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The ToughBlog : The Primer

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Hey guys, and welcome to my first attempt at writing a blog here on the interwebs. I thought I'd give this a try, as I've been a keen reader of many blogs here on EWN, and for as far as I've seen, there doesn't seem to be a blog based around this, so I thought I might try to fill that void .

Now, since Tough Enough returned the eve after Wrestlemania, I've personally found myself pleasantly surprised with the quality of the show, considering how little enthusiasm I had when the show's reboot was originally announced. Whether it's the diversity of the contestants, the nostalgia of seeing Austin back on WWE TV or the plain hilariousness of a person saying their favorite match was Melina vs. Alicia Fox, I find the show to be pretty entertaining. However, I also found that there has been little conversation about the show, which surprised me. So, I thought I'd take it upon myself to talk about a show which is an interesting and different take on WWE programming.

But, the purpose of THIS blog is just to clear a few things up before I start writing the real thing at a later date (providing it's actually worth making, and there is at least a little bit of interest, lol). To start with, I know I'm starting to do this series a little late as we're already going to be in week 5 of Tough Enough this coming Monday, but the idea only really came to me yesterday, so hey... what the hell.

And secondly, I thought I'd address what's happened up to this point, to bring you up to speed on my thoughts so far.

1st elimination: Ariane
I really shouldn't have to explain this one, she really had to go. For those who didn't watch, let's just say the "favorite match" incident mentioned above...was not her finest moment.

2nd elimination: Matt

Probably the only elimination I was unhappy at,as this guy was real good. I don't think it was all that fair eliminating him for not doing th crazy stuff he can usually do, with many of the contestants being pretty green, and probably not knowing how to take those moves without injuring themselves. Just search up M-Dogg 20. Proof of awesomeness right there.

3rd elimination: Michelle
Well, it wasn't really an elimination, but hey. Sure enough I respect her decision, but I can't helpbut feel annoyed that someone more dedicated could've survivied in her place *cough* MATT *cough"...

4th elimination: Mickael
Didn't really like this guy, mainly for one reason. I mean, playing a heel is one thing, but generally being a dick to everyone for the sake of being a dick is something else. Hated his attitude towards everything. And yes... his name is spelt like that.

5th elimination: Rima
Seemed like a likeable girl, and obviously had the perfect look for the Divas of today. Pretty relieved to see her go though, as it always seemed they focused on her more than the others just because she was Miss USA. Maybe it's just me.

So, that's the current state of WWE Tough Enough. For the sake of this blog not being any longer, I won't go into the remaining contestants into much detail. Putting it simply I'm backing Andy and have some weird sort of soft spot for Ivelisse . But anyways, I'll be hoping to release my thoughts on Tough Enough weekly as the episodes are released, with my next blog being for 2nd May. Expect that about a day or two after it's release (I don't get the channel it's on, so I have to download it).

So, please tell me what you think, if there's any interest here or maybe even your views on what's currently happening in the world of Tough Enough! Let me know in the comments below! (unintentional rhyme FTW!)

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Updated 04-30-2011 at 09:54 AM by Hakumen

Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Nice blog, I agree about all the contestants you wrote about (especially Matt and Rima) I like Jeremiah and Martin also Andy he seems like he has an outside chance but may fail due to his age and fatigue later in the competition. Even though I'm not his biggest fan I think Luke will win.

    Side note: You can watch Tough Enough live streaming on JustinTV great quality aswell (I'll post a link if you want it)
    and you can also watch every episode on Youtube the next day in 3 parts which is also great quality I do this because I live in the UK and can't watch it live.
  2. Hakumen's Avatar
    Totally agree on Luke, seems like the guy who's got it all, he's just so darn full of himself, lol. And thanks for the suggestions on how to watch, may save me having to wait for someone to make it available for download. Streamings out of the question for me, as like you I'm from the UK, and I aint stayin up til 1am just to watch it! Youtube'll do fine though.
  3. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Yeah thats why I don't like him haha. No problem pal I watched the first 3 episodes on Youtube until I found a stream, I'm up because I watch Raw anyway so it gives me something to do to pass the time until Raw is on. Also the Youtube stream is great quality and has no adverts which is always good
  4. knox's Avatar
    I love this blog Hakumen and you and @STeve Austin made some good points.

    I was most upset with Michelle. I didn't respect her decision because I mean thats the one thing you know about the WWE. You are on the road all the time. She didn't leave because her little girl was sick, she didn't leave because of an emergency. she left because she missed her. I seem a little harsh and I apologize but damn woman you went through that whole selection process to make it there just to walk away.

    Lol @ Hakumen & Steve Austin - is it me or does it seem like Luke's new heel persona is a work. I feel the crew thinks he has what it takes and are giving him a run as a heel to see if he has it.

    My personal favorite is Jeremiah...he's tough as nails and solid in the ring. He has a hardworking blue collar attitude and thats the type of attitude you need in professional wrestling
  5. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Thank you Knox, Jeremiah is also my favorite and I completely agree with the Michelle thing no need to apologise About Luke its possible but I'm hoping WWE wouldn't do that and just let all the conntestants be themselves.
  6. knox's Avatar
    @Steve, so who do you think will actually end up with a contract. I know it will be one winner but I think numerous contestants will end up with a contract.

    I think Martin will win, Alicia Fox's sister, Luke & Jeremiah will get contracts in my opinion

    What do you guys think
  7. Steve Austin's Avatar
    I agree with those four and I hope Andy gets a chance he deserves it, he's shown great commitment, desire and dicipline which are all needed to be a WWE superstar.
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