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The Rock vs Cena: Fantasy WM27 Dialogue

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**Note to reader: I've gotten criticism for my dialogue before so if I cause you to vomit, or bang your head on the desk, my apologies.

It's one week ago at Wrestlemania 27. It's the main-event. The Rock has just got done saying what he came out to say. Everyone is cheering for the Rock and excited at what is about to happen because it'll probably be great. Sadly, that wasn't the case. You know what happened. What followed wasn't really anything. Rock started the match just to end it again. But let's go back to that moment when Rock was in the ring. The Rock just got done saying everything he said at Wrestlemania 27. Here's what should have happened right after...


Rock: John Cena! Get your fruity pebbles in this ring! You too, Izzy Wizzy Miz. There is no way the Rock is letting it go down like that at his Wrestlemania. Impossible, ah-ah, not gonna happen! As the Rock said, this match will be no DQ... no CO... no BS! No shenanigans, no monkeying-around, no crap will be tolerated out of anybody's monkey ass!

*The Rock turns to John Cena*

Rock: Oh... but before we get this match restarted... there is one thing, John Cena. *Rock holds up a single digit*

Rock: There is the matter of your... Wrestlemania moment, that you've been wanting. *Rock's digit becomes a clenched fist* That you've been needing. Well the Rock is here to give it to you.

*Rock starts laying the smackdown on John Cena. Cena's in the turnbuckle! He's in a world of S**T as the Brahma Bull unleashes some serious ass whooping on Cena. Rock rockbottoms John Cena! He gets up and looks down at him, does the you can't see me thing, slaps his chest.*

*Rock picks up the mic while Miz, grinning from ear to ear, walks over to John Cena. He bends over to pick Cena up. Says 'great job' to Rock.*

*Rock reaches out and grabs Miz by the shoulder. Miz freezes and looks back at Rock*

Rock: The Rock's father... The Rock's grandfather... ARE GONNA WATCH AS THE ROCK LAYS THE SMACK DOWN ON YOUR CANDY ASS!

*All hell breaks loose on Miz. Rock starts laying the smack down. He's punching him. He's kicking him. He spinebusters Miz. Drops the People's Elbow.*

Rock: Now ring the damn bell or the Rock will find whoever rings the damn bell and ring the damn bell with their candy ass!

*The bell rings and the match begins as the Rock leaves the ring with Cena and Miz on the ground, stirring*

*Cena and Miz get up and resume their title match. Things go along just fine for a while. Things start to look bad for the Miz.*

*Alex Riley runs in and tries to interfere in the match. He starts beating on Cena.*

*Rock runs in and throws Alex Riley over the top rope and Rockbottoms him outside the ring*

*The Corre runs in and starts beating down the Rock. The Rock starts getting beaten pretty hard*

*Austin runs in and starts helping out the Rock. Together, the two of them successfully start beating back the four other guys*

*The match still going on in the ring at this point has just turned into attempts at finishers*

*Alex Riley still recovering from the Rockbottom attempts to interfere again. Cena gives Miz a hard right shot that gets him off his back for a minute. Cena sees Riley coming a mile away. He ducks under a punch and picks Riley up for the AA*

*Rock and Austin just got done with the Corre outside.*

*Cena AA's Riley over the top rope outside the ring. But Rock was standing right were Riley was landing. Cena AAd Riley right on the Rock! Rock looks up at Cena, furious. Cena looks down at Rock like he didn't know he was there. Cena makes Hey c'mon I didn't mean it gestures*

*Rock gets in the ring*

*Rock Rockbottom's Cena once again and leaves the ring*

*Miz, half-awake, goes over to Cena and picks him up. He hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Referee counts to three. Miz retains his championship.*

*Rock looks blameless. Austin looks like he cannot believe what just went down. There's calamity at the desk.*

*Miz clutches the title to himself and looks like he can't believe what just went down and that he survived much like he did against Orton before. Riley gets into the ring to help Miz to his feet and to celebrate with Miz.*

*Austin is disgusted.*

*Austin rolls into the ring.*

*He's looking right at Miz and Riley. He starts walking toward them slowly, saying stuff to them. Pointing at the title. Riley tries to attack Austin. Austin stunners him. Austin turns back to Miz.*

*Miz doesn't move an inch. Austin keeps closing the distance. Miz makes for the ropes. Austin catches him and puts a stunner on him and gives him the double bird.*

*Austin slowly turns around to the Rock who is still looking at Cena. Rock's head turns toward Austin like he does. Austin motions to Rock to get in the ring.*

*Rock, never being one to back down from a challenge or not face consequences, gets in the ring in a very enthusiastic, Rock-style fashion*

*Austin and Rock stare at each other. The tension is thick. Austin makes the gesture for beers. A couple get thrown to him. He gets the mic. He gives a beer to rock.*

Austin: Nice Wrestlemania, Rock. *beer up*

Rock: Thank you.

*The two toast and drink. They each take a turnbuckle. Crowd loses their minds. They meet back in the center of the ring to shake hands.*

*Cena gets up and spins Rock and puts the AA on him.*

*Austin can't believe what just happened. Austin goes for the stunner but Cena ducks under and turns it into the AA.*

*Cena puts the AA on Austin.*

*We end Wrestlemania with Austin and Rock with "Oh hell no" looks on their faces and set up a great RAW the next night.*


Well that's what should have happened in my opinion. This is what I thought should've happened the Monday morning after Wrestlemania. I feel like this was a WM with a lot going for it and yet the only thing that really was good was the match with the Undertaker and Triple H. Everything else was just average or pretty good. I feel like if the Rock and everyone returning did bring a lot of people to watch WM it's not so great for one reason. As WWE has shown one of its most uninspired Wrestlemanias to one of its biggest audiences.

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