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Full Review/Critique on Each Member of the Original Nexus, The New Nexus & The Corre

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Hey guys. Out of nowhere I'm getting an obsession in writing about the Nexus. Well this one will be fun because I'm going to give my in-depth review on the respective stables. Leave me feed back on what you think.

The Original Nexus
This team has the ability to be everything and more. A very talented squad that shook the entire wrestling world up including TNA. The ball was dropped and they jobbed to Cena & Orton.
1. Wade Barrett
This guy has the full package. His mic skills are definitely on point. He cuts an amazing heel promo without ever going over the top like the Miz & Ken Anderson usually do. I do however question him becoming a star because the WWE pushed him too quick and eventually dropped the ball on him. Basically they gave Barrett the ever popular "Jack Swagger & Sheamus Treatment". A quick push with nothing to follow. Lets hope the best for him.
2. David Otunga
I really wanna like this guy but for some reason I just can't. His promos are so scripted. When I watch him cut promos, its like I'm watching a movie. I'm a huge fan of believable promos. He's also pretty green in the ring in my opinion. He just seems like another guy that was a reality television star and tried to step into the world of wrestling as if it was a cake walk. He signed to the WWE with no wrestling experience. He made it because his fiance is Jennifer Hudson & he was on reality television. I hate the Miz but after the "Real World" the Miz busted his ass to get in shape and learn the wrestling business. He fought his way to the WWE and through the ranks of Tough Enough and look at how well his hard work paid off. Once again, I like David Otunga but I really don't think he has what it takes.
3. Heath Slater
Absolutely love this guy. When we first seen him I'm sure we all thought he was a joke. He doesn't fit with what the WWE are looking for but I knew they put him on television for a reason. This guy delivers in the ring. His promo game is also slick. I can honestly see a future IC or US Champ in him.
4. Justin Gabriel
This is the kind of guy that can be one of the little guys that sneak up and end up World Champ one day. I can easily throw him in that RVD, Cm Punk, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio crowd. A little guy that somehow captures the World Title. Ofcourse he would have to be re-packaged but it can happen. I used to think the same with Evan Bourne but not so much now.
5. Darren Young
I honestly see no charisma in this guy but he is good in the ring. I want him to well but I don't see him getting past Superstars. It sucks but hey its the WWE.
6. Skip Sheffield
So this is the guy that Vince loves huh. This is the guy he said could be a top face on Raw or Smackdown? This is the next Batista? Hell no. I like Skip but I don't see a World Champ in him. He has a huge catchphrase which is awesome but I think he needs more work. His body looks awkward. I think Chris Masters deserves a push before him. Chris was the man at one point and he took a break and cleaned up his steroid problem and lost weight and came back ready but has only been jobbing.
7. Michael Tarver
This is the future of the WWE. He is world champ material. I actually would've preferred him winning the first season of NXT so he could be the leader. He does a good job at what he does. Expect big things from him.
8. Daniel Bryan
Pure gold. Basically he fits exactly into what I said about Justin Gabriel.

The New Nexus
Not a fan of the New Nexus but they have some pretty good members.
1. Cm Punk
He is the greatest wrestler and pure entertainer on the WWE roster. Enough with the stupid gimmicks. He needs to be treated with Triple H status. Spoil this man rotten because if he leaves the WWE, he will shake up whatever company he chooses to go to.
2. Husky Harris
I like this guy. He's very good on his feet and in the ring for a big man. I like his "I dont give a damn" persona. He also gets a pretty good crowd reaction. I like him.
3.David Otunga
Mentioned above in Original Nexus
4. Mason Ryan
He has a better body than Batista which is a plus. He doesn't have as much veins. I think he pretty tough in the ring but if he doesn't find his mic skills then he won't amount to anything more than the "Big Intimidating Heel" .
5. Michael McGuillicutty
Not big on Henning to be honest. I would've preferred Lucky Cannon to have his spot in the Nexus.

The Corre
The Corre is pretty cool. In my last blog I was critical but its something about them I like.
1. Ezekiel Jackson
I think he can be a top midcarder who has his spot. Sort of like Kane or the Big Show. I like how physical he is in the ring. He delivers. His music is awesome as well.
2. Justin Gabriel
Mentioned above in Original Nexus
3. Wade Barrett
Mentioned above in Original Nexus
4. Heath Slater
Mentioned above in Original Nexus

Thanks guys for reading and please check out my two youtube links to my music and please leave feedback on what you think about this blog and your opinions. Thanks & be safe.

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  1. Toby Fox's Avatar
    Thank you! Someone else who thinks Tarver is awesome
  2. thetheme's Avatar
    The thing about the original NXT cast is that they could have actually made NXT worth something if everything would have went correctly by the Survivor Series. Think about this. Wade Barret had a WWE title shot against Orton with Cena as ref. We all knew that Cena wasn't going anywhere, or if he did he would have came back somehow so Barret should have became WWE champion. Wade not winning the championship was a waste of a storyline and a waste of a good build-up that could have lead to mania and even made everything better to this point in time. Slater and Gabriel, tag team titles. U.S. title Daniel Bryan. Intercontinental Title, Kaval should have won it at Survivor Series, having Ziggler be pushed to main event status. The jizz should have cashed in and lost, making him work on his in ring ability and get a worthy shot when he was ready. All of this could have happened but it didn't, and now these guys that can perform in the ring better than the current WWE "champion" are either in midcard status or worse.

    It is silly and stupid what the WWE has been doing since November and it hasn't got any better. People would rather have a "champion" that can't wrestle, needs someone to do all the work for him all the time, and that isn't a convencing champion. People ask for new faces and change, but when there is a chance for it in the positive direction people still seem to bitch about it. Many fans now put down the guys that work hard in the ring and that can put on a match and praise the weak and more AWFUL than Cena. We need more in ring work worthy to make the WWE good again, not just mic skills that they learned on a reality show. It's a shame that these guys went from giving us a "holy shit" moment from attacking the biggest face in the company, to what we have today.

    Barret should have been champion and not the jizz. That would have made more sense, the build up would have been better, everything would be more believable, and NXT would have actually meant something. Many will disagree with me, and say one of the biggest copout phrases that some say all the time, "you're just a Cena fan". I am a fan of good wrestling no matter who does it, and it's a fact that Cena has put on a great match with many guys before and the jizz has not. Most of the NXT guys brought something to the table when they burst on the scene and became the Nexus and can put on a good believable match. I just hope that WWE will wake up soon and get the WWE championship to someone else and restore its good name and so I can start watching again, because he drinks jizz... and that's, AWFUL.
  3. daverende5's Avatar
    lol, notice that most of the time Heath Slater get's pinned instead of Gabriel.
    Maybe because he sells the finishers better. :P
  4. nrb6304's Avatar
    i actually liked Tarver from the very begining of NXT Season 1. In fact I think somewhere on here I even posted that Tarver would be one of the last three remaining at Summerslam. Wasn't he on RAW a couple of weeks ago? Like staring at the screen?
  5. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Tarver I know he can make it to the top with a good push ..I gotta see more tho..heath has good work ethic ..but gabriel shines brighter..zeke ur right he should be pushed towards a big show/kane type dude..mcgillicutty needs new name new gimmick.. maybe like Mike McCutty
  6. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    SheFField should be the Sheff heatin up the wwe ... just destroyin dudes..but no cowboy crap please..
  7. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    I like alot of the Nexus/Corre/New Nexus members, but here's the deal, they haven't succeeded yet! They were given the task (for many of them their FIRST task) by WWE of making Nexus a successful stable. I think Barrett and Gabriel could have title shots tomorrow and carry the card against ANY superstar on the roster, but they haven't delivered on Nexus yet. It took splitting the stable and bringing in Punk to (hopefully) save the day. From the viewpoint of management they were given a task to complete and they've all failed at accomplishing that task for WWE. When Michael Hayes used to try out new wrestlers he would at times toss them a mop and have them wrestle an entire match against the mop, with their goal to lose the match and make the mop look good. Great idea, if you can make a mop look good, you can make the Miz look good!! (J/K) Bottom line, these guys weren't given the task of winning the WWE Championship, they were given the task of putting over the Nexus, and they haven't gotten past step one yet.
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