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Wasted Talent #3: Samoa Joe

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Hey guys, I will be making a series of blogs talking about the numerous WWE/TNA who's talents are being wasted as of now. Lookout for these blogs to feature the likes of Samoa Joe, The Pope aka Elijah Burke, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Kofi Kingston and many more...Stay Tuned

Samoa Joe, he's actually a big guy that can wrestle. As far as big and/or tall guys, I would say he's currently the best seeing as Undertaker is retired. I would say Joe is better than Abyss, The Big Show, Mason Ryan, Rob Terry, The Great Khali, Ezekiel Jackson, Kane and Brodus Clay. I actually think the only other big guy on Joe's level would be Kozlov.

Samoa Joe came on strong. I mean when I first saw him I was skeptical. I thought he was going to carry the usual Yokozuna, Wild Samoans, Umaga type big guy role but he actually didn't. I credit TNA on giving him a great character. They actually let him speak english and gave him a well deserved shot.

Why the hell did they stop pushing him?
The dude was an animal in the ring but actually can wrestle and has a classic olympic style moveset unlike Batista. He put on priceless and classic matches with Kurt Angle which was a huge plus. If you look back, TNA's ratings were pretty high on a consistent basis when Angle debuted and when he was involved with Samoa Joe. Their ratings dropped because they dug too far in the past to look for success. The reason ROH is doing well is because they stick with homegrown talent.

His feud with Eligah "The Pope" Burke?
This feud is awesome. I love this feud and I feel they are working with something good but creative made a huge mistake with this feud. They let these two have toooo many one-on-one matches on Impact. You can't have these two build a feud if they wrestle each other every week. Their matches should only occur at PPV's and the only time they should battle eachother on Impact is if its a tag-team match. Other than that, I prefer their feud over this little Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett thing.

Nation of Violence
Hands down one of the best gimmicks in wrestling history. Samoa Joe was badass with the facepaint and the shaved head. I guess it got old but they should bring this back and use this to get him back in the mainevent scene because this guys needs to be champ again.

What seperates Joe from the rest?
His ability to play the face & heel perfectly. Not too many wrestlers can perfect that. As a face, Joe reminds me of Randy Orton except Joe's matches aren't piss-boring. Joe plays that vicious character that is soo badass that the crowds loves him. He has the character of a heel but portrays the perfect rule breaking, ass kicking, face role.

Thanks guys for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed. Stayed tuned, I have a good one for John Morrison and Michael Tarver coming up as well as the IWC Champ Zack Ryder lol. I will also touch on the talented divas who are being wasted like Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Naomi, AJ and Beth.


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  1. Marv123's Avatar
    Good article man I just hate that they push joe to the back burner so much, He's like me a big undersize guy thats light on his feet lol....Which is dangerous I would love to see him in a beef now with either bully ray or even RVD. I think they should finally give him a title shot if he defeats one or both (at least give him the TV title). I want to see Joe with the belt again an TNA original with a title would bring the respect back again. If you can down the road I would like for you to write about bully ray's new role he's a true Badass/asshole now and I love it! It kind of refreshed Immortal again.
  2. knox's Avatar
    thanks man, lol I definitely will...Bully Ray is honestly making TNA watchable for me again...I think he's the hottest heel in wrestling today seeing as the WWE are sinking Cm Punk...i will blog on it my friend
  3. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, great blog. I totally agree that Joe has potential that most people don't even realize. Very few, if any, guys on the roster have the ability he brings to the ring. But, I will disagree with the fued between him and Pope. I was very disappointed with it, because I think having these guys fight each other is a waste for both of them. They are two of the most talented guys in the company, and I feel as though they would be better used separately so they can each use their abilities to make themselves and their opponents shine. Having them go at it with each other kind of cancels them out. It keeps both of them out of the title picture, and it makes Pope look like a spineless coward who can't win a match without foreign objects. I think each one of these guys needs to be paired up in a fued with someone who is not over with the crowd and work them. Joe could be fighting someone like Bully Ray, who is hated by fans but not for the reasons he's trying for. Fans hate the sight of him, not the heat his character generates. Joe could really make fans want to watch Bully Ray wrestle. Same thing goes for Pope. He can fight someone like Matt Hardy, who no one these days give two shits about. I really think these guys could feed off of each other very well, and it would get the fans interested again. But all in all, I always enjoy your blogs man. Keep in touch.
  4. Jerichoholic_EdgeheadPeep's Avatar
    the pope/joe feud was awesome? i don't agree with that, i think was too long and a little boring, and maybe because i think that in a joe/pope feud samoa joe would have to be heel and pope face, i just don't like samoa joe as a face and i think pope is better as a face than as a heel, but that's just my opinion.
    i think joe to be a top guy needs to turn heel and get thinner, i'm not saying he's not fast and agile, but lets face it, if matt hardy is fat, then what is joe?
    i used to think that if joe was in the wwe he would be better used, but last year his tna contract was about to end and wwe said that they had no interest at all in hiring him, so i guess wwe doesn't see him as a "superstar"
  5. knox's Avatar
    @Jerichoholic & Renevious, I definitely see your points as well. The Pope shouldn't have turned heel in the first place because it truly came out of nowhere. The Pope's character wasn't the least bit stale and he was super over with the crowd.

    I thought the Pope & Joe feud could've been classic if done right. These two stars have the charisma, fan support and in-ring ability to put eachother over as stars but the creative team didnt plan it right.
  6. Rick BoA's Avatar
    I have never been a fan of that fatass.
  7. Beyondjaded508's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick BoA
    I have never been a fan of that fatass.
    agreed....hate the shouting joe's ganna kill you???...he looks like some normal fat guy..faceless colorless character imo.
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