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STATE OF THE 'E: A Requiem For The Championships

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The WWE Champion. Sound fantastic, right? Whe you were younger... as a wrestling fan, that's what you dreamed of. As long as you had the as it was known then "WWF" or all depending on your age, "WWWF" on your television... you were set. You saw these larger than life men, burley and out of this world. Muscle bound, screaming, bleeding, slamming, testosterone driven crazies. You thought it was the best thing ever.

And what's this? The man that's yelling at us has a big gold belt on his waist. What is that? That, is a Championship.

In the hayday of wrestling we had the NWA (They're still around but nowhere near as prominent.) and they pretty much controlled the "sport". It was ran like a Union, pay your dues, stay long enough, you'll make the big dollars. You may be the flag bearer if you're good enough. That flag? The Championship.

Many men fought over it, some were even killed. All for a chance. A chance to be THE MAN! (Whoo!) As time went on, something happened though. With the glitz and glamour of television, full color television, the world was changing. They needed more than just a rough and tumble man yelling awesome things, no, they needed entertainment! What's so different you may ask. Well, entertainment involves entrance themes, pyro, lavish attire, and attitude, anything... different. And around this time that Championship suddenly left the waist.

Some draped it over their shoulder, some just held it, some actually wore it right. But it was around the time of the late 80's it started to become something different. It wasn't a thing of utter prominence as the NWA had once made it, it was the WWF and WCW Championship now. They weren't what they once were. Their luster slowly fading into the backdrop of the times. They were still the pinnacle, don't get me wrong but, they started... lacking.

Now we go into the "Monday Night Wars" era. We see a slew of Championships, Tag-Team, Women, Intercontinental, European, TV, US, Cruiserweight, Lightweight, Hardcore, ECW, Etc, Etc... (Mind you, I'm putting all companies together here, I know how long some of these titles were active for.) And what of those Championships? Why, they're being thrown in dumpsters, lit on fire, thrown into rivers, broken, bashed, smashed, anything. Because now all f a sudden... they're props.

Yes... "props". A phrase famously uttered by Vince "My life is a sham, please kill me now." Russo. I've spoken on this before. Here's what I had to say:

(On how many times the Championships in WWE changed hands in a whole for 2009.)

evenFinally, I get my chance for the entire Internet to see my opinion and guess what I chose to do? Yup, that’s right. Complain. Yes, I am a Wrestling fan, why do you ask?

Either way, for my first article I thought about writing a blog on former pro wrestling announcer Mark Madden and why he’s a fat, wishes he was still in Wrestling, sad, pathetic, walrus of a beast and has no right calling anyone else fat or anything else of the sort.

But I thought to myself, “He really makes a tool out of himself anyway, why add to it right now? Just wait for him to do/say something REALLY ridiculous and go after him then.” Right. So, what was my 2nd option after not complaining about Madden? Well, the WWE PPV’s. Yes. The reason is for the WWE to have their monthly feuds. In 2009 we saw more title changes than Mark Madden changes his underwear. Don’t believe me?

WWE Championship – IIIIIIIII
World Heavyweight Championship – IIIIIIII
ECW Championship – IIII
Unified Tag-Team Championships – IIII
Intercontinental Championship – IIIIIII
United States Championship – III
Women’s Championship – II
Diva’s Championship – III

Okay, to me, that seems like a lot. In total, 40 WWE title changes! 40! I know a few years ago during the “Attitude Era” they changed the Championships a lot as well but, that’s because Vince Russo thinks championships are props. Tool. I just think they’re doing it for shock sake now. They think that every time a championship changes, ratings will go up. Now, in some cases like Sheamus and his surprise win, yes, ratings did go up. [For the 1st half hour of RAW that week.]

And if anyone has taken notice [As I'm writing this.] The all Titles combined have changed almost 10 times already… and it’s February. What?

I know the Championships are scripted to change hands and that WWE and all of Professional Wrestling fixes the outcome of their matches, that’s been obviously for forever. But, when the NWA was around the World Heavyweight Championship MEANT something. Hell, even the WWWF/WWF Championship “meant” something. Not everyone in Wrestling has that dream anymore unfortunately.

Some are deliberately trying to use Wrestling as a stepping stone to do many other things for their “career”. What happened to when people wanted to be in Wrestling to actually WRESTLE?? I’m getting off track but, it’s all in the same vein really.

I know it went over horribly the last time they tried it but, they need to give someone the Championship for an entire year. John Cena’s run at that time was VERY memorable. I may hate Cena’s “wrestling” ability but, Hogan’s is way worse and yet, in the 80′s we cheered him on.

That’s what the kids are doing with Cena now. But, I can remember how much anger was in his year long Championship run. They need to stop thinking like Vince Russo and remember, the person carrying your Championship carries the company.

They need to keep the Title on someone. 2009 was a horrible year when it came to Title changes. The WWE changed hands at 9 of the 14 PPV’s. C’mon…. To me, that’s just not right. Has the attention span of the American teenager really gotten that evasive? Maybe you need to re-think your audience Vinnie Mac.
Again, that was 2009. I haven't looked to see what the numbers were for 2010 and so far in 2011. But with all of that, ask yourself "What does it mean to be a Champion?" I mean, they take away its dignity, strip it and flaunt it out there like a hooker. Who is the man representing your company today? The flag bearer? THE MIZ! The messed up thing? Hell, even in "The Attitude Era" The Miz wouldn't have been good enough to be in the same room with people like the Undertaker, Rock, Austin or Haitch, hell, he'd be lucky to be an opening match with some generic sounding house music.

This guy is a product of the times. He's a hop internet geek who loves making fun of the same stuff we do. Damn, how relatable! But what's this... not only is the Championship still an arm piece, it's defaced. The WWE logo is turned upside down and made into two M's. Granted, it's been done before and it'll be done again, that's partially why I'm complaining but, not fully.

My full complaint is the fact that I may get flamed for this, And I do like him, but The Miz is NOT Championship material. Yeah, he's worked but, so has CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and countless others who actually have a STRONG background in it. Not, television. The Miz is only Champion because of the media it gets WWE. Face it. He's not some type of messiah, he's the damnation. And that is also why your favorite Superstar will NEVER be WWE Champion. Zack Ryder, Christian (I hope I'm wrong.), Chris Masters, Sin Cara, Dolph Ziggler (For no real amount of time.), John "spotmonkey" Morrison or any other guys you can think of in that area.

WWE aren't Stupid. John Cena will be Champion again sooner rather than later and The Miz will win a Tag-Team Championship or two with Riley somewhere down the line soon. (Hence the Draft.) I just want to know when the newer guys will be trusted to be who they are. Without the new generation finding its way, they're bound to fail and some already have. Stop treating the Championships without dignity, find your people. Do it soon WWE.

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  1. jordan1995's Avatar
    great points i remember when jbl had the wwe tittle for 280 days and when he lost it it was a special moment but now we see changes too often. i also wish the wwe championship belt was the one from 2002 - 2005 as now the cena /miz tittle is too tacy
  2. Rockstar83's Avatar
    This is my take on the titles currently: (Design wise and importance of value/meaning)
    WWE Championship – (Ugly design, Does have meaning)
    World Heavyweight Championship – (Great design, no meaning)
    ECW Championship – (New version Ugly design Old - Better, Did have meaning)
    Unified Tag-Team Championships – (Ugly design, No meaning)
    Intercontinental Championship – (Decent design, Does have meaning)
    United States Championship – (Great design, A bit of meaning)
    Women’s Championship – (Good design, Does have meaning)
    Diva’s Championship- (Decent design, stupid meaning)
  3. scobie's Avatar
    the miz isn't champion material but he's been shoved down our throats that much, not on a cena level, but iv kinda accepted the miz in the main event picture, he aint goin anywhere guys
  4. Clikka's Avatar
    Again, good blog mate. like and respect your knowledge. But i must say, Miz is starting to get my respect, NO WHERE on a wrestling level, but on his character and persona, i hated him to begin with, now its like he has dropped the baby throwing a tantrum spill, but he needs to remember he is a heel....he cant go on talk shows and crack jokes and come across as a good guy.....just really puts down he is a media darling not a WWE CHAMPION! But again, respect as currently he is hitting 135days of champion (11/22/2010) thats a 1/3 of a year and a pretty long run in comparison to some previous reigns....which is pretty poor thinking back to the old days....but thats another issue....

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