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Rundown on the WWE Draft 2011

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Hello all. In this blog, I'm going to do a big run down of the draft picks from both RAW and the Supplemental draft, giving you guys my thoughts on each move. It is going to be quite a read. So if you don't mind, let's cut the intro and jump right into it.

Alright. So here is the lineup of who got traded on RAW.

John Cena to Smackdown! ... and then back to RAW.
-- In a nutshell, this just annoyed the hell out of me. Yes. It served as a tremendous shocker to open up the draft and for the love of God did it get people talking. Of course, we all knew by the time Randy Orton got drafted to Smackdown! this pick was eventually going to change some way, somehow. Long and behold, it did change. By the end of the night even. So in the overall scheme of things, this draft pick was pretty much a waste of two good spots they could have given to others on their roster.

Rey Mysterio to Raw -- The last time Rey Rey was on RAW, the bookers hardly knew what to do with him. Let's be honest. Every single high point in Mr. 619's career has been on one show. Smackdown. The wrestling show out of the two. The fact that he is now going to RAW may not work well in his favor, but we'll have to see what the future holds. Perhaps, the bookers won't work Rey Rey as hard and he'll be able to rest easier and recovery from his nagging injuries. Then again ..... someone needs to compete for the world title besides Cena. Maybe next year Rey Rey.

Randy Orton To Smackdown! -- I am very pleased with this move. Orton has done everything there is to do on the RAW side of things. He has crossed paths with pretty much everyone on the roster. So, eventually, Orton was going to be left nothing to work with following his feud with CM Punk. That is never a good thing, especially for a main eventer like Orton. The best move was to move him to another show and that is exactly what they did. This not only gives Orton something new to work with and expand on his craft, but it also balances out the massive star power RAW possesses. Hopefully, it will be a tad bit easier to get over on RAW now for the other talents.

Mark Henry To Smackdown! -- Not too many people cared about this move and, honestly, neither did I. That is until the main event match where we witnessed the Return of the Silverback! I loved watching Henry dominate Christian and Cena and it reminded me of how great he was back in 2006-2008. I think he could be a good heel for the blue brand, if used correctly. Heel Mark Henry in 2006-2008 is and will forever go down as one of the most underrated heel runs in history. Let's hope his 2011 run does not suffer the same fate.

Sin Cara to Smackdown! -- This pick makes me wonder, "Why didn't Sin Cara debut on Smackdown! in the first place?" Regardless, this is another good move. RAW was definitely not the place for Sin Cara to get over, especially with the massive amount of star power it has. Besides, Smackdown! is the wrestling show and great wrestlers like Sin Cara needs to be showcased more in that type of environment.

Big Show To RAW -- This one made me LMAO. Why can't they keep this guy on one brand for MORE than a year? He was on Smackdown in 2008, RAW in 2009, back to Smackdown! in 2010, and now BACK to RAW in 2011. xD Anyways. Show should help balance things out on the face side of things for RAW. The world title picture just got bigger .... literally.

Alberto Del Rio To RAW -- Oh my god .... Okay. I am not at ALL happy about this one. First off, Del Rio has yet to REALLY establish himself as a legit threat on the Smackdown! brand and you want to move him to RAW to face .... John Cena? I don't know about you, but that does not sound like it is going to be good. I already smell a burial coming. As talented Del Rio is, he is no way shape or form ready to face John Cena in a feud. SuperCena will eat him alive. Besides that, by moving him to RAW, you just stripped Smackdown! of its top heel and now it has no leading heel character. Funny. First RAW had all the top baby-faces. Now they have all the top heels! It’s always one extreme or another with RAW. Above all, how in the world is Del Rio going to get over on a show with great heels like The Miz and CM Punk? Two out of the three are going to be overshadowed and I don't wish that for any of the three. Need I remind you there is also Dolph Ziggler? Drew McIntyre? AND Jack Swagger? I like to see how WWE digs their selves out of this one. Not a good move. At all.

Well that was the draft from RAW. Now let’s look at the supplemental draft picks.


Jack Swagger -- Wherever Michael Cole is, the All-American-American-American-Amer ... and so on, should be. He gets over more with Cole around, sadly. For the record ... he needs to get an original submission finisher. Just saying.
Kelly Kelly -- Eh. She is probably going to be fresh meat for Kharma.
JTG -- Smackdown! jobber turned RAW jobber. CHYEAH!
Drew McIntyre -- I'm glad this move happened. McIntyre is a great talent and a top heel waiting to happen. He has consistently put on good matches and I think he will be a blazing force on RAW. Since Vince likes to appear on RAW randomly, perhaps The Chosen One will make his return. If not, I still see him making a huge impact on the A show.
Curt Hawkins -- A good wrestler, but a jobber nonetheless.
Chris Masters -- Good wrestler and a man with a lot of potential. Hopefully, RAW gets a mid-card title for him to compete for. Otherwise, he could be stuck in jobber zone.
Kofi Kingston -- Good move, no doubt. Ever since going to Smackdown!, Kingston went absolutely no where. He got stuck in “Mid-card Hell” and faced the exact same people over and over and OVER again. It got so repetitive that I started getting tired of watching Kofi. Hopefully he is booked like the main eventer he was SUPPOSED to be in 2009. Luckily for him, Randall is on Smackdown! so he won't have to worry about being depushed.
Tyler Reks -- Cool. The incoming faces could use someone to beat on.
Beth Phoenix -- I like this. Phoenix has gotten VERY little TV time on Smackdown. With Kharma coming to RAW, we could be seeing a couple of good matches between her and Beth. Maybe even a Glamarella reunion?


Daniel Bryan -- Thank GOD! I'm so happy this move happened. How the RAW bookers can't find something to do with Bryan is beyond me. He is an amazing wrestler (arguably the best technical wrestler in the game) and an amazing shooter at that. Hell, if you can't find anything to do with him, then just let him go do something himself. I'm sure Michael Hayes will find something for Daniel Bryan to do on the B show. Before long, Bryan will have WWE regretting they took his Wrestlemania match off the card and BEGGING him to go back to the A show. I'll give them til the end of this year TOPS.
The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh -- He is big and he has a translator. Do you care? Neither do I.
Jimmy and Jay Uso -- I would care more about this if WWE did not treat their tag team division like crap. Let's hope they at least get to TOUCH the tag team gold.
Alicia Fox -- Ladies and Gents. Meet Michelle McCool's new lackey.
William Regal -- Regal equals entertainment. Heel or Face. I look forward to see how he works on Smackdown.
Yoshi Tatsu -- Good talent. He could have a couple of good matches with Sin Cara. Just keep him away from the mic and we will be fine.
Natalya -- Best female wrestler (next to Trish) in WWE, hands down. With AJ Lee, Naomi Knight, and other divas coming up, we could possibly get a rebirth of the divas division on Smackdown! while Kharma wrecks shop on RAW.
Ted DiBiase Jr. -- This change is long overdue. On RAW, he is everyone's favorite jobber and he deserves better. This guy is a great wrestler and he has a great look. Yet for some reason he just cannot get a reaction. Maybe a change of scenery and a feud or two on Smackdown! will change all of that. Something must be done to help Dibiase get over other than keeping him on RAW to JOB.
Tyson Kidd -- Good wrestler. He should be a good addition to the wrestling brand.
Tamina -- She should be very instrumental in the rebirth of the divas division on Smackdown! when AJ Lee and Naomi Knight come up.
Alex Riley -- I'm on the fence with this one. Riley has a great personality and I'm positive he can stand on his own. But, in a way, I feel this move is a bit too soon. I loved his antics with The Miz on RAW and I thought they made a fantastic pairing. I don't want him to be moved, but the move was going to happen sooner or later. Better now than later.
Sheamus -- Very happy about this one. The Celtic Warrior has grown on me BIG time over the last few months and I think it is a travesty that he was being overshadowed on RAW. He puts on some of the best matches with John Morrison, wins the King of the Ring, and as a reward gets .... buried? No sir. Sheamus is one of the hottest up-and-coming stars in the company now and he needs to be showcased as best as possible. Smackdown! is the territory for him to leave his mark.

Now before I end this blog, I want to address something. To all the people worried about the lack of heel star power on Smackdown! Do not worry your little heads. For the answer to your problem is below:

Chris Jericho to Smackdown! -- His star power, in-ring talent, and heel presence can easily fill in the gap left behind by Del Rio's trade. Save us Y2J.

Well, those are my thoughts. Let's hope this draft does the shows some good. Thank you for reading.

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  1. ChosenOne's Avatar
    Jericho will return to SmackDown, possibly in time for SummerSlam. Orton vs. Jericho for the latter half of the year would seem pretty likely.
  2. Uneyque's Avatar
    I would love to see Punk feud again with Mysterio, but this time for the WWE Title.

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