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How to Save WWE

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On April 1, 1990, at the SkyDome in Toronto the "Ultimate Challenge" ended when Warrior pinned Hogan for the three count. Never ever had I imagined that the Hulkster could get pinned. I shred some tears when Hogan passed the torch. At the age of 6, this was the best match ever . Little did I know that this was the decline of the traditional wrestling. Warrior was one dimensional and all his matches started to be predictable. Back came Hogan, but he was also one dimensional. The same matches over and over again. Wrestling became boring and too predictable. Then something happened, hard workers like Hitman got the chance and suddenly WWF/WWE was back on track. It wasn't the most muscular wrestlers that dominated but the best wrestlers in terms of skills and storytelling. Wrestling was fun and not so predictable. Then came the "Attitude" era and wrestling started to be more fast paced and intense. The Peoples champ and The Rattle Snake ran the business very well. Wrestling was cool. As the time went on, The Rock left and so did Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE lost it momentum became very very very BORING.
As an avid wrestling fan I watch both TNA and WWE. TNA is awful, but just like WWE it is ran by a bunch of idiots. Even the corrupt chairmans from Enron could do a better job then McMahon and Carter. So why is WWE so bad and what is required to be changed for the WWE to be successful?

Why WWE is bad:

1. Most matches are too predictable and ends the same way. Nothing new and always the same feuds. I still remember how Hitman battled his matches, nobody could know the outcome. He could win with a small package or lose the same way. He was and is the real wrestler in my opinion.

2. Wrestlers like Cena, Undertaker and Rey Mysterio are unbeatable. How can a 5ft masked midget outperform a 7ft big monster? This is absurd and no one believes this. How come Cena ALWAYS wins? It's too predictable and he is even worser than Ultimate Warrior. He should turn Heel cuz he gets much heat.How can UnderFaker be unbeatable at Wrestlemania? It tends to be very very boring when Mr. Deadman wins all the time. His wrestlemania matches against Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Batista were all similar.

3. The same wrestlers compete for the titles. Its very arid that wrestlers like Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry seldom wins the title.

4. Lack of story telling and bad wrestling choreography. Its looks too dramatized and fake now days.

5. Too many belts and PPV.

The Solution:
1. Get rid of the Raw and Smackdown roster. Don't divide the wrestlers into brands. Have only 4 belts(WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, Tag-Team Championship and Womens Championship.) This can be done by vacating all belts and have a Tournament(like Wrestlingmania 4). It should be a ranking system that can list the 1, 2, 3, 4 and contenders to the belts(similar to boxing and UFC). Belts should only be changing hands on PPV and big events not on house shows. They should limit the PPV to max 6 events a year. Wrestlers should be divided in weight divisions. By that I mean that small/middleweighters should wrestle other smal/middlewighters and not heavyweighters. The same should be for tag-teams, they should only consist of tag-teams.

2. To intensify the wrestling, WWE should bring top guns like Abyss and Kurt Angle from TNA. They should run an "invasion" angle where Shane Mcmahon or Stephanie McMahon threatens to take over WWE from Vince. This has been done before, but this time, the "invader" should have a stable with 4-5 new big guns. This stable should have wrestlers like Abyss who can be the next big thing like Brock or Goldberg. Let them win the belts(Not all but at least the WWE championship) and take over the company. Let the stable have the belt(s) for a long, long, long time. This will give the belt(s) more value, rather then the give and take we are experiencing now. This stable should retire Undertaker and other over-the-top wrestlers that are fading away. Stop bringing back old legends like Hitman and Steamboat. They can't perform and its very pathetic to see them beat the crap out of wrestlers half their age. The Royal Rumble should be more variated. How come Cena eliminate 15-16 wrestlers while Khali only 2? And why isn't the Legend Killer Orton 1. contender or in main events?

Well I hope, WWE will do some drastic changes or else they'll lose an avid fan.

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  1. Desitatta's Avatar
    Thank you all for the comments, appreciate all feed backs. First of all, Vince is not the idiot, I'm adressing the WWE writers and creatives. To bring back Kurt is way better then bringing back Hitman, Steamboat and other legends. Abyss is one of the most talented wrestler, he can be a superstar if he gets the right push. But as you can read in my blog, these are just suggestions. The weight division issue would benefit the smaller wrestlers, it looks akward to see wrestlers like Rey and Sin Cara give Big Show and Kane ass-whopping. But as I mentioned, its just my opinion. I'm not happy nor satisfied with WWE, its to boring for me, and I think and hope that most of the fans agrees. People may disagree, but numbers doesn't lie. WWE's ratings have dropped immensely.
  2. knox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mrbluto
    There are a bunch of things the WWE can do to get back to being great:
    Dont bring guys like Mason Ryan or Jackson up from FCW until they can do promo's. I am sick of the WWE pushing big guys that cant talk. If that means giving them a manager then do it!!!

    Bring back a few mangers, see above statement. Who can stir the pot better than a heel manager?

    Build up the lightweight division.

    Build up the tag team division.

    Rebuilt the woman division into something great, no models just hard nose broads.

    One freaking singles title, why is that so freaking hard for Vince to understand??

    Don't let writers write promos for wrestlers, if the wrestler cant do it fire his or her ass.

    I cant stress this one enough, for 7 long years we have out up with his boredom, his underselling moves, his tired ass jokes. Of course you all know I am talking about TURNING JOHN CENA FUCKING HEEL. More than half of the crowds boo him anyway. Here how they should do it. Cena and Miz for the title, Miz wins, Cena is down and depressed after the loss, a young boy climbs into the ring, Cena smiles and holds out his arms for a hug, the kids walk past Cena and hugs Miz. After Miz leaves the ring Cena kicks the kid in the seat of the pants, the kid starts crying and Cena leaves with a scowl on his face. The roles are now reversed, Cena is a heel and Miz is on his way to being a face.
    well said man, perfect
  3. Rockstar83's Avatar
    first off your not Vince Mcmahon so nobody cares
  4. qwerty704's Avatar
    youre just saying that you want it to be the way it was b4 wcw... =/
  5. qwerty704's Avatar
    Don't let writers write promos for wrestlers, if the wrestler cant do it fire his or her ass.
    then we wouldnt have ppl like Daniel Bryan & Evan Bourne... i know we dont see them to often on tv, but i mean really...
  6. qwerty704's Avatar
    And they a group (of more than 4 people with some sort song/hand signal that people can throw out (wolfpack? DX?). Roll all of that up.. throw in a cruiserweight division, and extreme division.
    how bout a good tag team division instead of extreme
  7. Desitatta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstar83
    first off your not Vince Mcmahon so nobody cares
    Yes, I'm not. But I'm a "consumer" and pays and contributes to his business just like millions of other fans. If majority of people doesn't like the show then Vince and WWE have a problem. Why do you think they're bringing back legends like The Rock, Austin and Hitman. They're struggling and losing many viewers to UFC. If you read the first quarter report, the adjusted EBITDA declined 20%. You don't need to be Einstein to see the declining trend.
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