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WWE Draft 2011: My thoughts.

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I know I'm following the trend of people who will post their thoughts on tonight's draft, but it's been a while since I posted an entry. I didn't want you to forget about me (lol). In truth I was going to wait until Extreme Rules to post my thoughts on that. Anyway, here goes.

I recently read that The Miz may be getting drafted to SmackDown and Del Rio to RAW.

If this happens I may have to start watching SmackDown again, mainly because I think, other than CM Punk, The Miz is the best heel in WWE today. He has the attitude similar to that of Chris Jericho in WCW (the cowardly heel who wins by any means possible, and then takes pot shots at their opponents as if they won by pure skill ("I'm awesoooome!" has more depth than some think)), and if RAW loses this they pretty much have nobody who can pull off a great promo. It is clear that RAW is mostly run on promos and segments.

Anyway, with that rant over I would like to give a few names who should get drafted in my opinion.

To SmackDown:
  • R-Truth: With his new persona as a heel, he seems to be irrelevant on RAW. SmackDown is seriously lacking in heel superstars right now, and if the draft is going to help that they may as well send Truth since he needs to work on his promo skills (pivotal for being a heel superstar) anyway.
  • John Morrison: In no way is this to continue his feud with Truth, instead I would like to see him as a champion and the odds of that at Extreme Rules are highly unlikely. Instead, he should start a rivalry with Christian should he win the World Heavyweight Championship. I think the two of them could produce some great matches and SmackDown is lacking in star quality.
  • John Cena: His character has become stale and a move back to SmackDown could help rejuvenate this (much like Triple H a few years back). Also, a rivalry with Del Rio could help both of their characters if played out correctly.
  • CM Punk and/or the New Nexus: I feel like the Nexus versus Corre feud ended prematurely and a move for either the New Nexus to SmackDown or the Corre to RAW could provide a great ending for this feud. I'm thinking Eight Man tag team tables match or something similar if they were to end it at Extreme Rules (unlikely in the PG era, but still a great match IMO; think Gabriel hitting the 450 through double stacked tables).

To Raw:
  • Alberto Del Rio: Purely for the amount of heat he gets he would be a great addition to the live show. He reminds me of Jack Swagger when he got his push in terms of heat and promo quality. It's a shame that Swagger has been wasted as of late...
  • Justin Gabriel & Wade Barrett: Should the previous idea of ending the Nexus versus Corre feud not materialize, I think it is only right to bring the only two talented Corre members back to RAW. Gabriel is a great athlete who could be a great IC/US Champion if they give the titles a bigger reputation again, and Barrett should have never left RAW IMO. Despite having a piss poor finish, the rest of his character is unique. Arrogant Mancunian in the WWE is a great move.
  • Drew McIntyre: I know SmackDown are building up to something great with McIntyre right now, but it could easily continue on RAW. It would be like a "new beginning" for Drew, and could somewhat resemble The Miz's original push when he debuted on RAW as a singles competitor. Anyone remember the Miz/Cena angle they pulled out for a month or so?

I know there are more suggestions for going to SmackDown than RAW. This is simply because this draft is primarily save the sinking ship that is SmackDown. My suggestion? Forget the brand split and bring back the old way of things, where even jobbers were big names who you thought could win and championships meant something.

Anyone notice that the US Championship (a former WCW Championship) now gets more mention than the IC Championship (one of WWF's most historic championships)? To borrow from The Hurricane, WHATSUPWITTHAT!?

Thanks for reading, and I welcome any comments.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. jordan1995's Avatar
    trent baretta to raw to fued with zack ryder haha
  2. helmsley's Avatar
    cena is never, eeeeeeeeeveeeer going away from raw, he is the face of the company and needs to be on the live show
  3. jordan1995's Avatar
    cena shud job on superstars
  4. tad locust's Avatar
    Jomo,Punk,and Truth would all be good additions to SD,but I hope cena stays on RAW.Christian as WHC with those 3 in the main event scene would revive smackdown.
  5. CDave3's Avatar
    Remmeber another draft at 12:00 pm est tomorrow.

    Morrison to smackdown to set up Morrison vs Drew

    Trent vs Zack seems good.

    A layla and McCool split somewhere maybe

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