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WWE NXT Season 3 to Boost Ratings

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Seasons 1 and 2 of NXT were very entertaining from my point of view. I mean it's my favorite show that the WWE has to offer, showcasing young talent. However, its ratings make it seem like an awful show. Like, worse than TNA awful. NXT is lucky to get a 1.1 rating each week. But now with an all-female version of NXT, the ratings have a greater chance to increase. Here's why:

1) It's All GIRLS
You cant possibly think that now that there is an all girl season, that male viewers will decrease. They should most likely double, or triple even! What man would not want to spend an hour watching an all female wrestling show, (even if they lack some ability)???

2) The drama/emotions will be crazier
Not to be sexist or anything, but women are more often than not, way more dramatic about things than guys are. So if there are arguments and fights with all guys, there will most certainly be ones with all girls.

3) Female "ROLE"-modeling
Female viewers, particularly ones about 14 and under, really respect and look up to the Divas in the WWE. Now they will be able to see women, just a bit older than they are (Like 10 years older), compete for a place in the WWE. Those girls that watch on TV and dream about being a Diva will be able to witness something that they could possibly be doing in the future. Working for a spot in the WWE as a Diva.

4) Program Diversity
There is an African-American wrestler, a Lithuanian wrestler, a former ring announcer, a "nerd", and a 6 FOOT 9 Diva!!!!! C'mon, who wouldn't want to tune in to see a 6'9" woman, or all the other hotties for that matter???

So basically, with this all-female season 3 of WWE NXT, there will probably be an increase in male viewers, young female (and older female) viewers, and more drama; even if it will only last for one month.
NXT is entertaining, even if you don't like the show. And with these new Divas coming in, the ratings should at least rise a little bit.

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