the ring today, and is considered one of the best workers around. Having wrestled not only in the U.S. and Canada, he has honed these skills in Japan and Mexico as well. But not only is he a master in the ring, he is one of the very best of all time on the Mic. As much as he may try to make us hate him, you can’t argue with success.

So, in a battle between one who is “perfect” and somebody who is the best in the World, who wins? Unfortunately for Curt Hennig, I have to give the nod to Y2J. Even though Hennig competed at a time when nobody could win the World Title because of Hulk Hogans iron grip on it, Mr Jericho has proven that over the course of his 20 year career, that being the very best, is simply what he does.

Winner….Chris Jericho.

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  1. el gabo's Avatar
    Gotta agree with you on this, as painful as it is to say that someone is better than Hennig. The guy was a master in the ring. But Jericho is just the best overall wrestler of his generation. I saw him live in Puerto Rico and the guy some talking on the spot that drew sooo much heat on him. I really hope that his band breaks up or something so he can resign again with WWE. Thing is that he has so much talent that he find a job anywhere, on a TV show, wrestling, singer. That son of a bitch can do it all.
  2. nightman's Avatar
    It wasn't an easy choice, thats for sure. But in the end I chose Jericho by a whisker. I do hope that Jerich finds a way to work out doing stuff with his band AND finding time to wrestle. He really is to talented to not have around.
  3. Saiga's Avatar
    technically these two have already wrestled each other a few times in wcw...but if ur blog meant in wwe, fair enough.

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