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STATE OF THE 'E: It's A Shameful Thing, Lobster Head!

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To say I feel sorry for Sheamus is actually an understatement. Lets break down some specifics here:

1.) Started off to a dominant run on ECW.

2.) Soon went to RAW, DOMINATED a few mid-carders and then was thrust into the limelight.

3.) After only being around for a few months, he became the WWE Champion.

4.) A couple months of lag and then BAM! WWE Champion AGAIN!

Now, here's where things become a bit dicey. He goes on a losing streak, slowly builds himeslf back up and becomes KOTR. Now, normally, that would be a great thing. He's been a 2 time WWE Champion, now KOTR? Things are looking grand for this "fella".

But new breaks backstage that a certain writer who will go un-named, has a seething hatred for the ketchup haired, mayonaise skinned man. Now we find out why Sheamus has gone on his losing streak, now we know why he's not been so dominant, now we know why... even though he won KOTR, he was made to look idiotic.

Those horns, the cape, the throne. It was all a ploy to make him look like a fairy/elf thing. All because this writer has a certain hard on to make Sheamus a laughing stock. Now, after winning the United States Championship and being put into a feud with Daniel Bryan, in which he didn't even get to HAVE a WrestleMania match this year (Considering he was one of the main eventers last year, that seems a little funny to me.) and was pretty much buried now for the last few weeks.

And just recently, he was moved to Smackdown!. Now, some people may see that as a good thing but, clearly, it is not one. For a man to have such a dominant career, being one of the most hated heels, flat out disliked by many... this was supposed to be one of those shining careers. Now, don't get me wrong, maybe in the long run, it'll turn out to be a good thing. He's away from that particular writer now, and he's away from the heat. But, lets take a look at that. Why the heat?

Triple H.

Simple. When getting into the business it was known that Sheamus and Haitch were good friends. It was known that Haitch was the reason Sheamus did so well. It's known that it was because of Haitch, that Sheamus became a 2 time WWE Champion. But, why not let him do it on his own? Why not let creative do it the right way? Was it because of Haitch's maneuvers that made this specific writer hate Sheamus so much? It brings a good question up that we'll possibly never know the answer to.

The one thing I do know though is, unless they give him a great vehicle soon, unless they push him and make him dominant again, he will become irrelevent. And truthfully, that's a sad thing. Regardless of who suggested the initial push, of who lobbied for him, it all boils down to the fact that Sheamus loves the business, you can tell. And to not push him, makes it ineffective for other members of the business as well. I mean hell, don't even get me started on the wasted talent that is Daniel Bryan. THE 'E is going through a bad transitional phase right now and they need to realize this.

I'm sad to say that if Sheamus keeps going the way he is, whats to stop them from doing the same thing to other promising upstarts? (Like Daniel Bryan.)

Like I said earlier, it's a shameful thing, lobster head.

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  1. helmsley's Avatar
    true, sheamus is a big favorite for me, should get a run in the world title picture soon
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    Maybe it is because Sheamus is so young I don't like him, maybe as he gets older he will become a better wrestler and get better on the mic. Right now I don't think he deserves either of the main titles.
  3. sincara's Avatar
    i can kinda see another sheamus and orton feud on sd for the world title to resurect his carreer
  4. Deano x's Avatar
    do you know what you are talking about? There is no writer with a hard on for Sheamus. It seems that he has established himself and is going to Smackdown to give the show more credibility and increase ratings.
  5. Clikka's Avatar
    LOL @ Deano X. Do you know what your talking about. Good thing to do before you pass judgment in the IWC is make sure you yourself know what you are talking about, and you myfriend just came across as an idiot...........
    Lol whether or not the dirt sheets are true........It has been common news that a main writer @ the WWE HATES sheamus and has so for sometime. So much so that sheamus was "reportedly" voicing his opinions on his recent losing streak backstage....

    And get your wording right, above they talk about someone not liking sheamus......................having a hardon for someone means you like them...alot! so again....get YOUR facts straight before hooking into someone and comming across as the real fool........

    and again, any comeback like "uuuhhh because its in a dirsheet makes it real does it clikka" no im not saying its real, but i am saying its been reported, therefore he commented on it...and obviously follows his wrestling news alot more than the all judgemental DeanoX
  6. Clikka's Avatar
    Lol and give smackdown cred?!?!? Dude its been the number 1 show on its channel since its DEBUT?!?! Lol what credability is sheamus going to add to an already #1 show for its station, yep thats why he was sent to smackdown.............
  7. Iron Ape's Avatar
    Actually, Clikka, before correcting others, you might want to check your own facts. Kevin Dunn, the person who supposedly has it out for Sheamus, is not a writer. The guy is WWE Executive Vice President of Television Production (basically Vince's right-hand man). The guy clearly has an influence on creative, but he doesn't actually write anything.
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