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What would TNA be like without the Hogan regime?

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On October 27, 2009 it was announced on that Hulk Hogan had signed a contract to join Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on a full time basis where, partnered with Eric Bischoff, he would partner with TNA President, Dixie Carter. Many people disagreed on his joining with TNA and many people are still disagreeing. Well, I am one of those people.

In my eyes and in many others, TNA has taken a turn for the worst. This current recession we live in has not only hit the real estate businesses and other businesses, but it has also struck the wrestling business. With more Americans being in poverty than ever before, most of these Americans who are TNA fans are unable to go to the shows or order the PPVs. Let's be honest these shows are high priced and we all have other things better to care about like for instance, bills. But despite this recession, TNA consist to hire these big names like Hulk Hogan who are way past their prime. And i really do wonder what would TNA be like without this Hogan regime?

1. Ever since Hogan has joined TNA, he has insisted on bringing his friends who are just like him, WAY PAST THEIR PRIME! Wrestlers like, The Nasty Boys, X Pac, Scott Hall, Ric Flair, and Tommy Dreamer have all been hired by TNA to wrestle. But one thing that stands out the most is that, these old wrestlers are being paid big bucks and they can't even wrestle anymore. Without these washed up wrestlers, TNA originals like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will actually have a chance to shine. And Christopher Daniels would actually still be there!

2. Now that TNA has hired all of Hogan's has-been wrestling friends, TNA has no choice to either give them a limited to time to appear at shows or to just continue to pay them a lot of money until they see no further use for them. But TNA is only screwing themselves, people like Sting and Kevin Nash want all this money without actually working for it. That only leaves TNA bankrupt in the process! Without these wrestlers who continue to make TNA lose a lot of money, TNA would be wealthier and they could then focus their time on other things like hiring a better creative writer and a better Booker.

3. Without these old wrestlers, AJ Styles would be AJ Styles instead of AJ Flair, the 6 sided ring would still be present, the X Division wouldn't be mistreated, and i guaran-damn-tee that the TNA Impact ratings would be a lot better. Even when Main Event Mafia was still a stable, the ratings were still better than this joke!

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  1. Mazza's Avatar
    Hogan and Bischoff might be doing something great backstage, but they are being paid far too much and are all over every episode of impact!.
    I have no desire to see Ric Flair wrestle again, against anyone, ever! Also, I couldn't care about a hardcore Abyss/Dreamer feud.
    What I want to see is.... brace yourselves... WRESTLING!!!!!!!
    A compnay that has Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa joe, Desmond Wolfe, Doug Williams, Elijah Burke, Robert Roode and should still have Christopher Daniels, should piss all over WWE. I enjoy the X-division stunt matches, but I wanna see wrestling, and whether its Hogan, Bischoff, Russo or Carter, that's not what TNA is providing.
    I stopped watching WWE because they stopped featuring wrestling, and I am hoping TNA doesn't go the same way, because I can't get ROH in the UK!
  2. VKM's Avatar
    Okay first of all guys many of you are saying the same thing. My point about all this was that people like Hardy and RVD are not needed because it shows how much alike TNA is to WWE. TNA doesn't want that. When go watch TNA you want the difference. It's like the soda Pepsi and the soda sprite. Pepsi and sprite have different taste. If sprite began to taste like Pepsi then sure enough, people would climb back to Pepsi because what the taste they had before is gone. See my point. You don't want the same wrestlers who have made a big impact in WWE into TNA because then it won't be original. Mr. Kennedy is not considered as WWE guy because for one he wasn't in their long and he didn't do much
  3. Undertakerislegend's Avatar
    If they bring back the 6-sided ring, Hogan can do whatever he wants, just don't mess with the ring. The six-sided ring made TNA different. I also wanna see the X-division title back in the spotlight
  4. jethro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hotrod Coolbeans
    Is it just me or is anybody else sick and tired of hearing how Hogan, Bischoff and/or Russo are killing TNA??!!
    Give TNA a chance guys, and if you dont like it, then go back to watching your kids programs like WWE, Ben 10 and Spongebob.
    And I'm sick of people like you trying to be all smart saying kids programs,what a hypocrite
  5. thesurety's Avatar
  6. el gabo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusMiller84
    The 6 sided ring is completely beyond overly overrated, has nothing to do with having good matches, or anything relevant whatsoever.

    TNA doesn't need a ton of Old wrestlers, no. TNA does need new talent AND starpower, yes, like ALL companies in professional wrestling.

    Mr. Anderson and The Pope = greatly misused and underrated but NOW have the chance to shine and not be held back.

    Jeff Hardy and RVD = star power, and still have something to offer, and not completely tired and old.

    ECW stuff = for fun, but not completely necessary.

    TNA bringing in talent from other countries, and the indies... great. Especially Desmond Wolfe.


    Does TNA use everything and everybody right? Of course not. Happens all the time in wrestling. And WWE is the worst of all right now.


    Atleast TNA caters to its fans, wrestling fans, and gives what people want to see.

    As for Hogan, eh. I like that Bischoff is there. Hogan is just a face. Doesn't really add to the program.

    Ric Flair, adds to the program.

    Oh my freaking GOD!!!!!! Are you serious?????!!!!!!!!! How does Flair or Bischoff add to TNA? I just can't see it. ECW guys are washed up man. Loved ECW and even hardcore Justice was good but only a one time thing.
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