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Wrestlemania 27: The buyrate is in but is it good?

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Well in my last vomit onto the blogspace of this fancy looking crevice of the IWC, I talked about how I thought the main-event of WM27 should have happened and expressed my misgivings about how strong the show might, or might not, have been. One of the things I said was if WWE did achieve their goal of a high buyrate thanks to The Rock, then it would mean that they showed one of their weakest Wrestlemanias to the most people. And now we know that's just what they did do.

The response to WM27 on the net has been pretty uniform in it being pretty unimpressed, with everybody pretty much saying the same thing, that the only really good match was Undertaker vs. HHH, with some people liking the Rhodes/Mysterio bout, and everyone agreeing that Punk/Orton was good while not too great. Everything else was considered a dud basically. The response of those at WM has been more positive so at least that's a plus. But none of this is any good for the ppv about to drop in Extreme Rules.

Like Conan (GINGA NINJA) on the Tonight Show, Extreme Rules didn't exactly get a great lead-in. How many of those who bought Wrestlemania are excited to buy Extreme Rules? How many of those are going to buy Extreme Rules because of Wrestlemania? I doubt it's a lot of people on either count. That said it's hard to predict with these things. More people seeing Wrestlemania might mean more come back to Extreme Rules simply because it means more to come back to Extreme Rules. Simply the sheer amount of people who tuned in for WM27 will bleed over. But I don't think that might happen. I think the ER buyrate will be low and at the least only as high as last year. And this because of Wrestlemania27. And in the face of a WM with as much hype and money thrown at it as this one that latter outcome could be looked at as a loss.

So it'll be interesting to see how ER does. The big million will be bittersweet if they lose people on other ppvs because of it.

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  1. DXFan619's Avatar
    100% Agreed. We'll all be watching Extreme Rules, but I don't think anyone's expectations are above ''good.''
  2. MATTHEW's Avatar
    Modern times, we can guess with 99% the movements and maneuvers of wrestlers, even the victor of the matches. Wrestling therefore has become boring, yet we all watch because we live in hope, we're marks to the business!

    Taker/HHH match, was an exception - amazing match! For myself I couldn't guess nothing at all. Thrilled and delighted, nail biting and excitment. Brilliance!

    Lets hope Extreme Rules pops some suprises =)

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