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Built to Fail: Evil Sin Cara

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The sudden and unexpected heel turn of Sin Cara caught me, and I’m willing to bet most of you who will read this, by surprise. The only reason the change carried any weight, however, is because it's so easy to see how badly this is going to end.

Given this past Tuesday's Super SmackDown results, I can only surmise two realistic outcomes from this revelation:

1. The WWE is planning to reveal the current wrestler under the Sin Cara hood as an imposter, sparking a Sin Cara/Hunico story arch that will eventually culminate with the two meeting head-on at a later date.

2. The plan is to bury the Sin Cara character so far down that nobody will ever want to see or hear from it again.

Unfortunately, unless the WWE is keeping a serious ace up its sleeve, the latter of these two seems more likely. Even though Sin Cara merchandise has been selling well, it is difficult to believe that the poor relationship between the company and Mistico, the original Sin Cara, has been a fabrication to take smart fans off the scent of what’s really planned.

Besides, if this entire Sin Cara experiment proved anything, it would be that the WWE can safely assume it can create another masked luchador and guarantee a solid kid fan base so long as he is a high-flying fan favorite. In which case, who needs Sin Cara when you can just start all over?

A third, less-likely possibility, however, still remains. To the smarter fan it may seem absurd, but the casual and child audiences could possibly keep it afloat: The WWE might attempt to turn a faceless, voiceless character into a legitimate heel. It is a ridiculous concept given the fact that doing so is an incredibly daunting task, but it’s a possibility the company may choose to explore. Unfortunately, here is why I believe such a decision is built to fail:

1. As if the WWE wasn’t already heel-heavy, throwing another bad guy into the mix – especially on a show like SmackDown where there are too few faces to begin with – is not the best formula for success.

2. The character is geared directly towards a younger audience. Seeing as children almost always favorite the good guy over the bad guy, and very few adults would be caught sporting a $50 Sin Cara replica mask, that’s a lot of money to be leaving on the table just to “spice” things up. Look at John Cena’s undisputed run as a face for proof of just how long the WWE will hump a cash cow even after the character becomes stale. It’s just smart business.

3. Sin Cara is a faceless entity more likened to a Power Ranger or super hero than anything else. Many kids pop for Sin Cara strictly because of that factor. Villains need an identity, a face that can be recognized, in order to really draw heat. Unless, of course, the character is so overly terrifying (see Kane) that the fear factor alone works the persona itself. But Sin Cara, as of this very moment, is the furthest thing from intimidating. His colors are baby blue and gold, for Christ sake.

I wish I could say any of this is really adding up, but the decision to flip Sin Cara may ultimately prove to be built to fall on its face. Monetarily speaking, unless the WWE intends on either bringing back Mistico full-time (or another wrestler all-together) to take the Sin Cara mantle off of Hunico as part of a “Fake Sin Cara” angle, the decision to villainize one of the few merch-selling faces of the company makes little to no sense. Unless, of course, this is being done solely to remind Mistico and any other potential troublemakers that the WWE can eliminate a star just as quickly as they make one.

But even that, unfortunately, is a lose-lose scenario. In a business solely about making money, this seems like an angle built to do anything but.

MG Bertock is a struggling genius and part-time writer.
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  1. pgarcia79's Avatar
    I think a sin cara vs sin cara fued is exactually what the wwe has been planning for sometime now. Especially after the shocking heel turn. It suprised the f' out of me, that's for damn sure. If the plan is to bury the character (which I don't think it's the case), then it's a horrible decision from a business standpoint. "Hey, let's build up this guy with a solid fan base, and then when he's popular and sells, let's just kill the gravy train"..... Yeah, not gonna happen IMO.

    Also, another reason this fued is gonna happen is because the original is constantly "sent home", but has yet to be released. I mean, and you guys keep saying and saying that Hunico is gonna take over the character. Ok, so why hasn't the original been fired yet?.... Nope, I'm not buying it.

    All this speculation is exactually what the WWE wants, and right now you guys are eating right out of their hands.
  2. mgbertock's Avatar
    @pgarica 79 - It definitely seems that way now. This blog entry, however, was posted before any concrete reports of that feud being a distinct possibility were released. At the time, it seemed as though the WWE's relationship with Mistico was beyond the point of repair. Assuming that is not the case, and that the company has been trolling everyone into believing that, then bravo. It's nice to see the WWE finally do something right for a change.

    I suspect, however, that if this does indeed lead to a Sin Cara VS. Sin Cara angle, that the real story behind it can be found somewhere in the middle. Meaning that Misticio probably was acting up backstage and on bad terms with the company, but has finally realized just how much money he would be walking away from and has decided to swallow his pride and begin playing by the rules.

    Either way, I come out aces. Sin Cara is on my fantasy roster and a Sin Cara VS. Sin Cara feud will score me a plethora of points. Yeah!
  3. bearsfantildeath's Avatar
    I def was surprised by the heel turn, but is bryan over enough with the kids that they acctully understand what happened? The smart fans realize it but the kids might of been cheering for cara cuz bryan has jobbed since MITB. If they bring cara back (original) he needs to be in a dif color so everyone can tell them apart or else it will confuse everyone...i dont think there burrying the charicter

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