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The Savior

Taker will lose at Wrestlemania 28 (Part 1)

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You have to understand the mentality of the Undertaker. Go back and watch some interviews from 2001-2003, when he was able to do some since he was in his biker persona. He wants the youth to step up and take the business to new heights - and he wants to be a guy that can usher that new era in.

The man is a legend in wrestling and always will be, no matter what happens in the future. In my frank opinion, there is no other way for him to exit the business other than by losing at Wrestlemania. And honestly, I think he wants to "pass the torch" by giving the guy that beats him the ultimate gimmick - whoever it is, he will have that legacy for the rest of his career, and beyond.

Think about it - the "streak" part of this will never be broken. No one will ever win at 19 Mania's in a row. At this point it's not even about the undefeated aspect of it - it's just the sheer volume of wins in a row. This isn't Goldberg, whose only tangible draw was his streak. Taker could have lost half of his matches since his comeback in 2004 and his legacy wouldn't have been tarnished at all.

19-1 is still 19 wins in row.

It has to be to a guy that will remain active in the ring for many years to come, so that just about eliminates Triple H. Granted, that's the easiest person to put in the spot of facing Taker, but HHH is winding down if not already finished, so it can't be him.

Here's a list of potentials - guys that would be catergorized as standing to actually benefit career wise due to ending the Streak. If the guy isn't listed here, it's because he's facing The Rock, beyond what I set out the criteria to be, or just not even close to being in the conversation.

NOTE: Please stay tuned for Part Two. Apparently there is a 10,000 word limit on blog posts here.

Alberto Del Rio: His career is definitely in front of him, and he has the size and ability to make people believe he could actually beat Taker, but there's more likelyhood of me ending the streak than Del Rio doing it. His gimmick should always be about championships, and his feuds should generally reflect the chase or defense of titles.

Brodus Clay: I only mention him because of his size. He would be a good opponent if Taker was in line for an easy WM win (see Taker vs Mark Henry, WM 22), but not a chance he'd be the one to end the Streak.

CM Punk: Though he lacks the size that one would think you would need to defeat Taker at Mania, CM Punk is the most cunning ring technician in a long time. He's one of the most believable guys in the ring, and unless all of this puss about him wanting to leave at the end of his current contract is true (I seriously doubt it), would be an ideal candidate to have the moniker of "The One Who Retired The Undertaker". Imagine how huge heel Punk's ego would be, and imagine the real heat he would have surrounding him for being "The One". It would be a heck of a story, and I think Punk would be on a short list if Taker decided this is how he would want to go out. But I just don't see it happening. It's nothing against Punk, but for some reason I can't see it actually taking place.

Cody Rhodes: An interesting thought, and Rhodes definitely has the pedigree, but the believability scale for this choice would be a 1 on a 1-100 scale. Just think about it - Cody Rhodes defeats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Yeah, I didn't think so either.

David "A-List" Otunga: He's got a good enough look, but he isn't a very good wrestler or storyteller at this point in his young career. It's not that I think a guy would have to have 10 years in the WWE under his belt to be able to knock Taker off at Mania, but I don't think Mr. Calloway would even consider Mr. Hudson for the honor.

Dolph Ziggler: I really like this guy, even though I wasn't a fan of his "new look". He's got the perfect physique and he's a very aggressive performer, and would be a sort of high contrast to Taker in a way that would could potentially make for a very interesting story in the ring. However, I don't think Ziggler is quite ready to be THE guy, and whoever defeats Taker at Mania would pretty much be in that spot.

Ezekiel Jackson: See Brodus Clay.

Jack Swagger: I'll toss him up here only because he's a former World Champion and has been in a few high-profile matches. No one with a lisp, however, is going to beat Taker at Wrestlemania.

John Morrison: If he becomes a true team player focused solely on his career, JoMo would be on the short list. Seriously. Although it would 100% have to be as a heel - and is anyone on the roster more due for a heel turn than Morrison? He's becoming stale (either indirectly or as a result of his recent slipups) and although he has a following, it's not usually a very loud one. He has all the ability you could want in a future cornerstone star, and it's about time he got his "HBK breakout" moment. I mean, the guy isn't getting any younger. Remember too - HBK wasn't completely aces on the mic in his early to middle career either. Morrison can grow into it, but he needs to get on his horse. Would Taker do the favor for Morrison? I think if he did what I said above, he'd be someone that Vince McMahon would be pushing on Taker. McMahon would have influence in this decision, obviously, and if Morrison could get his act together, I think it could be a heck of a story/match.

Kofi Kingston: Not that the person to end the Streak has to be a heel, but it surely can't be a kiddie pop babyface like Kingston. Whether it's political or not, Kingston's momentum has largely grinded to a halt. I liked edgy Kofi far more than I did candy pop YAAAAY Kofi when he started, and he's pretty much back to being the latter. This guy has potential and could be an interesting heel someday, but I don't see him being one of the cornerstones or building blocks of the next decade. Believability here too plays a role. Kofi > Taker? Lolz.

Mason Ryan: This guy has Batista written all over him. All he needs is a starburst tattoo around his belly button and...well, getting back on track here. If ending the Streak was solely on Vince McMahon and Taker had no influence on it at all, I think (in all, really) that Ryan would be a contender. The shock value alone would propel this guy to instant Batista-dom, only in reverse because he'd likely be one of the most hated heels ever for ending the Streak. Say what you want about him in the ring - he's a massive freak of a guy and you know how Vince feels about big men. Remember folks, Batista's best match was probably the second-to-last one he ever had.

Sheamus: Before Creative decided to make him wear a stupid shit-green cape to the ring, I would have said Sheamus was on the fast track to becoming THE top heel in the WWE for the forseeable future. But for some reason, the pencil pushers or the bookers went south on the Celtic Warrior. On the believability scale, Sheamus definitely would be tipping the high end. He's got the size, quickness, and ability to have a 5-star match with Taker and tell a credible story. It would also be a very fitting feather in his cap to walk around strutting how he ended the Deadman's career. His relationship with Triple H helps him here, but I don't see Taker putting this mantle on him. We know Creative won't, and it's a shame - seems like he will always be a couple weeks of strong rebuild away from being that top heel again.

Skip Sheffield: When this guy first arrived in NXT, I thought he'd be the first one eliminated. He had a decent look, but he was just pure God awful in most everything else. He grew on me a bit, but he really looked like a freaking monster in the Nexus. Too bad he got injured, as I would have liked to have seen what they did with him during the Nexus' romp through the WWE in 2010. The time away killed any shot of facing Taker at Mania, let alone beating him.

Ted DiBiase: See Sheamus regarding his push. He's been as stiff as cardboard as far as I'm concerned since he left Legacy. Only reason I mention him is the built-in history. The "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase Sr., for those of you too young to remember, was the one who originally introduced Taker into the WWF at the Survivor Series in 1990. How fitting would it be to see the son take the Deadman out of the business some 22 years later. We will never know.

The Miz: A meteoric rise for the former reality star turned serious WWE contender, but doesn't really fit the mold of a classic dance partner for Taker. Could you imagine him defeating the Undertaker at Mania with a Skull Crushing Finale? Maybe if he hit five in a row...on concrete...with shards of broken glass on the floor...covered in rat poison. Don't get me wrong - The Miz is one of my favorites and I'm extremely proud of him. But I can't see him being the one to end the Streak.

Wade Barrett I would put him on the short list as well. His demeanor suits a feud with Taker perfectly, and he has the size and agility to make an extremely believable match and story with the Deadman. He's also fresh, new - it would be a matchup never seen before. He absolutely blossomed as the leader of the Nexus, and although this Corre nonsense has me wondering what Creative is on half the time, he's still managing to make himself shine despite the shoddy way his group acts. He's young, and he's definitely the future. Is he a cornerstone of that future? Tough to say right now, but the WWE could use a long term viable super heel right now, someone that you just want to lambaste every time you see him on screen or in the ring with parades of boos and catcalls. The heat would increase with the Streak crushed, but would Taker job to Barrett? Does he think that Barrett has earned the rub he would get? Of the three/four guys I put on the short list, I'd say Barrett is likely at the top of it, or at worst #2 behind CM Punk.

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  1. hbk2416's Avatar
    I would like to see him lose, like almost every other wrestler does on the way out to push the younger talent, but I don't see him doing it. I think the "make believe" streak is all he is about anymore. The part time schedule and always coming back just in time for Mania shows me he now thinks the streak is bigger than the business. Oh, and by the way, to the guy who said Mania 28 will be his last match and that Vince owes it to Taker to let him win...HBK lost his last match!!!
  2. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    how can u say Vince owes him that much?
    do u people even realize that Taker himself wants it to end? he actually WANTS it to end hes one of the biggest guys backstage thats all about helping the younger new talent.
  3. evilgenius780's Avatar
    Just facing the Undertaker at Mania is a good rub, the win isn't even necessary, Taker is definatly good enough to make someone look good with or without the win
  4. The Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ut11smithcor
    how can u say Vince owes him that much?
    do u people even realize that Taker himself wants it to end? he actually WANTS it to end hes one of the biggest guys backstage thats all about helping the younger new talent.
    Thanks for getting the article. One of the few that did.

    I'm not one to speak for the man, but re-read the first portion of this column. He's stated numerous times that he wants to help the business by helping to grow the youth and make them become the new cornerstones. In 2005, he reportedly proposed that Randy Orton should end his streak at WM 21. Vince shot it down. Good decision in retrospect, but if this is truly Taker's last stand, then I have to believe Taker still feels that this is his true legacy - and it's the perfect thing to hand off to the next big thing.

    And if you saw who I left out of my synopsis, you will know who it is that will likely be the guy in that conversation.
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