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WWE for 2011 and Mania 28 Part 1

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In a sea of talented up and comers, the WWE has been drowning with failed attempts at finding that next big star, so far. The veterans are fading out faster than the next generation of superstars are coming up. With the departure of Michaels, Edge and the limitative services of Triple H and 'Taker the WWE Universe wants to know who's the next big thing? Who will the torch be passed down to as Cena and Orton are now almost a decade in? Although some fans may be wondering if or how we will get out of this slump, remember that wrestling history repeats itself. In 1993-94 the veterans were fading out, some retiring and some to WCW. We were left with a range of different upper-mid card talent that they deemed the new generation. As the new big star Bret Hart carried the company on his back as they transitioned and found the direction they wanted to go in. Wrestlemania 27 was the Wrestlemania 9 of now. Both seemed to be hit with the fact that they had the biggest show of the year coming up with little know how of what to do with the talent. Cody Rhodes defeats Rey Mysterio as Razor Ramon defeats Bob Backlund and Lex Luger and Mr. Perfect square off as did CM Punk and Orton. These matches are good matches, yes but at the grandest stage of them all? These are Summerslam level matches that could be excused with a strong main event but in both cases we get main events so weak that they need help by last minute adlibs to put a little more interest to the match as Hogan step into that roll for Hart vs. Yokozuna and The Rock in Cena vs. Miz.

So where do we go from here? What will 2011 bring us that 1993 fell short in? Or will wrestling history indeed repeat itself? I do think that this new generation has more potential but not as much charisma as the '93 group . There is talent off the wall with this group of guys but when the mic is put in their hands, they have not enough skills to make it in the WWE except for a highlight reel of Air Bourne’s, Starship pains and 4-50 splashes that impress enough to get you a nice spot on one of the home pages of WWE.COM. As we were before, we are now in need of new stars to carry us into something new. Wrestlemania 10 in '94 had the breakthrough performance of Shawn Michaels but '93 was the year he showed them all what he had. Who will that break through star of 2011? Wade Barrett. Out of all the new generation of guys coming up, he is the diamond in the ruff. The way to find out who the WWE is planning on bringing aboard to the "A-Team" will all be determined at the Money in the Bank pay per view and look for Barrett to have his World Heavyweight Title right in the bank. Smackdown is due to get on a role back to it's close 2nd place position to Raw as Orton will bring new Smackdown viewers in and a fresh new feel to Smackdown that Triple H did a few years back.

As for Raw, Cena's cheers are feeling stale as he hasn't had a new look, move, or title to pursue for a while now. And as the faces of the company flat-line the heels are beginning to pick up steam. The WWE Universe needs a new face that will counter the Punks, Miz' and the now Del Rios of Raw and that man is our savior Chris Jericho. Back during his first and second coming, he arrived, only to end up in upper-mid card matches, now he's at the top of his game and with multiple world titles under him and the support of fans as he deals in reality tv's Dancing with the stars. Jericho's third coming should be his best yet and will give Raw a pick me up once the Del Rio-Cena angle is done. Now where do we go from here, being removed from next years 'Mania by almost a year, the up coming year should be filled with great new rivalries that might turn into classics. Things can go many ways throughout this year but the main thing WWE needs to do is plan out Wrestlemania now. Having Cena-Rock set in stone may seem frustrating for us at such an early stage in the year but it is the only way to avoid all these last minute mash-ups. By having in mind some top matches now or soon will help WWE realize who not to put together until after the Rumble to set up their match. The most frustrating matches are matches you've seen before with no extra stipulations. That’s why Michaels-Hart at WM12 was an ironman match. My predictions for WM28 are:
-Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk (keep these 2 guys away from each other for as long as possible. This is the showstealer match at 'Mania that some thought Mysterio-Rhodes would be. But this one is next level stuff as they are the real last of a dying breed. The breed of world-class, world traveling, indy sacrificing, blood, sweet and tears, wrestlers that are trained in the art of wrestling not sports entertainment. Both men have much to gain from this match. Jericho gets his first equal in size and skill opponent, since Wrestlemania 2000 with Benoit and Angle but this one will be at main event status. As for Punk, he's worked so hard for years now and been a been a top heel for sometime with no compensation. This match will gain him major respect with the fans and everyone else. This will be the Wrestlemania moment of their careers, the 6 star
match that will steal the show).

As the next generation gets set to rise up, the veterans must elevate them to A-list superstar status be putting them over in a big way as Triple H should have done at 'Mania 26 for Shemus. My opinion on who would benefit the most from this:
-Wade Barrett vs. Triple H (following the same formula as the Shemus-Triple H match at
'Mania, the rookies need to be put over in a big way to give rise to the torch grabbers and set the new in their place. Barrett has the ability to be as evil and blood thirsty as Triple H and could be his predecessor. Barrett is strong and has an intimidating presence but his moves are strategic rather than power moves like Triple H who gets most of his move set from Flair and Arn Anderson who use that style. If Triple H plans on stepping down and behind the curtains, he has a good person to be a top contending heel for years to come and the great thing is that the guy can cut a promo and make you believe he can do it. My only suggestion is for him to learn how to gain more heat. He is a heel but he's a little soft and could learn a lot from Triple H's ruthless ways).

As the fastest rising star right now, Alberto Del Rio brings an old school feel to the WWE without being old school. He has that smooth confidence that goes with his character of the perfect heel but his sinister heel comes out whenever he sees weakness in his opponents and makes them suffer in his old school cross arm breaker that he hits with enough impact from a standing position that it makes you believe that it's over. He's on the list for potential guys to get that MITB briefcase on the RAW side but he benefit less than others since the MITB has traditionally been a way to catapult someone to a position they wouldn't normal be in at that point in time; and he's already there, he just needs the title to prove it. So who will benefit from going one on one with Del Rio?

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Nice blog sir this is good

    "CM PUNK VS CHRIS JERICHO" - wow that will draw draw draw draw drwa and draw even more than anything. This is a match that will deliver more than the WWE allows it to be promoted.

    They'd rather promote matches because of the hype rather than the wrestling. The Rock vs Cena is the most hyped up match but will it be as good of a match as it was hyped?? i think not

    Cm Punk vs Jericho would be posibly the greatest match in wrestlemania history if that happened and I truly believe that with all my heart. That match can top both Undertaker vs HBK past their prime.

    You brought up a great match that could happen and i thank you for it
  2. Viper's Avatar
    i'd like to see superstars play as characters again. a lot of the superstars have no personality these days.
  3. Outsider's Avatar
    This young faggots will never compare to the guys from 90s
  4. 01crusea's Avatar
    Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk would be an incredible match. Personally, I'd have them see eye-to-eye when Jericho returns (as a heel) after 'Dancing with the Stars' and then turn them both face as people like Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett become the top heels in WWE. Then I'd have Jericho turn on/screw Punk –*perhaps costing him the Royal Rumble or something – and put them against each other in an epic grudge match.
  5. 01crusea's Avatar
    Also, if he's still in the WWE next year, I'd want William Regal to be in Wade Barrett's corner as a mentor. It's an obvious idea to me.

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