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MNR 900th episode

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Anyone else severely disappointed with the quality of this episode? Being the 900th episode and all, I expected a great show with a ton of action, but it was anything but great. It seemed like the show was jumping around all over the place and they were too busy with giving everyone air time then improving storylines. I get it, its a celebratory episode and its meant to showcase the top talents and personalities, but its still a wrestling show. There must have been a total of 25 minutes of wrestling and the main event didnt even kick off until 11:00. Kane's promo was great(like always), the SES segment really worked(except for the pointless fued with the Big Show), and the fact the John Cena wasnt the last man standing in the main event really surprised me, but this show was really disappointing. Disappointment seems to be a reoccuring theme week after week for WWE.

Dont get me wrong, Im a huge WWE fan and I have been since the mid 90's, but the whole thing is really starting to get stale(Some of you may argue that its been that way for a few years). Im tired of watching the same storylines week in and week out. We get it: John Cena will always headline the main event and almost always win, The Nexus will blindside someone, Chris Jericho will whine, Edge will betray the faces, the Miz will pull a victory out of his ass, and the divas will throw up a terrible display of wrestling. When was the last time there was a HUGE heel turn? When was the last time someone made a HUGE return or HUGE debut? When was the last time anything really shocked you? It just seems like at 11:15 every monday night, I come away disappointed by the last two hours.

I know that because of the whole pg rating, the creative team is very restricted as to what the can write into the show, but it doesnt mean that the show needs to be predictable. I would love to see a twist here and there, I would love for a new talent to get pushed over the course of several weeks and not end abruptly one night i.e Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston etc. Bring in new exciting tag teams and reignite the tag divison. Its clear that WWE has been sputtering since the end of the attitude era and I dont know if its a fan being nostalgic and missing the glory days of The Rock vs Austin, Austin vs Vince, HHH vs Cactus Jack, and all those other great fueds, but it really seems like WWE needs a shot in the arm.

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  1. justindlfox's Avatar
    I agree 100%, the creative team needs to be replaced, pg is not an excuse for bad writing or booking
  2. djsoulslayer's Avatar
    I am right there with u. The matches, with the exception of the mainevent, were either too short, boring, ending in badly, or didn't begin at all. Very disappointing. The brightest spot was the Kane/Undertaker/Nexus angle. You would think on the 900th episode of Raw the WWE would show us why they have outlasted other network greats, not why greatness doesn't last.
    Updated 08-31-2010 at 04:44 PM by djsoulslayer
  3. The Pike's Avatar
    I agree with the disappointment. But I think thats because I wanted all of the great moments off the other 899 episodes to be in this 900th. Watching some of the older moments made me miss the days of Austin and Rock (The Attitude era)... One thing I noticed was , of 17 years of action. almost 2000 hours of programming, they made a point of showing alot of moments from the last year or two. That's pretty suspect... more than suspect, it was a blatant attempt by creative to say" yeah, there's been alot of GREAT moments, but the BEST moments have happened with THESE wrestlers in just the last two years! Forget the attitude era, it's all about NOW!" It wasn't much of a celebration... why not have a few of the old stars back? Why not bring in Austin? Why not a moment or two like the "old" days? The closest we got was a odd, non-match between Bret and 'Taker and an Austin fake-out by punk (Though that WAS a bright spot and shows just how great of a heel Punk can be.). Other than the graphic SAYING it was the 900th episode who would've known? did you hear Cole's reaction to King saying "Puppies"? Really, I think WWE will be ok but they NEED to shake things up... Turn Cena heel... let a match play out without a twist. there are so many things they could do and it's a mystery why they aren't. At least they will be unifying the belts. That ought to help things. having two champions makes me feel like neither is the REAL champion. I could go on for days... FIX IT, WWE.
  4. AaronTyler's Avatar
    I completely agree with you. This 900th episode was horrible in comparison to they're other celebrations. At least at the 800th episode celebration, they pulled a rabbit out of the hat and had Chris Jericho defeat Batista in a steel cage for the WHC, something that RARELY happens on RAW. This episode was no different from the other RAW's, nothing NEW. So there was really no point on advertising it as your 900th episode if you weren't going to do something "spectacular" or give us the "shock factor" in the occasion for it. It was a waste of air-time for USA to air it and to promote and also WWE them selves.
  5. el gabo's Avatar
    A Cena heel turn is 99.9% impossible seeing how much merchandise this guy sells. Kids wouldn't buy all those giant foam hands and t-shirts and headbands and chains and hats and posters... Ain't $$$$ wise so Vince won't do it. Same reason he didn't do a Hogan heel turn, even though it worked out great in WCW.

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