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Where have all the characters gone?

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Hey guys, this is my first blog so i'm not sure if it'll be anything decent but i'll give it a go.

I was reading a blog earlier about "gimmicks" (which i thought was a good blog) and this made me remember a thought I have had for a while now...Where are all the characters in the WWE? What I mean by this is in my opinion alot of the strong characters and personalitys have gone from WWE and now we have a lot of well just wrestlers i guess, and seeing as they are not allowed to refer to themselves as wrestlers anymore but sports entertainers and going back a while to the change of name from "World Wrestling Federation" to "World Wrestling Entertainment" then surely there should there should be a greater enthasis on the personalitys of the ring side of the entertainment (not that they aren't entertaining in the ring). An example of what I am talking about is in the 80's there was plenty of strong personalitys- The Macho Man Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Rowdy Roddy Pipper, The Million Dollar Man, Huld Hogan i'll stop listening names now but you get the point you didnt have to look far for a wrestler with a strong character. The same with the 90's and early 2000's- Stone Cold Steve, The Rock, ManKind, Al Snow, DX, The Dudleys, The hardys - again i'll stop listing because the point is you do't have to look far to find strong characters and it wasn't just the top card guys who had a strong personality it was most of the rooster. Now in my opinion there aren't many strong characters in WWE, In my opinion the strongest characters at the moment are Alberto Del Rio (Love him or hate him the rich aristocrat thing is a good character), C M Punk (What hes got going now is great) and Randy Orton (His "I hear voices in my head" thing is pretty cool I think). I know i have missed out a few more strong characters but what im getting at is we have been left with a few good characters and alot of bad characters (if you can say they have a character) for example- the Nexus, I thought the initial idea was great but once they had split up they didn't have any individual personalitys they became just another low mid card wrestler (Who where then put in a tag which didn't work either, where are the ol' days of the Rockers, The Hart Foundation, DX, The Hardys, The Dudleys... I'm going to stop because this wasn't meant to be a rant about the tag team division). The same with Mark Henry who is getting a slight push- they've made him go and attack people and make him out to be really bad but other then that theres nothing, Ted Dibiase Jr has no personality nor does Ezeikel Jackson, Mason Ryan, pretty much most mid card guys havn't got much going for them in the way of on screen personalitys. I also think Christians is lacking a personality and John Cenas "Hustle Loyalty Respect" gangsta thing has pretty much gone (apart from the T shirt, caps and wristbands) so again a lack of onscreen character.

So what i'm getting at is I think that The WWE need to put focus on giving the wrestlers stronger onscreen personas and gimmicks and when they bring in new wrestlers- bring back the old promos where they would hype them up and show off there personality (quick example off the top of my head- Jesse and Festus- not a great example but i remember the promos they had and they where good before they showed up to the WWE and when they showed up they had a good gimmick).

I think if The WWE did this then it would increase the entertainment factor and make it better to watch (not that I think its bad to watch now). I can't be the only one thinking this can I?

Thanks for reading my blog, I'm not sure if it turned into a rant but it's my first blog so let me now what you think and also let me know your thoughts on the whole lack of characters in the WWE, do you agree or don't you agree?

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  1. Mr. McMahon's Avatar
    I agree. I find it hard that people actually love guys like Wade Barett, Dolph Ziggler, Morrison, Kofi when they are so boring and have no gimmick. Even hornswoggle has a better gimmick than all four.
  2. dub's Avatar
    This is EXACTLY what I was tryin to say in my blog Geo (thanks for the compliment and taking time to read it Bro) You just hit the nail right on the head. The majority of the roster now just seem to be "slightly" different from the other guy. But back in the day they were very distinct from one another. Really good stuff man, enjoyed the read.
  3. The Outsider's Avatar
    I like Wade but it might be that I'm supporting a 'local(ish) lad'. I just cant seem to buy into the other 3. They are talented performers but their promo's etc just bore me. I seem to remember on one of the LOW: Roundtable shows, they we're discussing that 'back in the day' the talent believed in the character and they were allowed to run with it and it made for better viewing. Maybe Vince/Creative need to release their hold a little?
  4. GeoJones's Avatar
    Thanks for reading guys. I think it's bad when The WWE bring in new wrestler but don't spend enough time on building them a good persona. Gone are the days of everybody having some sort of character, let alone a championship contender like Daniel Bryan- No offense to Daniel Bryan I think he's a great wrestler but if he really is going to cash in his money in the bank contract at Wrestlemania then please WWE work on his character! Wrestlemania is "The mainevent" of the WWE so surely they're going to use the cream of crop but in my eyes to be at he top of your game in The WWE then you need to have a strong persona. I'm hoping they build Daniel Bryan up with his character if he is going to cash in at Wrestlemania. I agree with your guys coments- how Dolph Ziggler became a champion is beyond me, "Slightly different from the other guy" that some it up very well and yea maybe Vince/Creative should let them "run with it" more, look at what C M Punks done when he has more freedom (even though it was made by himself)
  5. primitive chuck's Avatar
    I think Cody Rhodes has a great gimmick right now. He has surprised me since he first appeared in the WWE. I remember thinking to myself this clown isn't going to last but I have to give it to him he has my attention when he is on TV.
  6. GeoJones's Avatar
    I agree, I think he has definatly improved now I think they need to work on Ted Dibiase Jr because he seems to just be a mindless follower of Cody Rhodes- well used to be I guess.

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