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Change for the best, TNA?

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We all know by now that TNA has taken a turn for the worst. Dixie and friends continue to hire old washed up wrestlers who only contribute by name value (if they have rights to that name). And it sounds good theoretically, but when you give these stars the amount of money that Dixie gives, she in turn loses money. We all know this and we all know that TNA needs to stop hiring has-beens. Guys like Hogan/Nash/Sting/Flair and yes even your beloved Hardy don’t contribute enough to make up for what they take.

My point being is what if Dixie realized that she was practically selling away TNA. What if she did not renew contracts with the like of Hogan and Flair. Would TNA be in a better spot? No. She would still have to spend that money elsewhere. But she would be getting a lot more in return. What if she invested in doing more cross country trips and producing impacts from big cities like LA or NY? What if she did a European tour and produced a special Monday night impact from a big sold out arena? Would investors see the big WWE sized arenas being sold out by TNA as profitable? I know If I saw An arena just larger than an indy show size, I would hesitate to put any money into that company because I would think that no body would be around to see my advertising.

Lets say I worked for a beer corporation. WWE went PG and no longer wants to be sponsored by Sam Adams and Budweiser. There is a large market that can no longer be touched. But then I heard about a pg-14 wrestling counterpart known as TNA that just filled up a 5000 seat arena with mostly adults in their early 20’s to early 40’s. That is the target demographic. Sold. But if they saw an arena with roughly three or four hundred people sitting there, that’s not much beer being bought. See my point?
What TNA needs to do is not renew any contracts with the proverbial money sponges that Hogan and co are, and re-invest that money to take their company worldwide. They did so on television, now they need to do so in person. Because what made WCW back in the day? Was it the faces that WCW made, or the faces that WWF made? Same goes for ECW and even WWF. If TNA stay’s this same route, then the guys that are worth watching will not be remembered. When I think of TNA I don’t like thinking of Hulk flexing his muscles in front of a TNA logo pursing his lips, I liked thinking of seeing Chris Sabin hang from a red rope over a ring trying to grab an X. I liked thinking of AJ standing in a sparkling shower only being protected by his blue sleeveless hoody. Not of AJ who takes off a Flair robe and ends up with stray feathers on his forehead.

TNA needs to desperately get rid of Hogan and co before they go bankrupt. They have not made any profit in all of this and will not down the road, unless they change for the better. When Hulk first came to TNA he promised change for the best. He promised that by October of 2010, TNA would be in a better position. TNA would be at par with Monday Night Raw. Big fail. Dixie also needs to quit abusing her TNA veterans like Beer Money, Joe, Styles and Kaz. Because while these guys make the night worth living, they are getting paid half of what Hogan and co is for talking and pointing his finger.
I used to be proud to say I am a TNA fan. But when I saw that awful backstage brawl between Abyss and Stevie Richards I wanted to take back what I had said. When I watched Hardcore Justice I honest to god felt a little sick on the inside. I know I am not alone. Dixie, Russo, Hogan, Bischoff; if any of you ever come across this. If anyone with authority ever hears what me and my fellow fans have to say about your product, please heed our words. I hate choosing whether I want to be in the frying pan with TNA or in the fire with WWE as far as product goes. I know I speak for many, please change. And please listen to us. I know my ideas may not be agreed upon by all of you out there reading this, but I know in my heart that I am right about at least most of it. Please TNA, change for the best. Change for your fans.

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  1. Jaitsu's Avatar
    i have to disagree with you against hardy (respectfully) for a few reasons, he's only 33, he's definately not washed up yet, also, once his issues with the courts are done, i believe that he'll be used better once thats over with, but considering he entered into tna off the fame of being a wwe champ (or was it heavyweight champ, sorry, i forget :P) and still has some of that momentum (despite people insulting his weight). however i will say that i'm a little dissapointed lately in his wrestling
  2. Mazza's Avatar
    A very good blog, all in, and I agree with pretty much all of it. Regarding Jeff Hardy, if he stops coasting he could be worthwhile, but untill that happens, he's a drain on resources.
    Get rid of the old guard, bring back the six sided ring and focus on making TNA stand out from the crowd.
  3. Tim's Avatar
    Like others, I disagree about Hardy. The main problem with him in TNA is that they aren't using him properly. I personally don't care if he's teamed with Shannon Moore or whoever. Unless he's teaming with his brother, I'd rather see him solo. Also, the entire ECW thing has stolen focus away from the rest of the company for some time anyway, as have the has-been wrestlers that you mentioned. TNA needs to go back to its roots, and stop looking for salvation from the outside all the time. They have to grow and continue to develop their own identity. They aren't ready to fill the big venues now or anytime in near future, but that is something they can hopefully build to. It would help if they could get onto a more mainstream and more popular channel than Spike, although I don't see the big networks carrying them. And I know people hate WWE for being PG, but that's what allows them to get the exposure they get in today's world. Hardcore and non-PG works when you're the distant underdog and on a channel like Spike, but if they want to grow anything like what WWE is, they'll have to cut back on that at some point. For now though, it's an effective attention getter, although in the end, it's just another gimmick.
  4. The Pike's Avatar
    I agree with the spirit of this post but not in the details. Hardy is a draw, plain and simple. Kids love him. he sells tickets and merchandise. He is definetly NOT a drain on the company. Hogan and company are probably a drain but they have brought attention to the company... all press is good press. TNA could make major changes and maybe they would be good for the company but if those risks don't pay off the compnay itself could fold. In this day and age we want things ON DEMAND... instant gratification... TNA is not going to suddenly become the WWE. The fact that it HAS gotten to where it has is a miracle. Those online ALWAYS have GREAT ideas and could FIX whatever promotion they are writing about but let's look at the reality of things. in the last 30 years how many truly successful Wrestling companies have there been? 2? WWE and WCW... WCW was only REALLY successful for a short time in the mid/late 90's. ECW, while GREAT, was never SUCCESSFUL... Even WWE had it's ups and downs. Hell, before the "Attitude Era" WWE was AWFUL. This is the nature of the business. you can't manufacture stars. You can TRY but it's hit or miss. you can count on one hand the true SUPERstars...guys who transcend the line between wrestling fans and the rest of the world. Guys who, even if you don't watch wrestling, you know their name.... It's a fickle business. TNA is doing MANY things right. It's pretty amazing actually. Are there things they can change? of course, but it'll take time. they NEED established names to put fans in the seats so that those young, hungry and talented guys can showcase themselves and GET that fan recognition. if no one watches then there is no TNA. They might pay Hogan and Bischoff too much, but at the end of the day it's money well spent if it gets fans watching and they can build on what those guys like AJ and the rest have done. Don't confuse storyline with what a company is doing... what we see on air is a far cry from whats really going on. It's like saying the Mr. McMahon that fought SCSA is the same Mr. McMahon that runs a publicly traded company and is worth billions. I support TNA and I hope people watch. You want those changes? then SUPPORT them.
  5. Patrick's Avatar
    Thank you everybody for your generous Input. And although it is clear I do not support Hardy in TNA, I do support his name. I dislike him, and I'm not trying to push my beliefs on any of you, but I feel he is not being used wrong, but rather TNA does not want to invest in someone that obviously has rusted quite a bit as far as moves go, has thickened and no longer carries a superstars body anymore and, most importantly, is facing serious drug charges. And even If he does get off the hook, would TNA want to elevate a guy who was caught with every drug under the sun in his house? How would his situation in WWE be right now? He'd still be in the dog house for what happened a year ago. I mean, his best friend Shane Helms was fired due to being drunk and arrested. Hardy was arrested for possession of hardcore drugs and paraphernalia. And because of all of this, he stopped caring. I'm sorry to say it folks, but your Jeff Hardy is becoming the next Scott Hall. And if he keeps it up might even be the next one to go before he turns 40. Hardy stopped caring about us by not caring for himself. But remember, feel free to object as this is one of the few online democracies . I promise no oppressive trolls will be hunting what you said. I would love to get some of your thoughts on the Hardy situation.
  6. djsoulslayer's Avatar
    Im sure Jeff Jarrett is cries on the inside when he thinks about what his creation has become.

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