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One Roster - Why the brand extension needs to go!

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I believe its run its course, the brand extension is pretty much a joke in this day and age. It's about time to merge the rosters again. This will give us new feuds, all our favs in one show and more time to build hype (2 shows a week to continue storyline, rather than 1 a week, so that's 8 episodes to hype up a ppv match instead of the typical 4).

Here is the reason why this will work and can still work!

For those who don't remember, back in Attitude Era, it was just one roster and two main shows (raw & smackdown). The rosters were HUGE compared to today, and guess what??? They were still able to create new stars and get them over. Turning mid carders into high carders within 1-3 years. Let's take a look at 2000's high card roster: HHH, The Rock, Austin, Taker, Foley, Kane. And there mid card roster: Benoit, Angle, Jericho, Eddie, Big Show, Regal, Edge, Christian.

All those guys have gone on to win the world title (expect regal.) And back then there were also house shows too, so how did WWF manage to get all those guys over, make money, be successful with a roster 2x the size of todays. It worked! so it can surely work today as rosters are much smaller.

Everyone back then got air time each week, from Funaki to Steve Austin to Shane McMahon to Kevin Kelly. So there is no question that everyone on the roster today will also get airtime (and there is also HEAT.)

Also not all stars have to appear each week on both RAW/SD. Sometimes back then, a certain star would appear on RAW, not on SD, then the next week appear on both shows, this way everyone gets time and is well rested.
Cut off some house shows too.

The reason the brand extension took place in 2002 is cause the roster tripled in size with all the talents from WCW & ECW coming over, not to mention the newer guys. Look at all how stacked the roster was in 2002: Austin, Rock, Hogan, Hall, Nash, HHH, HBK, Taker, Kane, Angle, Jericho, Eddie, Benoit, Big Show, E&C, APA, Dudleys, Hardys, Hollys, Billy/Chuck, Tajiri, Ric Flair, Rikishi, Booker T, Hurricane, RVD, Goldust, Regal etc...

And all titles were defended often and every title still had its prestige besides the fact that the rosters were completely stacked, with that big roster they still fit in every title and made it look worthy.

The only way someone could switch rosters was via Draft Lottery. Nowadays the draft lottery is a joke, people switch brands like all the time even after the draft is over and some even appear on both shows, so whats the point of the draft if Vickie/Dolph just decided to come over on RAW months before the draft lottery? Why respect the draft lottery? Why hype it up so much when it doesn't really mean a damn thing anymore?

WWE is lacking big names, turning people face/heel is not really going to help that much. They need to go back to the formula that worked for them. I am not telling them to change the PG direction or go back to Attitude Era, I am only saying that get rid of the brand extension. Merge the WWE/World title.

Remember Spike Dudley? That guy got a WWF Championship Match on Smackdown in 2001 against Stone Cold. So there is proof that WWE will not always have Cena/Orton in the main event and give other guys a chance.

One roster is good for 2011. Once they have 10-12 big name main eventers established then they can go back to the brand extension. The only guys on the active roster now that are considered big name main eventers are Cena & Orton. Taker/HHH are inactive, Miz is not at that level yet, Kane/Big Show are sometimes in that category. Jericho coming back won't do that much good either and they are not gonna be able to make Jack Swagger/Sheamus/Del Rio etc into a big name main eventer overnight.

Cut the commerical breaks. There is no need to have a commercial in between matches, that will give WWE what an extra 20 minutes? great!

Here is just an example of how feuds would work:

Feud A - IC title (wade vs bryan)
Feud B - US title (sheamus vs kofi)
Feud C - no title feud #1 (morrison vs rtruth)
Feud D - tag team title (kane/bigshow vs corre)
Feud E - no title feud #2 (swagger vs orton)
Feud F - WWE Title (cena vs del rio)

Feud A - IC title (wade vs bryan)
Random Match/Women's Match
Random Match
Feud D - no title feud #2 (swagger vs orton)
Feud G - no title feud #3 (punk vs christian)
Feud F - WWE Title (cena vs del rio)

Random Match/Women's Match
Random Match
Feud B - US title (sheamus vs kofi)

offcourse they can have more than 6 matches on RAW/SD, and promos and what not, this is just an example to give a general idea... best way is just watch a month full of WWE from before the brand extension in 2002... any month before that

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  1. VKM's Avatar
    Getting rid of the brand extension isn't the problem. The problem is lack of star power. Right now, WWE is doing their best. They are giving R Truth great exposure and a better gimmick, they are pushing The Miz as a good competitor, Christian won the world title. WWE is trying the best with what they have. They need to scout for more wrestlers or get rid of NXT and just make people like Lucky Cannon, Seth Rollins, Richie Steamboat, and others debut on either brands.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Great blog dude, and @VKM yea those guys would be good but it's finding storylines to put them in, I think WWE should work with the stars they have/have just debuted eg. Sin cara, ADR (still needs work), etc., I'm jus sayin...
  3. WoodenBulldozer's Avatar
    The problem with getting rid of two rosters is that WWE does way more traveling than they used to and a lot of the higher paid guys dont want a hectic travel schedule. If they were to appear on two shows a week then thats twice the amount of traveling.
  4. Rockstar83's Avatar
    It just shows you that the draft is really NOTHING, Hell look at Riley he was drafted to SD and yet shows up on RAW. Real stupid brands if u ask me
  5. Dierdorf's Avatar
    Same with Kane he is on Smackdown but has fought Mason Ryan back to back weeks on Raw
  6. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    I have mixed feelings about the brand extension. I don't think Raw's roster and Smackdown's roster should merge just for the fact that having a brand extension gives guys an opportunity to become a World Champion like guys like Mark Henry, Christian, Kofi Kingston, etc and it also limits traveling for wrestlers but I agree that the brand extension is stale these days.
  7. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    It could work if wwe makes it work..have them really stay on there brands and not ever switch ..only when its bragging rights season and the draft ..and like wrestlemania matchups
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