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What's so bad about John Cena?

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In June of 2002, the WWE Universe was introduced to a young superstar (wrestler) who answered a challenge by Kurt Angle. Almost nine years later, this same superstar (wrestler) is "The Face of the WWE", racking up seven WWE Championships, two World Heavyweight Championships, four Tag Team Championships, has won a Royal Rumble and a two-time Slammy Award winner.

This superstar (wrestler) is John Cena.

While John Cena is "The Face of the WWE", he's also both cheered and booed at the same time. This started happening around 2006-2007, and has intensified since then. But as a wrestling fan all around, I only have one question: Why do so many people hate John Cena?

Of course, any time someone asks this, or even gives a LITTLE praise to Cena, they are immediatley bombarded with "Cena sucks", "Fuck Cena", "Cena can't wrestle worth shit", and so on, and so on. Now of course, most of these comments are probably made because people like getting a reaction out of other people. It's the way of life (in the internet).

But the booing doesn't stop at these comments. Recently, people have been hating John Cena because of his "SuperCena gimmick." And while I'll admit, it is kind of true. Cena gets beat up for, what, 90 percent of his matches, then pulls out a win with his "five moves of doom." It can get tireing after a while.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg that is John Cena. He's also critizized because of his look, the way he talks on the mike, and his all around babyface persona. And the immidiate situation to make John Cena a "serious" wrestler? Turn him heel.

But is that really the answer? Do we all have to blame Cena for what he does in the ring because he's a face?

My answer: Absolutly not.

The fact of the matter is this: Cena CAN'T turn heel. At least not until another marketable wreslter comes around, and who knows when that's going to happen? And as wreslting fans, young or old, we should all know that having Cena turn heel will hit the the WWE bad when it comes to money. After all, Vince loves his money! (Vince=Prick.)

But there can be another solution. The reason everybody seems to hate John Cena is because he's to much like Superman. As I said before, he gets beaten up, then pulls out a victory via AA or STF. Here's a thought: Let Cena wrestle!

Cena will NEVER be a Bret Heart, Kurt Angle, or a Mr. Perfect, sure. But when he actually wrestles, he's pretty good. Let him take a break from Shoulder Blocks and the Proto-Plex. Let him throw around his suplex's (Gutwrench, Fishermen, Vertical), let him hit the hip toss, the Throwback, the top rope Leg Drop, and so on. Heck, let him even TRY SOMETHING NEW.

Why doesn't Cena do this? Because Vince doesn't care about wrestling, just "entertainment." He doesn't want Cena to look strong, he WANTS Cena to be like Superman, to be SuperCena. But is it doing him and his business an good. No! Well, that and many other things.

But here's the bottom line: If Cena actually wrestles and looks strong, instead of looking like a wimp while in the ring, then have him pull out an "upset" victory, I think it'll do him, and the fans some good. Cause when you really, REALLY, look at John Cena, he's a better wrestler than the last guy who played the "Superman" gimmick. (SuperHogan)

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Great Blog...

    Absolutely nothing is wrong with Cena. The man does what the hell he is told and carries the gimmick he was given and people complain. Its the ignorance of the fans. John Cen is the leader of the New Era so they hate him. PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE THAT THE ATTITUDE ERA IS OVER!!! MOVE ON.

    And for those who say Cena cant wrestle are crazy. He has a hell of a moveset but can only do what he's told. Check out Cena when he was the Prototype
  2. Spear-O-Matic's Avatar
    The reason I can't stand Cena isn't because of his mic skills or his gimmick and look or because he's PG or any of the dumb reasons. I don't like him because his matches aren't entertaining. He's stale because he's predictable. He gets beat down for most of the match and then goes 5 moves Cena on us and wins. And this happens A LOT. I'm not lying, you could put him in a match against Santino and Santino would beat him down for 90% of the match and then BAM, SuperCena beats him in less than 5 moves. It's boring, old and predictable. If he were heel, this pattern wouldn't work, he'd be dominating, he'd be a beast. That's what we want from him.
  3. Dierdorf's Avatar
    I am mad that he won the title tonight when he didnt even need it...
  4. nrb6304's Avatar
    I won't lie, I don't like Cena because I'm bored with him. I'm tired of watching the same matches over and over again. And I DEF don't like that Cena is now WWE champion, because REGARDLESS of whether or not he's WWE champion RAW will be centered around him. And to me that's OKAY, hell look at last year. Miz/Orton/Sheamus/Morrison all in the WWE title picture WITHOUT Cena. And Cena made Wade Barrett into a legit competitor (what happened afterwards was WWE dropping the ball). I just am tired of Cena, the same way in 02 I was tired of Rock. The same way in 91 people where tired of Hogan
  5. Viper's Avatar
    One has the nerve to ask Why we hate John Cena when the answer is already around us. Then he has the nerve to say Cena is a good wrestler. Bullsh*t. Cena was never a good wrestler and he'll never be unless he gets re-trained again that is.

    One can't really compare Cena to Hulk Hogan because at least Hogan had the wrestling psychology which Cena does not, which is why Hogan was able to have decent matches with most guys he worked with as well as use the Superman gimmick. Cena doesn't have any wrestling knowledge or psychology to bring to his matches and usually needs other starts bigger/better than him who does have the knowledge or psychology to lead him through a match whether its good, bad or mediocre.
  6. nadeemsharif's Avatar
    I like Cena a lot because WWE is not wrestling company , its an entertainment company and Cena is hell of character. I basicaly love Cena because i love superman too.
    Cena was never a great wrestler but can some body tells me after Rock and Austen gone who stepped up and took all the beating and did all the hard work to become face of WWE.
    Vince wanted somebody to be a superhero for PG rated kids and CENA is perfect superhero.
    Every kid loves him therefore i think Cena is doing his job great.
  7. SilverGhost's Avatar
    Shit wrestling. That is my only reason to hate the CHARACTER but not the man.
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