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WWE Draft 2011: Analysis

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I decided to take the time during the “Sir” Michael Cole versus J.R. (and I say this next part lightly) match to write up my analysis of the 2011 Draft.

The Doctor of Thuganomics is going back home...

What this means for SmackDown is that the show will gain ratings that it has been lacking for a long time. What it also means is that there might be some half decent feuds on the blue brand again. Finally, Cena might get a revamp in character instead of always being in made the face of WWE.

What I do see as a negative from this is that with Cena on SmackDown I doubt Christian will get a fair run as World Heavyweight Champion (should he defeat Del Rio).

Two Mexicans on RAW?...

I’m not crazy about Rey being back on RAW. I’m not a huge fan of his anyway and his last run on Monday nights was uninteresting and wasteful for the Master of the 619’s career. With his career now winding down with the arrival of Sin Cara I could have only see a ‘passing of the torch’ style rivalry between two talented Mexican athletes being on Rey’s schedule. This might have made for some good matches, but I can’t imagine it would have too much depth. Other than this, RAW is suffering from this draft.

The Viper striking his way through SmackDown...

A second great pick for SmackDown. RAW has lost two of its best so far, but SmackDown is getting exactly what it needed. Orton could feud with pretty much anyone on the blue team and make them look good. It is one of Orton’s best qualities, and I can’t see much going wrong here other than the lack of a live crowd ruining his gimmick and the RKO’s coming out of nowhere.

Mark Henry to SmackDown...

Not much to say here. Henry has never really stood out in WWE and will probably not do much on the blue brand to help his floundering career as a mid-carder.

Sin Cara moving already?...

A slightly odd move since the Mexican sensation only debuted less than a month ago. All I can think is WWE is making the transition between the two Mexican luchadores they have on their roster. Other than that, it is a chance for Sin Cara to hone his craft after disappointing in his first few weeks before coming back to RAW’s live atmosphere sometime in the future.

RAW’s getting large...

Big Show going to RAW. Honestly I’m disappointed at this pick. SmackDown seems to be losing what little talent it had before tonight and Big Show adds no real value to RAW. All I can envision is a feud with The Miz to test the Awesome One’s abilities against bigger athletes, but with Show holding a Tag Team Championship it is highly unlikely.

Thought: a year ago, Show was drafted to the blue brand and was excited as hell. Now he’s excited about his return to RAW? Continuity fail.

Alberto’s coming to Monday’s... but you already knew that...

This is a move which is good for Alberto, but gives RAW yet another heel. In hindsight, this is a good move. Del Rio gets the attention of the WWE Universe and after losing both Cena and Orton RAW needs someone who people will pay to see. It also gives Del Rio a chance to face some new opponents, and should he win the World Heavyweight Championship (doubtful, I know) he could give RAW a fresh look at the top of the mountain (although I don’t think RAW needs it).

So, yeah, scrap what I wrote earlier!?...

In what will go down as the shortest time on the SmackDown roster, Cena was drafted back to RAW by a win... from The Miz!

A good match in my opinion, and a good way to end the night, but I have to say I’m slightly disappointed that Cena isn’t on SmackDown. He could have changed SmackDown back to its former glory but instead it has answered the question that comes with every draft: Where will the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships end up? It’s clear now more than ever that Christian will win at Extreme Rules, somewhat killing the build up for that match.

As for keeping Cena on RAW, it doesn’t change a thing. It was a great twist and ultimately kept the Miz versus Cena feud alive (although I’d rather see Miz versus Morrison for a few months).

Overall, the night seems to have done what it set out to do and replace Edge. Orton is the new face of Friday nights, Cena and Miz have another chapter for their history books, and Del Rio is on Mondays to mix things up. The failures in my view are Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and when I wrote my original thoughts on Mark Henry it was not taking into account the turn he just made on the SmackDown brand, I still doubt it will be a huge impact on Friday nights.

RAW: no real change in roster quality or depth, and Del Rio is a good acquisition.

SmackDown: huge boost through Orton, and Sin Cara is well on his way to replacing Mysterio.

Thanks for reading, and as always I encourage your comments.

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  1. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Would have liked to see the announcers switch up, but since Cole is now the main event on Monday Night Raw, I suppose he's needed more than Orton............. Reminds me of the Monsoon/Heenan feud at the announcers table actually.
  2. Uneyque's Avatar
    "Will the Doctor of Thuganomics ever return home?" That's my question, but I'm guessing he will in his last few years.
  3. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    John cena on smackdown nobody will really watch..randy orton on smackdown let's see wat he will pull off..mark henry shouldn't even matter anymore..big show on raw is is rey lame..overall other picks were just exact swaps
  4. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Man Rey is not Mexican, his parents are but He was burn in US
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    For the purposes of WWE, his presence represents the Mexican demographic in my view.

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