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Where is the "Entertainment" in WWE?

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What I'll be talking about is the lack of entertaining that is inside the wrestling ring.

1. No Managers! Remember when loud mouth from the south or sunny will get involve in the matches helping or aiding or just the fact make their representing superstar presentable by talking for them, what happen to that? Where is the sharmells, or the teddy longs when they would help get the superstars where they need to be. I say if they would make some of these none wrestling divas and the guys who are better at talking than wrestling should be the managers ala matt striker. Put them as managers and we solved that problem.

Divas I know I said the divas who cant wrestle should at least be managers yes its true, but the divas who can wrestle should be in the ring there's a few but it works because you only need 8 and all 8 should be on both shows, Gail Kim, Michelle McCool, Layla, Natalya, Alicia Fox, Beth, Awesome, Eve, these are the ones I think should just be the wrestlers and the ones should be managers are, Kelly, Kaitlyn, Rosa, Maryse. I know I missed Melina and Tamina I personally think they will be release, and the bellas shouldnt even be on tv. Again this is my personal opinions. But back to what i was saying the managering type divas can have the occasionally brawl or match like back then with terri vs kat, and sable vs sunny, things like that should happen now with managering divas. So we can have matches like this lita vs trish, and jazz vs ivory.

3. High Flyers If you gonna hire high flyers at least let them fly, why in the blue H.E. double hockey sticks, will you put them in matches with bigger men to make them look jobberish, i mean its good that rey beat the giants like kane and show, but come one people wont believe it, i mean you have to at least make somethings look realistic it rey 619 and knocking big show out is not it. Sin Cara vs primo was an amazing match and people bashed it because a little slips here and there i mean your first match always have botches in it and second as well but trust me his third will be a match to be remembered, I say put sin cara and rey in the ring and im sure you will have at least 10 at the most of the most phenomenal matches.

4.Main Event StarsOk, now this is something that we as fans are not supporting as much as we can meaning that the mid carders who should just star their cannot be main eventers as much as we want zack to hit the top card, or evan to hit the top card I personally dont see it maybe bourne but zack i dont know, I love zack but apparently vince dont. Anyways these are my predictions for the next top carders, ps. the slashes between the stars I compare them to are just about the wrestling ability and presence they bring to the ring in what i see in them; Daniel Bryan (could be the next benoit/ malenko), Bourne (could be the next eddie/rey), Sheamus (could easily be the next hhh/kane), Kofi Kingston (will take some work but the next booker t/ ric flair if done right yes ric flair), Jack Swagger( every one says this but im with them the next Kurt angle/Mr. Perfect), Dolph Ziggler( the next rick rude/ bret hart yes the next bret hart if done right this is possible), Drew McIntyre( the next hhh as well/ and also the next stone cold if done right), Morrison (the next hulk hogan/ shawn michaels i see but do morrison believe he can do it he had all these years to work on his mic skills come on morrison get it together), Ezekiel Jackson (next batista/ the ultimate warrior if done right) Thats all i can think of right now but thats what i think we can get if wwe actually pay attention to what the fans want.

5. PPV's thats not feeling like ppvs anymore Make matches that only happens at ppv's such as ladder matches, falls count anywhere, tables, steel cage (occasionally happen at a raw or smackdown show but only when its needed not to just hype a crowd up), and Handicap matches i know this is something that us not a specialty match like the others but i believe that this gets played out alot. On a side note the extreme rules ppv is dumb and also the hell in the cell ppv, the only specialty matches that should be a ppv is elimination chamber and the money in the bank i really do think it shouldnt be at wrestlemania cause this will get not only 8 mid carders a match but 16 mid carders a spot. Anyways the divas should be able to compete in some of those type of matches as well, you seen how the table match went dont give up on the divas they are not punks they can handle some beating.

I know i went off topic with somethings but i am trying to get my point across that is if done right the wrestling will be entertaining again, im a fan that is in love with wrestling but wwe is starting to make my dream of being a wwe superstar into a dream of just being an indie wrestler and just wait til wwe gets hype again, but i have my dreams, achievements, my goals, to accomplish, and i will definitly do what it takes to make it in this business. This is my first blog i promise to get better next time lol.

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  1. Jaitsu's Avatar
    well formatted blog, but ruined by constant grammatical errors such as how to word a sentence. the message is clear however.
  2. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Kofi Kingston (will take some work but the next booker t/ ric flair if done right yes ric flair),
    Can you care to explain to me how Kofi could be the next Flair? Or how Bourne could be the next Eddie/Rey? Some of the people you think they could be the next of makes sense because of their similar styles, but a few makes no sense. Swagger as Perfect? Ziggler as Rude?
  3. crusaderx22's Avatar
    Thank You Rassling Fan!!! Royal one NEVER EVER put Kofi Kingston and Flairs name in the same sentence, better yet don't even put them beside each other...Some of you fans need to face facts there will NEVER EVER be another and write this down so you morons get this!!.....Ric Flair, Undertaker, HHH, HBK, Randy Savage, Brett Hart, Stonecold, Rock, I mean need my list even go on? You're comparisons are like comparing S**T to gold son! Most of the guys you named will never make the HOF right that down too and stop living in fantasy land like that attitude era or the late 80's early 90's are gonna come back! as much as I wish it could unfortunately all we have is great memories and dvd's. Eventually all the greats will be gone, the only future famers i see currently are Cena, Rock, Orton, Big Show, Taker, HHH. Heres a comparison for ya wise guy! Del Rio/ Rick Martel........Kingston& R-Truth/ko ko wack ass beware!!........Bourne/ portugese Man O War ( horrible) don't remember him lookem up son!.....Ziggler??/ Jeff Jarrett on his stint in wwe! Ziggler go wrestle for dorey funks BANG in florida they get about 50 fans a show! WWE is slackin right now on talent incase you haven't noticed. I suggest vince buys out TNA and brings some talent people wanna see before they are all gone! Sting, Angle, flair for entertainment ect. Im done here you ignorant imbecile!!!
  4. Xpacfan's Avatar
    Where is the "Entertainment" in WWE?
    In the same garbage pale as the word "wrestling". Don't you know the term WWE literally means nothing these days?
  5. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xpacfan
    In the same garbage pale as the word "wrestling". Don't you know the term WWE literally means nothing these days?
    Who cares? They still show wrestling so why should it matter what they call there company?
  6. Xpacfan's Avatar
    Because they loss sight of who the target audience is and it definately shows in their mediocre programming!
  7. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xpacfan
    Because they loss sight of who the target audience is and it definately shows in their mediocre programming!
    They did this before when they changed into the Attitude Era. This is nothing new. This is them being honest because let's face it, Pro-Wrestling isn't even Real Wrestling.
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