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WWE for 2011, Mania 28 part 2

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-Alberto Del Rio(c) vs. Randy Orton: Randy Orton has had much success at Wrestlemania but he's yet to be the face going in to 'Mania on the hunt for the title as is the usual them of Wrestlemania main events. Guy wins Royal Rumble, guy goes on to Wrestlemania to get the title he's wanted for so long and wins it. Although Orton is the veteran going in, he actually has just hit his prime and is due for more big things. A match with Del Rio wouldn't match up perfectly on a technical stand point but Del Rio can counter Orton’s viper serpent strikes with his "smell blood in the water" attacks that both seem to have when their opponents are vulnerable).

Although these up and comers seem obvious to most fans, the MITB is designed to bring a deserving superstar to their first heavyweight title. There's one guy that is deserving enough, talented enough and has some mic skills but has been held down to the point of almost being pushed into the dark match at Wrestlemania, Kofi Kingston. This guy is one those stars like CM Punk (when he was face) where it seemed a little off to have him win the opportunity to basically have the Heavyweight title passed down to him but the second you hear the music hit and the MITB winner comes out with that ref., you suddenly are behind this rarity that the WWE office guys in the back refuse to let happen. Guys such as Christian, work their tails off and have the full support of the WWE Universe but they just don't give him that opportunity. This is the year for Kofi's breakout moment as he finally wins the big one. Although I trust in Kingston to pull this off, by the time 'Mania comes around he will need to drop the title and move on to something fresh. Not cause he doesn't deserve it but because I don't see WWE giving Kofi such a long term push when there’s just enough main event faces to get by. So now that Kofi would have shown he can roll with the big dogs and headline some pay per views, then maybe he'll get some respect enough to get, not only on 'Mania but in a significant storyline. The only other guy that is a popular mid-card guy (backstage as well) that needs a little push and will be Kingston’s perfect heel counterpart is R-Truth. I've hated R-Truth for sometime now, not because he sucks but because he's so damn corny (just like John Cena). The guy looks like he would play the part of an ex gang member who will kill you in a heart beat but he comes out all upbeat. Does a little dance that ends in a few hump thrusts and asks the crowd every week "What's up". He is playing is part great so far as a heel and Kofi and him will tear the house down.
-Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth: (the purpose of the match as simple. Help them both step into their groves of being look at as contenders and stop them from being over looked by putting on a match that they both can be proud of and the WWE Universe can watch without choosing this to be the moment for the bathroom break or for those lucky fans, the consetion stands in Miami. No matter the winner in this one they both win).
The next match up is simply because they both fall in the realm of, what's next but it wouldn't be bad to see these two guys give us a performance that we've seen glimpses of in past 'Maina and against each other will have something to prove.
-Shemus vs. Christian: (Both these guys are in the right spot in the right time. Christian, with the departure of Edge, is in a great place right now to big things for the company when he gets his one run to prove it. Christian grew tremendously and showed that he could be a contender for the title in TNA and made us believe he was the best in TNA, except for Kurt Angle of course. 2011 is the year for Christian to show it to all those backstage guy that the WWE Universe wants him as a upper card competitor and also wanted him in that Edge-Del Rio match in a triple threat. Us, fans that show our love for the business through voicing are opinions, and wanting to interact and be part of the business through social networking get treated like second rate fans as those who buy the Cena T-Shirts and watch only RAW, who don't appreciate the art of wrestling and story telling get what they want. There should be a revolution in wrestling of us getting our message across and voicing our opinion. We're the ones that created Stone Cold, by cheer for him as a heel and WWE was force to change up. Some of us do it when we chant "Cena Sucks" and Cena and he's forced to respond to it or will seem like he might actually turn heel because of us. A new era is coming, just like the new generation era, just like the attitude era, just like at that attempt at a ruthless aggression era. We want it and we want Christian on board; he deserves it Vince. As for Shemus, Triple H pretty much gave him the push of his career and they cast him into this limbo of mid-card wrestling, where he has no equal. He needs to get back on board with the A-Team and his recent move to Smackdown is just the thing for him. Although I do feel, since this drafting over of Shemus will most likely mean that he will cross paths with Christian eventually. The match doesn't seem like a bad #2 match at Wrestlemania).
Rey Mysterio has had success in the WWE for a while now and has been a major player on the roster, selling merchandise and bringing in the Latino audience with his name but with only one Wrestlemania main event under his belt and all those injuries that left him our from a few, he's due in a big way. He doesn't have many years left and should have one more title run left in him to. He was voted #9 of the greatest superstars of all-time but doesn't have most of the accomplishments and/or significant moments that others on that count down have. Rey Mysterio should be on the list of men who have held the WWE title. He's on RAW now, lets do this. I know I said Kofi Kingston is due for that MITB but Rey is in need of it. I'm not sure what Wrestlemania has in store for Mysterio but I wouldn't be mad it the situation if I see Rey holding up the briefcase high on July 17. Look for a great rivalry between The Miz and Rey Mysterio as ironic as it sounds, the Miz (the rookie) would elevate Mysterios (the veteran) position in the storyline and better his chances at a meaningful top card run.
Now for the other mid-card guys trying to make up somewhere, well I just don't see it. Guys like John Morrison, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Mason Ryan, and Ted Dibiase ( and if I didn't mention them here or previously, I just don't believe in them as contenders) just aren't ready for the big times and are all missing that something it takes to make it. Of course there is a place for them on their shows to make some big storylines with each other and there is the U.S. and Intercontinental titles up for grabs. If any of them had potential to make it big, and/or had that something that the WWE could use, it would probably go in the order of:
1-Mason Ryan
2-Dolph Ziggler
3-John Morrison
4-Daniel Bryan
5-Ted Dibiase
6-Jack Swagger
7-Cody Rhodes
8-Justin Gabriel
9-Heath Slater
10-Drew McIntyre

These guys are good and are potential stars of the future but 2011 is not meant for them. What I would like to see is for me to be wrong and any of these guys make it big and surprise us. We need that next big breakout star. Can the Ring Master become as Cold as Stone, can a Rocker become a Heart Breaking Kid? Who knows, it only takes a few events to change things in an instant.
I've mentioned Wrestlemania matches but haven't mention HIM... you know who. The Undertaker, the keeper of the gates of Wrestlemania. Who will be the man to add on to his streak or will this man who challenges him be the one. The RAW after Wrestlemania 27, Triple H said to 'Taker, "I'll be waiting" but the Undertaker only has maybe 2-3 'Manias left in him and wasting WM28 on another rematch after WM25 and 26 was Michaels twice. So who will have the honor and be worth having a Wrestlemania moment with 'Taker.
The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin: (Austin has been clueing in at an in-ring return for a little while now and on Tough Enough, he said. "I've been itching to get back in the ring for a while now". Austin who would probably return if there was something worth returning for, like the Rock who claimed he had accomplished every goal he set for himself in wrestling and when he realized that this new generation has a new huge star, comparable to himself, Austin and Hogan, so Cena is his final goal. For Austin, what would he benefit from challenging the Undertaker? Wrestlemania 13, Austin puts his star in the door against Bret Hart. Wrestlemania 14 with Michaels, and he spent 3 Wrestlemania against The Rock. Of the biggest names in wrestling, the one missing is the Undertaker. For the Undertaker, the victories at 'Mania are not getting as much steam as they'd want because we know he's going to win. Austin is the greatest Superstar of all-time and you can debate with me about that but look at the facts and accomplishments of Stone Cold and you'll have to agree that no one can top him. He is the most popular superstar in ages besides Hogan and put Austin in a ring face to face with 'Taker and have him tell him, "I want you at 'Mania"... the fucking roof will explode. How can you doubt that Stone Cold Steve Austin will not the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Very interesting to think about but if they could make this happen, it will benefit this 'Mania and the Rock-Cena by putting all the attention on the Streak and will bring interest back to this Rock-Cena thing that might get stale by then. Austin-Taker clap clap clapclapclap).

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  1. Outsider's Avatar
    WrestleMania XXVIII will be the Undertaker's final WrestleMania. It's going to be something special at the final of that match. I want to see Sting next year in WWE. He was close to sign this year but in the final he choose to stay there. Maybe next year he will finally accept Vince McMahon's offer and wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania. He said in a recent interview that the one opponent who he would like to wrestle is the Undertaker
  2. 01crusea's Avatar
    Again, I can't argue with Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton –*that would have huge potential.

    But I still want to see Sheamus feud against Jack Swagger. I don't know why but it sounds good to me.

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