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WilloTron 5000

And I Quote 'Turn the lights out'- Christians, Sin Cara & More!

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Quite a newsworthy week in 'the E' this week which has gone from seeing many of us rejoice at the sight of Christian becoming World Champion to us witnessing his pain after realising that he'd lost the title to Orton on Smackdown.

I'll start off though by talking about Sin Cara. This new Mexican superstar seems to be a topic of much debate. The debate surrounding; his prospects, his in-ring ability and even his entrance. I think that he's a breath of fresh air and certainly brings a unique offense in the ring and i enjoy watching him. However i can't see him lasting in the WWE. He's not WWE's type of superstar and i certainly can't see him having much success during his tenur in the WWE, a tenure which i think will be very short. Vince of course was furious with Sin cocking up his entrance which doesn't bode well for the Mexican. Although i think if people high up in WWE think, like me that Sin Cara doesn't have a long term future then they shouldn't have made the error of having that big press conference when they first signed him because the spotlight is firmly fixed on Sin now with such a build up. One issue i do have is with the lighting during Sin Cara's matches. For the past 2 weeks the lighting has been dark during Sin's matches with Jack Swagger and Tyson Kidd. I'm confused as to why this is. Is it to present the feeling of mystique whilst Cara's wrestling or what? Strange.

As I mentioned before, it's been a huge week for Christian. In fact the last few months have been massive for Captain Charisma. Edge's retirement, winning and eventually losing the World title in a 5 day period has capped off an emotional period in Christian's career. I'm sure that a majority of WWE fans were pleased when Christian won the big one. A 17 year career to date without winning the top prize and this week he did it, and dropped it too. Apparently after the celebrations in the ring at Extreme Rules, Christian went back stage and hugged Vince and said thankyou. What must Vince have been thinking in his head whilst Christian was jubillantly hugging and thanking him. "Oh make the most of it because on Tuesday night it's all over". You could call Vince a snake for crushing Christians dream and giving the title to the Viper. But that's Vince, he's never really been a big fan of Christian and thats why he's never been champion before now. I don't believe that Christian is main eventer but i was pleased that he'd made it to the top. When the match on Smackdown was all said and done and Orton had gone to the back, the music stopped and there was Christian sat in the middle of the ring looking confused, like he'd just woken up from the greatest dream he'd ever had. A 5 day dream, or 2 day in reality. One good thing is he can say that "i was world champion". And another thing is he at least he had it longer than Kane back in 1998, lasting just 24 hours. I think now Christian will have serious questions that he'll be asking himself about his WWE future.

Now that Orton is the World Heavyweight champion on Smackdown and it looks like Christian will be feuding with Mark Henry, who do people want to feud with Orton for the World Title. There are not many candidates to be honest. Sheamus perhaps, but i'd be bored with that. No i think it's time that Cody Rhodes stepped into the main event spotlight. He's got the best gimmick in WWE at the moment and had a solid feud with Rey Mysterio. It could bring in nicely the Legacy issue, master vs pupil in a sense. So i think Cody Rhodes deserves a chance and to be honest, it might not happen but i'd like to see Cody strike gold.

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  1. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    Not happy about this. The title of my blog has been messed up!
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Lets not forget that Christian does have a rematch clause, maybe they will give this feud a try. How much of a push can they really give Mark Henry? He's been a jobber and a Title contender and everything in between. At some point they'll have to make piece with the fact that 'Sexual Chocolate' doesn't sell tickets.
  3. MinistryOfDarkness's Avatar
    I thought Sin Cara/Tyson Kidd had a great little match while it lasted on Smackdown. More to come from Kidd?
  4. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I think Orton taking the World title is going to do two things for Christian:
    A) Ruin his credibility as a World title contender (17 years and he loses it 5 days later, c'mon!? I know it's all scripted and potentially building to a match at (IMO) SummerSlam between Christian and whoever the champion might be (probably Orton) to justify him as World Champion without Edge's legacy in recent memory), and
    B) Show Christian's old age as a main event athlete (Yeah he has the ability to portray a high flyer like he has his whole career, but when he was sat in the ring looking worse than Bret Hart after Montreal it showed that Christian had a crystallizing moment that said "that may have been my last shot at accomplishing anything in WWE". As much as Vince has done to turn WWE into a juggernaut he has never favoured Christian and this seems to be the final nail in his WWE career).
  5. qwerty704's Avatar
    yeah its true kane had it for a day, but also had a 6 month run 13 years later, do you think Christian will be wrestling that long or even in the 'E ???
  6. El_Dandy_LWO's Avatar
    Im sure Christian new he was gonna drop the title to randy before he even won it. This also makes way for a Christian hell turn and a rematch at the next PPV
  7. knox's Avatar
    Great blog you make very valid points

    I agree that the lights they use during Sin Cara's matches are pretty dumb. Anytime the lights are dimmed you know that it will be a short match in which the person who the lights are dimmed for will win. Sort of how the lights were dimmed to a dark red color back when Kane first debuted. For like the first 2 months of Kane's career he wrestled with the lights dimmed in 2 minute matches in which he squashed his opponents. So the dimmed lights just let us kow that Sin Cara will win that match. Sin Cara will have a future in the WWE. It seems like Mexican stars succeed more in TNA but they never reach the height of World CHamp. Only a lucky few WWE Champs have been Mexican (Eddie Guerrero, Mysterio and more). So TNA gives more mexican wrestlers a chance but the WWE will give very few a chance but usually Mexicans do well in the WWE.

    I honestly feel Christian will win the belt back but first I would like to see Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase in the title picture while Orton has the belt. Legacy was a stable running for almost 2 years and just randomly ended at Wrestlemania 26. They whiped Dibiase off of television, gave Cody a push on Smackdown and kept Orton on Raw. But I mean it was bad booking on WWE's part to just squash a stable without much build.
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