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Wasted Talent #2: Kofi Kingston aka The Ultimate Midcarder

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Hey guys, I will be making a series of blogs talking about the numerous WWE/TNA who's talents are being wasted as of now. Lookout for these blogs to feature the likes of Samoa Joe, The Pope aka Elijah Burke, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Kofi Kingston and many more...Stay Tuned

Kofi Kingston, great in the ring, explosive moves, awesome on the mic when given a chance, great all around knowledge of the business. Kofi Kingston is what I like to call, "The Ultimate Fan". He truly loves this business and he always expresses how hard it was for him to get where he at now. He's an honors graduate from Boston College. Received a job paying great money and quit that job the first week to go for his dreams.

The guy has made it here and impressed us all. I for one never thought he would ever make ot off ECW and now he's made it to the point where he's a neccesity on Raw or Smackdown and PPV's.

The WWE has done a great job at making Kofi the "Ultimate Midcarder" but does he deserve more?

Keep Him Face
I dont think Kofi needs a heel turn because he's well over with the fans and has proved that he can deliver even as a good guy. In today's society, it's hard for a face to get over in the wrestling biz but Kofi has done a good job.

Kofi Needs to feud with a Legend
Kofi needs that one feud that seperates him from the other midcarders. I mean he has practically dominated the U.S. & I.C. Belt over the past 2 years but how long can that last. When Kofi was feuding with Orton, he was well on his way until the botched RKO thing in which Orton sort of complained about. After that, he went back to the midcard. The WWE needs to let Kofi feud with someone who has years in this business like a Returning Chris Jericho or maybe even John Cena. Kofi has pretty muched pinned every heel in the WWE including Randy Orton (when he was heel), Swagger, Sheamus, and plenty more so lets give him that one major feud with Jericho or Cena.

Thanks guys for reading this blog and please leave me your thoughts. Be safe and God Bless and check out my youtube video I really want 1000 views like all you have to do is click

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  1. tad locust's Avatar
    I agree that Kofi should get a push but disagree when you said hes ''awesome on the mic when given a chance''.I think the reason hes yet to get a permanent push is because hes terrible on the mic.
  2. Viper's Avatar
    I don't remember which brand he is on now but I'd like to see him have a feud with CM Punk that includes some crazy brawls.
  3. qwerty704's Avatar
    And he already beat Y2J, 2wice!!!
  4. heehaw's Avatar
    what is the deal with kofi kingston? HE SUCKS. his gimmick is so pussy its ludicrous i might have liked him when i was like 10 years old

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