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King Scrapper

Is CM Punk Getting Stale??

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Disclaimer: I like CM Punk. I like him a lot. He may be my favorite wrestler currently...HOWEVER i hate to say it but im getting the impression that his promos are getting quite stale.

When Punk gave that awesome promo a few months ago on Raw, it was completely unexpected and Punk took it to the extremes. He delved into the inner workings of the WWE and really voiced the sentiment of what's been bugging fans (mostly the IWC or true "wrasstlin" fans. He targeted things like Triple H possibly assuming power one day, the Anti Bullying campaign, Vince' stupidity, Steph running the show. All things that were no no topics to talk about especially on TV.

Since that promo, the only thing that he has mentioned that could be considered a no no was about the WWE releases of Kozlov, and Hart Smith. Eveything else has been the same recurring promo about how he wants to be the catalyst of change. Triple H last night really made an extraordinary point that he only wants that change if he's the top guy. About a month ago, Mr. Punk was threatening to leave the company in my opinion in a way to force himself to the top.

Over the last few Raws and SD last night, Punk has not made any progress in facilitating change. Now, he only talks about how bad of a job HHH is doing and how HHH wants to be like Vince and how HHH and Nash are bad people who are against him.

I'm not sure if it's Punk or the WWE but someone is stupid here...Punk (or the WWE) makes it seem that HHH has no reason to dislike him. Did anyone forget that it was Punk who first insulted HHH during his historic promo saying that he was an idiot or butthead or whatever and that he was going to get power over the company after vince died? And isnt it Punk that's been the one to cause all this animosity between himself and the company. They offer him a contract, he says no, he threatens to leave, he wins, he leaves, he comes back and expect everyone to love him. WTF. Realistically speaking, HHH has a reason to dislike Punk.

Yes, Punk spoke up for the true fans and wants to make change but it seems now that the only major change he wants is to get HHH out of power (likely kayfabe) but Punk only seems to talk now about how bad of a job HHH is doing as (fake) COO. To me, this doesnt seem logical. How bad of a job could you be doing as the new COO of a company in what, three weeks? There's no obvious thing that HHH has done in the fans eyes that would make one believe that he is doing a bad job but nowadays Punk can only seem to talk about HHH and how he sucks at his job and wants to be like Vince. Doesnt make since, as 1. Triple H seems to be more over than Punk with fans. 2. Every change HHH has made in the past few weeks has been praised by fans and the IWC. 3. HHH has been fair in every decision he has made (on TV). So what is Punk talking about?

Triple H really beat out Punk in their promo yesterday on SD and I think the fans are starting to see that. Punk isnt making much sense over these last few shows. Not to mention that Punk is losing his shock value rapidly. We sit tight to our chairs hoping Punk would deliver another historic promo or reveal some more inner company dirt but he hasnt and probably wont anymore. That's what attracted us to Punk after his original promo and that's what we keep hoping for now but I dont think we are going to get it.

Someone on this site mentioned that his lines are scripted but i dont agree. Theyre not scripted but he is definitely not going to say anything else too risky. Right now the only points, he makes that have validity are the ones about John Cena and why he sucks and the ones about how there does need to be a change in the WWE. Triple H stole the promo yesterday though making the point that not everyone feels that way., Yes some things can be changed, but for the most part, WWE is doing ok.

I know this was long but my quick point is that Punk is getting stale and fast, especially with him going head to head with HHH in promos about the company. Punk is starting to just seem like an angry conspiracy theorist fan who throws out a bunch of fake facts.

But I still love him... :-)

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Updated 08-31-2011 at 06:32 PM by King Scrapper

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  1. Dubs's Avatar
    Hes not getting stale, hes just saying the same thing over and over.
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