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What Makes Great Entrance Muisc

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Lets face it people, in the mainstream area of wrestling, a wrestlers theme music is just as important as the character itself, if not more.

Tt harolds their coming, it signals defeat for their opponent in the eyes of that wrestlers fans, and it for the most part, helps add to the gimmick.

There are some theme songs people just consider bad, and often, for good reason, so i decided, why don't we see just what it is that makes theme music great. so without further adue (sp?) lets get this show, on the road.

What makes good theme music:

1: the opening, this is most likely the most important part, the first 3 seconds should be able to catch the audience, they need to be able to recognize right away who's coming out. the most powerful example of this would probably be the miz's theme, or any theme that starts with a powerful shout or word.

2: the beat has to not only be catchy, but should be good enough to, at times, time taunts with the music, this is most often seen with triple H, in which he times when he goes up to spit out his water with that powerful bit of his theme, almost every single time.

3: if its not an instrumental, the singer has to have the kind of voice that isn't to generic, nowadays we see a lot of bands with singers that sound exactly, the bloody, same. when rev theory first started for instance, they sounded, for the most part, unique, now almost every band sounds the same. think back, what made bands like motorhead, saliva, metallica, all unique and interesting?

What makes a bad theme song:

1: generic, as in, you swear you've heard the same bloody chorus beat in 30 other songs, this reeeaaally kills the theme.

2: song doesn't fit the wrestler, we've all seen it before, its a great song but it just does not work with the wrestler who's using it. to name a few, Jeff Jarretts old theme from WWE should have been used by a really goofy idiot, and while sometimes Jarrett fits that perfectly, it just didn't fit him.

3: overworking your music developer by always having him write all the songs. this should be obvious what i'm talking about, Dale Oliver and Jim Johnson, eventually, all the songs just seem to start bleeding together for each new one.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    3.randy orton - his song is more like something you would here while out drinking at the bar

    too bad Ortons goes perfectly with his character, when hes hunting his prey aka setting up for the RKO he has that moment where hes fighting himself and then the bad side wins he hits the RKO and everything u knew before that is history, everything is swapped. so his goes with his character. Hes a maniac basically and maniacs hear voices lol
  2. WWTNA Mark's Avatar

    ^^^This right here is a great entrance music and my personal favorite. One you hear the "If ya smeeeeeell with The Rock is cooking?" that would just make you markout. Also, the song gives you an emotional feel to it that makes it so great. Similar to Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger's WCW theme.
  3. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Miz teds aj styles beer moneys all u said above
  4. Kincaid's Avatar
    Even though it was a huge ripoff of one of my favorite bands of all time I liked the original DX theme. I got hype from the moment it said "Are you ready?". I liked anything they used that guys voice for. "Our Time" for Triple H and whatever Jack Swagger's theme is called. DX band was so convincing, people I knew thought the WERE Rage Against The Machine.
  5. Madness's Avatar
    Goldberg had a theme then when the war drums started, you knew who was coming to the ring and you knew he meant bussiness.

    Tajiri was great as far as being the Japanese buzzsaw, his fit him well.

    Scotts Steiners also annoyed me but it was another distinct theme that fit with his character.

    APA is still one of my favorites of all time...
  6. zrdt12's Avatar
    Edge (all themes)
    William Regal
    Road Warriors
    CM Punk
    Ministry/Corporate ministry


    Undertaker- Biker theme
    Kurt Angle (got better when they added the 'you sucks') (Tna theme seems horrible too)
    Rikishi (bad man)
    Matt Hardy (mattitude one or w/e)
  7. Woskau's Avatar
    How is listening to Killswitch Engage "kinda gay"? Are you for real?
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