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How to Save WWE

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On April 1, 1990, at the SkyDome in Toronto the "Ultimate Challenge" ended when Warrior pinned Hogan for the three count. Never ever had I imagined that the Hulkster could get pinned. I shred some tears when Hogan passed the torch. At the age of 6, this was the best match ever . Little did I know that this was the decline of the traditional wrestling. Warrior was one dimensional and all his matches started to be predictable. Back came Hogan, but he was also one dimensional. The same matches over and over again. Wrestling became boring and too predictable. Then something happened, hard workers like Hitman got the chance and suddenly WWF/WWE was back on track. It wasn't the most muscular wrestlers that dominated but the best wrestlers in terms of skills and storytelling. Wrestling was fun and not so predictable. Then came the "Attitude" era and wrestling started to be more fast paced and intense. The Peoples champ and The Rattle Snake ran the business very well. Wrestling was cool. As the time went on, The Rock left and so did Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE lost it momentum became very very very BORING.
As an avid wrestling fan I watch both TNA and WWE. TNA is awful, but just like WWE it is ran by a bunch of idiots. Even the corrupt chairmans from Enron could do a better job then McMahon and Carter. So why is WWE so bad and what is required to be changed for the WWE to be successful?

Why WWE is bad:

1. Most matches are too predictable and ends the same way. Nothing new and always the same feuds. I still remember how Hitman battled his matches, nobody could know the outcome. He could win with a small package or lose the same way. He was and is the real wrestler in my opinion.

2. Wrestlers like Cena, Undertaker and Rey Mysterio are unbeatable. How can a 5ft masked midget outperform a 7ft big monster? This is absurd and no one believes this. How come Cena ALWAYS wins? It's too predictable and he is even worser than Ultimate Warrior. He should turn Heel cuz he gets much heat.How can UnderFaker be unbeatable at Wrestlemania? It tends to be very very boring when Mr. Deadman wins all the time. His wrestlemania matches against Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Batista were all similar.

3. The same wrestlers compete for the titles. Its very arid that wrestlers like Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry seldom wins the title.

4. Lack of story telling and bad wrestling choreography. Its looks too dramatized and fake now days.

5. Too many belts and PPV.

The Solution:
1. Get rid of the Raw and Smackdown roster. Don't divide the wrestlers into brands. Have only 4 belts(WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, Tag-Team Championship and Womens Championship.) This can be done by vacating all belts and have a Tournament(like Wrestlingmania 4). It should be a ranking system that can list the 1, 2, 3, 4 and contenders to the belts(similar to boxing and UFC). Belts should only be changing hands on PPV and big events not on house shows. They should limit the PPV to max 6 events a year. Wrestlers should be divided in weight divisions. By that I mean that small/middleweighters should wrestle other smal/middlewighters and not heavyweighters. The same should be for tag-teams, they should only consist of tag-teams.

2. To intensify the wrestling, WWE should bring top guns like Abyss and Kurt Angle from TNA. They should run an "invasion" angle where Shane Mcmahon or Stephanie McMahon threatens to take over WWE from Vince. This has been done before, but this time, the "invader" should have a stable with 4-5 new big guns. This stable should have wrestlers like Abyss who can be the next big thing like Brock or Goldberg. Let them win the belts(Not all but at least the WWE championship) and take over the company. Let the stable have the belt(s) for a long, long, long time. This will give the belt(s) more value, rather then the give and take we are experiencing now. This stable should retire Undertaker and other over-the-top wrestlers that are fading away. Stop bringing back old legends like Hitman and Steamboat. They can't perform and its very pathetic to see them beat the crap out of wrestlers half their age. The Royal Rumble should be more variated. How come Cena eliminate 15-16 wrestlers while Khali only 2? And why isn't the Legend Killer Orton 1. contender or in main events?

Well I hope, WWE will do some drastic changes or else they'll lose an avid fan.

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    There are a bunch of things the WWE can do to get back to being great:
    Dont bring guys like Mason Ryan or Jackson up from FCW until they can do promo's. I am sick of the WWE pushing big guys that cant talk. If that means giving them a manager then do it!!!

    Bring back a few mangers, see above statement. Who can stir the pot better than a heel manager?

    Build up the lightweight division.

    Build up the tag team division.

    Rebuilt the woman division into something great, no models just hard nose broads.

    One freaking singles title, why is that so freaking hard for Vince to understand??

    Don't let writers write promos for wrestlers, if the wrestler cant do it fire his or her ass.

    I cant stress this one enough, for 7 long years we have out up with his boredom, his underselling moves, his tired ass jokes. Of course you all know I am talking about TURNING JOHN CENA FUCKING HEEL. More than half of the crowds boo him anyway. Here how they should do it. Cena and Miz for the title, Miz wins, Cena is down and depressed after the loss, a young boy climbs into the ring, Cena smiles and holds out his arms for a hug, the kids walk past Cena and hugs Miz. After Miz leaves the ring Cena kicks the kid in the seat of the pants, the kid starts crying and Cena leaves with a scowl on his face. The roles are now reversed, Cena is a heel and Miz is on his way to being a face.
  2. Lyonett1169's Avatar
    I like the Idea of the mcmahon vs. mcmahon takeover (where whoever comes in is packed with about 4 or 5 big names/bodies). WCW with Biscoff n the run with nWo was wrestling at it's peak. They really need to sit down, and say... what do the people want to see, and how can we take it one step further. You need one guy in your roster that is just the beast (biggest guy you can find) which I think they ruined their chances with Jackson(and/or Mason Ryan a.k.a. goldberg like characters), they need the guy who is created by the fans interest (Zach Ryder maybe? who isn't allowed to wrestle for a while, like austin's run). And they a group (of more than 4 people with some sort song/hand signal that people can throw out (wolfpack? DX?). Roll all of that up.. throw in a cruiserweight division, and extreme division. Thirdly, once all of this got rolling.. in one way or another, they need to make raw 3 hours. 2 hours is way too crammed for time to include storyline (which is needed) vs. actual wrestling time. I hate seeing the main event start at 10:52, its like going to bed on a sunday... just sucks.
  3. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Did you predict Orton would win the title two nights after a PPV? Did you predict Miz would kick out of the AA and cheat to win only for the referee to reverse the decision the one time they noticed after a match? You seriously want Mark Henry to win a title?
  4. thetheme's Avatar
    Here is the thing about when people talk and cry about the WWE. The main reason why the WWE is in the state it is today is because of the fans. Over the past year or 2, the WWE has given most of you what you asked for, bringing in new people, made certain people champion, and what did it do? It made things worse. Now before some of you start bitching, hear me out.

    New Talent and people getting pushed: No matter who gets pushed now a days it's either too soon, too late, or not "acceptable by the fans, especially if the person doesn't have the "mic skills". When you think about it, the last person to work his way up the old fassion way was Cena. He came on the scene and challenged Kurt Angle and got a good pop for doing so while proving that he could WRESTLE. He was stuck beneath mid carder status for a while, remember he was in the WWE tag team championship tounament when Steph introduced the belts? Went nowhere and then turned heel with his gimmic. WRESTLED and was in good matches as a heel with some of the all time greats. Got a wwe Title shot but lost, and established himself a threat. Got the U.S. title and kept his place as a threat. JOBBED to Carlito and Orlando Jordan giving them U.S. title runs then went on to main event status. While he did all of that, it was BELIEVEABLE, and it wasn't handed to him just because he was a son or a grand son of a wrestler I.E. Orton or Rock.

    Look at what has happened since then. Cena has beat Y2J, HBK, HHH, Angle and so many others to keep the title and preventing the "same old shit" people complain about, but look who he has lost the title to. Edge, RVD, Sheamus, Orton. Most of them never were champion before.

    Then Cena was the focus of Nexus and made them come into the light at the time, and not just fade away like Maven from tough enough. Now, has WWE dropped the ball on some things? Yes they have, but it's because they know deep down you will keep watching. More on that later...

    New guys were brought in and pushed but people still complained. A couple of people were pushed into main event status even the undeserving, but people still complained. The miz became champion before someone like Christian did and people liked it, but who deserved it more? People talk about "the same old same old" when it comes to Cena and Orton. How many times has HHH and Edge been champion? However those 2 aren't in that same conversation.

    Everyone can't be pushed at once, and some don't even deserve to be pushed at all. There are some that have good matches and are not liked by the fans, and that's one of the reasons why "wrestling" isn't a real focus anymore. How can you go from making HHH and HBK tap out at mania, then lose to the miz at mania? You call that believeable? You all think that's acceptable? Just because people hate Cena many think it was, and that's a damn shame. Many people don't like Big Show, Mark Henry, The Great Khali because they "can't wrestle". If they REALLY wanted to destroy people in the ring, they would do so, and even after that people would still complain. Just like when Khali beat the Undertaker, people were like WTF, and now he is doing ridiculous things as a face.

    Let me say this. The WWE is watching how the fans react and they listen to a point. but it doesn't mean that they are going to change what works. The only way to get their attention is to drop their ratings and stop watching. People are still watching after what happened to Christian, and that gets them to think "wow, if we can get away with this and they will keep watching we can get away with almost anything". I stopped watching in November when the most undeserving person became WWE champion, the miz. It wasn't believeable to me comparing him to Stone Cold, Bret Hart, HBK, Rock, Hogan, Macho Man, Ric Flair. You get the point.

    You ask for new talent, they gave it. You asked for new main eventers, they did it. You asked for the WWE to be unpredictable, well Christan lost the belt in 2 days who saw that coming? Cole beat Lawler at mania, who saw that coming? They wasted another Royal Rumble winner. Truth went heel. There are many other examples that many people don't look at, they just sit and complain while they are still watching something they call crap.

    Remember, the WWE is a business. To dammage a business, you stop giving your attention to it, stop spending your money on it, make it a useless product. Then they will consider "changing for the better". Just keep in mind, that no matter what they do, there will always be some hater, some cunt, or some ignorant person that has no idea what they are talking about to bitch about it.
  5. printz1224's Avatar
    I clicked on this blog, not to find out how to save WWE, but because it was news to me that WWE needed 'saving' in the first place.
  6. knox's Avatar
    the lightweight and tag team division is the key to saving the WWE on a wrestling aspect. I hate TNA but those guys wrestle on fast-forward they are very talented.

    WWE Lightweight division - Evan Bourne, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Yoshi, Santino, Tyson & Primo

    This saves the U.S. & I.C. Belts for more developed stars which adds prestige to the title
  7. Eric Bischoff's Avatar
    With 4 belts, WWE would have many wrestlers doing nothing. And with 6 PPVs, they would make a tiny profit. I don't get your point when you said Rey was unbeatable, he is beaten in matches quite often, (see WM 27 Cody Rhodes).
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