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Nexus Plans

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Hey guys hope all is well. I have a huge plan that would fix the Nexus. This is a good plan because it ends the stable with a bang and allows them to go their separate ways which is what we all want.

Now lets dicuss the issues with the Nexus

1. They were jobbed out
The WWE allowed Cena to single handedly take them out and move on with his career. Also creative let Orton punt kick one Nexus member week by week. How can they be dominant if they can't even hold off two people.

2. Too many extras
The Original Nexus was absolutely amazing. Danielson, Heath Slater, Wade Barrett, Skip, Darren Young, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel and Michael Tarver. They are average in the ring but are very entertaining and I loved them.

Now they've added MM, Husky, fake-Batista and its very played out

3. The Corre
Horrible, enough said.

So here's my grand idea that would shake the "Universe" Up.

Have the Raw GM put an end to both the Nexus & the Corre. Keep them off television for about 6 months. Keep Danielson on television because remember he disassociated himself with them.

Have Danielson get attacked randomly by Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, Mark Henry, Kane, The Big Show, Husky Harris, fake-Batista & The Matermind CM PUNK.

These wrestler tie into feuding with the Nexus because Punk is their former leader, Kane & The Big Show took the tag belts from Slater and Gabriel so this time Show & Kane are heels, Sheamus was one of the original people the Nexus first attacked, HH and fake-Batista were with the New Nexus, Exekiel Jackson was a Corre member and Cm Punk was the first person the Original Nexus attacked and the former leader of the New Nexus

The reason for their brutal attack can be because Danielson gets alot of attention because he's wrestled over the world. They can say also that they earned their spot from being tough. They could also just be bullying Danielson because he's a small guy and they all are huge.

So basically this goes on for weeks and a week before Summerslam, Danielson challenges them to an 8 on 8 elimination tag match. They wonder who his partners will be and out of nowhere..."WE WALK ALONE FROM THE UNKNOWN".......



They charge the ring and take out the bad guys and then have their match the following week at Summerslam.

At Summerslam, allow the Nexus to go over in this one to help them out. After they win, have them disband and go their own direction. It will give guys like Gabriel, Slater and whom I consider a future star, Michael Tarver a chance to be pushed as well. This will put them over and the Nexus mess can be over.

This will send a positive message to the parents and the kids. Eventhough we hate PG Wrestling, we can all agree that bullying is wrong.

Imagine what the kids and the parents will think when they see the biggest former bullies(The Nexus) come together to take out the other bullies. This shows that even bullies can have a change of heart and do whats right...

Ok maybe that was a bit corny but I would love to see the Nexus....excuse me THE ORIGINAL NEXUS have one more run but as a face.

Thanks for reading and please leave feedback

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Updated 04-27-2011 at 08:15 PM by knox

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  1. helmsley's Avatar
    sounds like a good idea but i dont see daniel get bullied by everybody, maybe if he was a world champ by then....
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    I give it **** stars
  3. knox's Avatar
    haha thanks guys...i just wanna see these guys have a 2 month face run and then disband and see what they can do on their own.

    If they bring the cruiserweight or lightweight belt back then definitely Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel won't have no problem staying in the mix. Honestly those two are the reason I liked the Nexus.

    Honestly I see a future star in Michael Tarver but I can see him getting dropped for Otunga. Wade Barrett is pretty cool but Im not sure about Skip & Darren Young.

    Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan are a good start to a lightweight division. WWE needs to take advantage of the talent they have on their roster
  4. jethro's Avatar
    8 vs 8 would be too much
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jethro
    8 vs 8 would be too much
    see Summerslam 2010
    7 vs 7
  6. Dude573's Avatar
    It's a good idea, but I think the 7 on 7, or 8 on 8 would make it really predictable on the nexus coming back. To add, with Wade Barrett being IC Champion, I doubt they will want to keep him out for long, even if he drops the title.

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