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TNA Television Title

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Before i begin lets look back on a brief History of the Television title.

1. TNA Legends title (2008,2009)- Booker T debut this belt. I thought this was a ok idea it was something different. i thought it should have only been defended against legends not against those like AJ Styles. ( He will be a Legend one day.) this belt was never as prestiges as i thought it could be.

2.TNA Global Title (2009-2010) Renamed the Global title by Eric Young after defeating Kevin Nash at Bound for glory, can only be defended if it was by two foreigners in a country beside the United States. Once again i thought this was Interesting, like the concept beside the fact that an American could not go for this belt at first. but once again a failed plan.

3.TNA Television Title (2010-present) Aj styles Defeated rob terry for title and renamed the Television title in honor of ric flair.

Now why have this new Television title if the only reason why its there to begin with is only to serve for a belt for another member for FOURTUNE (before the split) and IMMORTAL to have. Its just like the problem it had before, TNA does not Push the title like it should. I thought it was a good idea at first for the Television to be brought in. It would have been cool if AJ kept the title for a year and be a fighting Champion to bring some recognition to the belt and make it a top title like the rest. Its sad when you see a title which was one of my favorite Championship in WCW and ECW go to waste like that.

Things TNA should do with the Belt.

1. Put the belt with someone on the roster who can give this Belt Prestige.Personally i would like to see Samoa Joe with this belt, Give joe the spotlight and another division and help him get back to where he used to be the top.

2. Change the Design. If your a TNA fan like me then all it looks like is the Legends title still. The Title needs to break its origins.

3. Defend it on Impact more. make it in the main event more, not all the time but more. Impact is a television show. Gunner has it and he is still being a weak bodyguard for hogan.

this is my first Blog, agree disagree i dont care just read.

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  1. Rockstar83's Avatar
    how about you just get rid of the title, it keeps changing its name, oh and also it wasnt in honor of Flair it was honor of WCW
  2. monctonvike's Avatar
    It should be defended more often. People complain that tna doesn't create its own talent and they have a new guy with the title. Well last impact featured 3 new young guys tna is trying to eastablish. I think christopher Daniels will be tv champ soon enough. If they don't give it to him it will be because of the weird double contract he has with ROH. AJ or Joe both have graduated from the tv title picture heck from the xdivision for that matter if these divisions are saved it will have to be with up and comers
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    As right as you are in what you say at the start of this blog (about giving the title to AJ to increase its prestige over a year) you neglect to look at their other titles' history's. I'm talking about the TNA World title. When TNA began they had the NWA Championship, which requires no build, and that was fine until they made their own independent championship and put it on former WWE stars who walked through the door and were gifted it (Christian may be the only person who came from WWE to TNA and genuinely wanted to make a difference, Angle is near that list too). As sad as it is, the Television Title is not the only one which suffers in TNA. Their World Title is the equivalent of a WWECW Title these days... A joke (although the ECW title when Christian held it looked a lot cooler than the purple monstrosity that is the TNA World title).
  4. monctonvike's Avatar
    ...FYI the title is not purple anymore, that was a custom for jeff hardy. Agreed it was ugly as sin but its gone

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