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The WWE Conspiracy

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I want to start off by saying this new storyline between new WWE COO Triple H/ CM Punk/Kevin Nash has got my interest peeked to a whole new level.

Nash’s return at Summerslam and the overall direction of this storyline is very unpredictable – something that really hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in a long time.

Many believe the direction with this whole “who sent Nash the text” storyline could go numerous ways…

The most popular is the “Triple Heel Turn/New Corporation” theory. I believe this is the most believable way it could go – given WWE’s choice making.

Stephanie was the person who actually sent the text to Kevin Nash at Summerslam, which brings her back on TV as a new Heel character to mix things up in this storyline. Triple H turns Heel by confessing he knew Stephanie sent the text, and he/Stephanie/Nash/John Laurenitus join forces as the new Heel authority faction. They all draft WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio (along with Ricardo Rodriguez, of course) into their stable as the man they want as the company’s ideal face and Champion.

HHH and Punk engage what will be the new age “Austin vs. McMahon/Rebel vs. Authority Figure” rivalry.

But recent events make me think otherwise, and I have a small feeling it may dramatically go into a different direction, since I believe WWE really don’t want to drop the ball on this one. recently put up a few blogs about a possible New World Order return…just hear me out…but, then again, could have just put up those blogs to hype Kevin Nash’s controversial involvement in the storyline, and the fact he’s using the instrumental version of the NWO theme for his entrance music.

But here’s my take on what possibly could go down…

For the foreseeable future, the WWE is having the brands join together for each show – “Super Shows” as they are called – which means RAW and SmackDown stars are going to engage in new feuds with each other, regardless of brand representation.
This is good, because that means a limitless possibility of new feuds can come of this.

Now, back to the point of the direction of the storyline – don’t worry, the above plays a part in my theory of the direction of the plot…

Remember when John Laurenitus said he wanted to talk to Nash in his office privately, the night after Summerslam? Also, Nash also said on Raw that he got his driver to tell John Laurenitus that he was in a car crash, but then he stated a few minutes later in the promo that when Nash returned to the building…Laurenitus signed him to a contract. Didn’t Laurenitus also believe Nash was in the accident? Also, notice how (if you go back and watch all the segments involving Punk/Nash/Hunter) how Nash wants to strike Punk as soon as he mentions anything about Stephanie? But doesn’t strike him when he insults Nash? Hmmm….

I’ll now give you my answers to these questions. I believe that when Nash and Laurenitus went into Laurenitus’ office privately on Raw the night after Summerslam, he told Nash that he and Stephanie were conspiring to take over WWE from new COO Triple H – and it was BOTH Stephanie and John Laurenitus who stole Hunter’s phone and text Nash to take out Punk.

It was also Stephanie and John Laurenitus’ idea to have Alberto Del Rio cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

So, basically, Laurenitus told Nash in the private meeting all these plans. I mean, if they weren’t talking about, or even, signing a contract – what were they talking about?

Here’s the reasoning behind the whole plot…

Stephanie reveals that ever since the day Triple H seduced her, she knew right away that Hunter wanted into her family – and, ultimately, to control the WWE one day. She’s not stupid, she’s a McMahon. But Stephanie saw this as an opportunity to achieve her own little master scheme – for HER to take full control of the WWE. So instead of simply finishing her relationship with Hunter, she uses him – like many of us believe Triple H was using her – for power. She also reveals that all this time, the only person who knew about her plan was her father’s right-hand man: John Laurenitus - sort of Steph’s personal spy and mentor.

So when Stephanie saw the CM Punk-WWE Title situation, she saw an opportunity to finally put her plan into action. She was the one who decided to have her and Triple H have a vote of no confidence in Mr. McMahon’s position – which led to Triple H becoming WWE COO; a job which Vince groomed him for one day.

But when CM Punk dissed her, and Triple H didn’t defend her like a man – she became angry. She, also, became disappointed that HHH wouldn’t share her power with her. So she paid Kevin Nash – Triple H’s best friend – a lot of money to return to WWE to take CM Punk out for her. But when Triple H ultimately tried to get rid of Nash, Stephanie and Laurenitus came up with a HUGE plan – overthrow Triple H by having Nash form a new New World Order!

Stephanie will admit that she is in love with Triple H and wants him to join them, but he will decline.

So now it’s Man versus Wife for control of WWE!!

So Nash/Stephanie/Laurenitus recruit both stars from Raw and SmackDown (which the “Super Shows” idea comes into play – with both brands joining for the foreseeable future) into a truly powerful new NWO Faction – with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio spear-heading the faction. But this New World Order will have an all-new attitude to fit with Superstars involved.

R-Truth will be the first one to be drafted into the faction. Stephanie and Johnny Ace reveal that R-Truth was right all-along – which is why he was the first one to chosen for the group. The Miz will join, as well as Superstars such as Wade Barrett (whom is a perfect fit – with the similar Nexus group and all – and the fact he isn’t doing much just now), a returning Big Show and Kane (both will return and become the “monsters” they really are – which Kane hinted at before getting “injured” by Mark Henry) and maybe even Christian, also. Hell, Beth Phoenix and Natalya also seem like suitable fits for the group.

This will be the NWO we all really wanted to see dominate in the WWE – like they did WCW. Except this is the WWE’s all-original take on the infamous faction.

With a power struggle going on, Triple H will joins forces with CM Punk and John Cena. This is also why they have Punk vs. Triple H so early on in what is to be a monumental storyline.

Just my opinion – would be cool though.
Stephanie McMahon’s nWo versus Triple H’s WWE.
Since the “SmackDown vs. Raw” was a failed concept that WWE often pushed on TV (no, I wasn’t referring to the video games) it’s likely that this will be the next big “Vs.” storyline that could see the WWE finally change for the better.


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  1. deadly56's Avatar
    First of all you have to many people in this fraction and cm punk thinks Stephanie was the person who sent the text,it has not been comfirmed it was her and even if it was I don't think she has the ability to have good mic skills anymore,let alone be the leader of the group.Letting Stephanie say, she only got a relationship whith HHH so one day she could take control of the wwe,is to far fetch for this long period of time for me to belieave.Maby it could of worked the first year in a half of there relationship but certainly not now also Kevin nash is a random choice to pick,even if hes HHH best friend (isn't that HBK) and by the way,the only reson its not Kevin nash vs Cm punk is because wwe didn't think Kevin nash was able to be fit anough to compete in the match.

    Im not trying to be a hater this is just my opinon,but you are quit creative about this suituation and perhaps some of these things you mention,maby could of happened if done right.
  2. YoungShaz11's Avatar
    I thought the same thing as well, I'm not sure if Stephanie did send the message because it would be too obvious
  3. pgarcia79's Avatar
    I see this angle going the same way also. Especially with the wwe post about a possible NWO reincarnation. That's pretty much a dead giveaway. Honestly, I think that if done right, this new incarnation of the NWO could be the most powerful in the history of the nwo. Also, I think that in order to be the most dominate, this wwe nWo would NEED to have many members. But like I said in another post also, I would like to see the wwe atleast redesign the logo in order make it their own. Keep the music though.
  4. Chazztastic's Avatar
    Nice thought! It's plausible. There has to be some way to get the ball rolling toward Wrestlemania. I like it because all this has layers and a good build up in a story line is having layer after layer be peeled away. As long as the layers culminate to a must see Wrestlemania, I like it. Now my far fetch dream would be to have CM Punk not trust anyone, but his friends (in come Colt, Claudio and Hero). The only thing I hope doesn't happen is that the titles play second fiddle to the storyline.
  5. CJsTimes2KickASS's Avatar
    you think it would be possible to get the rock in on this somehow considering the cena/rock match at wm 28
  6. pgarcia79's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CJsTimes2KickASS
    you think it would be possible to get the rock in on this somehow considering the cena/rock match at wm 28
    if the Rock turned nWo, that would be hot! lol

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