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Glamour Girl

A Great Time for Women's Wrestling

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Hi everyone! This is my first post so I welcome any feedback. As we all know for the last 5 years or so WWE diva matches have been anything but interesting. As some have put it they've been the bathroom breaks for many even less interesting than the comercials. The current batch of divas are little more than models with a bit of wrestling training mixed in picked for their looks and not for their wrestling talent. While some memorable female wrestlers in the past grew to great heights in popularity in spite of being hired for their looks only (Trish, Sable, etc) it doesn't mean that they should keep doing the same thing in hopes that another breakout star with surface. In my opinion part of what made some of those women stand out was the fact that they were different from the rest around them. Of course you can't be different if you're all hired under the same criteria (ie. looks).

I miss the days of the entertaining divas, women like Trish, Lita, Jacqueline, Ivory, Jazz, Molly, etc. I have to agree with what Sunny said during an interview which was that back in the day there were less divas so whenever you got to see one it was special and you'd anticipate it. Nowadays there are way too many divas and with them all being the same it's hard to take notice. To make matters worse WWE refuses to give the spotlight to the better female wrestlers like Gail, Beth and Natalya instead focusing on generic girls Eve and Kelly Kelly.

The TNA Knockouts on the other hand were much more entertaining and diverse. They had some hard times but no worse than the dead divas division. At least their storylines were more interesting and their matches lasted over 4 minutes.

But has the tide finally turned for the divas and the knockouts? The recent debut of Kharma suggests a new direction for the WWE divas. TNA of course not to be outdone has now debuted Chyna who may or not be part of the knockout's division. Can these 2 turn things around as far as the women's wrestling goes in each fed? I'd say they have the potential to, however, it's much to early to say for sure. WWE has never used former TNA talent well (ie. Christian, Gail, etc) so if they are any indication Kharma may well end up jobbing to the likes of Kelly Kelly. TNA has done great things with some of their women, but with Chyna being such a unique case she may well add nothing to the knockouts division. Only time will tell. Any thoughts?

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good first blog. Don't forget, that it takes 2 wrestlers to make a good feud. We barely see that nowadays. Sure 1 of the divas/KOs in a match would have great wrestling ability, but the other is barely decent. e.g. The feud with Madison Rayne and Mickie James, and the feud with Layla and Natalya/Beth Phoenix. So whilst Chyna maybe the newest addition to the KOs roster, and Kharma debuted in WWE, they may not be used right, if they are given opponents the likes of who you mentioned earlier-Eve, Kelly Kelly etc. You just know if that happens, in about 2 months time you're going to get the IWC bitching that WWE is not using Kharma right. At this point in time we can only hope for the best.
  2. SilverGhost's Avatar
    I enjoyed the blog. My thought is that you can have beautiful women and they can still be wrestlers. So far, I only observed eye candy to be wrestlers and they aren't really good at it. Kaitlyn is a good example. Now with the debut of Kharma, the WWE looks like they will step up their game on the divas division(hopefully) Only talents that can give a good match to Kharma is Beth Pheonix, Nattie and Gail Kim. I hope it goes well for the girls there in the WWE. I can't say much about Chyna in TNA since I stopped watching it for obvious reasons but I hope they will bring something interesting to the table.
  3. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    Beth, Melina, Natalia and Layla are the best wrestlers and they aren't that great.
    But with Kharma I can actually say i'm looking forward to divas matches.
    I really hope she puts them all in their place.
    Injuring Alicia Fox is 1 of the best things to happen for the division!

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