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WWE Draft - a win for Smackdown?

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I know many will say that there already lots of blogs about the 2011 draft but i just want to give my thoughts on the WWE Draft.

Ok so many believed that this year Smackdown got the better of the draft, gaining more wrestlers than RAW and gaining a lot of credible wrestlers. It seemed as if WWE were trying to build up the Divas division and tag team division, and have succeeded to an extent:

Let's look at the wins for Smackdown

Natalya - certainly a credible Diva with lots to offer to the Smackdown division, on RAW she was shunned after losing the Divas title but now she is the most charismatic Diva on Smackdown. She will definitely be bringing about some change to the Smackdown divas division, i'm hoping for a Natalya/Tamina or Natalya/McCool feud to arise quite soon.

Daniel Bryan - obviously very athletic and technical, after losing the US title to Sheamus many thought he was being buried and will be a jobber, I guess those people were eating their words. Daniel could have great feuds on Smackdown with some new arrivals (Regal, DiBiase,The Usos) or with some of the Smackdown originals (Cody, Ziggler, Slater, Gabriel) Certainly a good pick for Smackdown!

Alex Riley - certainly a shocking draft pick for me, but eventually he had to spread his wings from underneath The Miz and make it on his own. But what does this mean for Riley? Will he go after the US or IC Champion? Will be join The Corre? Only time will tell, but it was a shocking draft pick!

Randy Orton - pleased with Orton being on Smackdown, perhaps a Legacy reunion? or will Rhodes and DiBiase form an alliance and go after Orton? Will he ignore the two and go after Alex Riley now that he is all alone on Smackdown?

Sin Cara - is it too early for Cara to be drafted? Or now that Sheamus is on SD! as well will Cara pursue the US Championship? Now that he is on a taped show will we finally witness a match with no botches?

of course Smackdown did get a lot of great picks, but what about RAW? It's not like they got nobody of credit:

Rey Mysterio - now that his feud with Cody Rhodes is coming to a close, what is next for Mysterio? Is he going to go after The Miz? Nexus? Many of you thought that he would feud with Sin Cara, but it would be too soon for that, whatever happens with Mysterio we can be sure that Monday nights will definitely be a bit more lively now!

Beth Phoenix - a surprising, yet not surprising draft pick. After Natalya was drafted to Smackdown we all thought we would see Beth Phoenix vs Natalya and we were all certainly delighted. But on Smackdown, Beth was subject to the same matches every week, Beth vs Layla, Beth/Kelly vs LayCool. Finally we will get to see some variety for the Glamazon, and now with Kharma coming to terrorize the Divas, will Beth save the RAW Divas from being eaten?

Alberto Del Rio - looks like ADR is coming to Monday nights, but you, you already knew that.. or did you? Well as reported on EWN ADR's bio page had RAW in the URL, as with Beth Phoenix's so we all knew that he would be drafted. But will he be bringing the WHC with him, or will Christian finally get a run? Who will be first on his hit list, Cena? Mysterio?

Kofi Kingston - boom boom boom! Kofi Kingston is coming to RAW! It was definitely a smart move and a great pick for WWE! But will he de-throne Wade Barrett and take the IC title with him? Who is there for him to feud with on Monday nights? Former tag partner CM Punk? R-Truth? Dolph Ziggler?

So Smackdown may have got the better by an inch, and this was obviously a way to improve ratings for their show, and i hope it works because it was a smart move. But RAW still has some great superstars as well as some new ones.

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  1. Darctic's Avatar
    Nice Blog! I liked it, the thing that has me puzzled: If ADR wins the WHC title and brings it to Raw, would Miz go to SD too? I'm curious to see that play out.
  2. sincara's Avatar
    smackdown also lost great talent like mcintye and swagger, kofi and are maybe going to loose taker when he returns so did sd really win.and sd really only got 1 main eventer while raw got adr and mysterio
  3. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    Smackdowns main event and mid card is stacked with wrestling talent now, while Raw once again gets the entertaining(you know what I mean) superstars, just like it has always been.

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