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What makes a "Great" World Champion?

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What's goin on EWN nation. I'm back once again with my second blog & I gotta say I got some really great responses on the previous one sooooo I thought I'd give it another shot. Please feel free to leave opinions, comments, & thoughts afterwards, they all are greatly appreciated. With that being said... I just wanted to talk a little bit about "great" world champions. What makes a great world champ in your eyes? Me personally when I look at someone like a John Cena... I can't truely say that he fits the mold of a "GREAT" champion? (just my opinion) BUT he will in fact go down in history as one of the greatest champs that ever held the title. Why is that? I guess you can say he's great in the sense that he gets one of the biggest pops from the Fans (boos and cheers all in the same match) or if your talking about selling the most merch, or if you consider the amount of titles he won (if he keeps this pace he's going to surpass Ric Flair...HUH?!?!?) But does it even matter how many title reigns you have? I mean HBK is one of the most unique polorizing guys that the business has ever seen and he has 4 title reigns under his belt??? WHA?!?!?!? Same goes with Eddie G (1 time) Kane (2 time) Y2J (4 time). These are guys who I would consider to be "great" World Champs BUT Cena has the same amount of title reigns than these 4 guys combined. So, It just makes me wanna ask the question to the EWN nation. What is it that makes a great world champ?!?!? Is it the look? Is it the skill in the ring? Is it the mic skills? Charisma? or a little bit of everything. A lot of fans don't even think Del-Rio is world championship materiel yet but, why is that? He's gotta be better than Cena, right? My ideal champ would be someone that's labled a "fighting champ" Someone like a Chris Benoit (uh oh can I say his name on EWN lol) or an AJ Styles, or Davey Richards, but even these guys mic skills weren't/aren't up to par. But anyways dats enough rambling cause I can go on and on and on about this subject but I wanted to hear what u guys have to say about it. Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Avril's Avatar
    There is a list of criteria that a wrestler should have before being called a "Great" World Champion. Personally I think you have to be;

    Hardworking: You're going to be the face of the company. The 80's had Hulk Hogan/Ric Flair, The 90's had Stone Cold Steve Austin/The Rock and the 00's had Triple H/John Cena. You're also going to be the wrestler that works longer hours then the rest of the wrestlers in the company and have the ability to have great matches with almost everybody when the lights are on bright.

    Charismatic: The World Champion is suppose to make you believe and get behind them as a champion. They'll have the ability to sell tickets to a pay-per-view by words and personality alone, while having people in the palm of your hands 100% of the time.

    Overall Look: The traditional look of a "Champion". You know the muscles and height of what people consider a champion.
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  2. hbk2416's Avatar
    Hard-Workers who consistently had the best match on the card. It seemed like HBK never had anything but 5-star matches at pay per views no matter who he wrestled. Triple H had an unbelievable stretch of pay per view matches in 1999-2000. Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Edge all great workers I enjoyed watching whether they we're heels or faces,another important quality.
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