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R-Truth Heel Turn: Expect Big Things

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Hows it goin guys! The IWC in buzzing over R-Truth's heel turn. I'm not the biggest fan but the guy is a stud in the ring. Lord knows he was in need of a new gimick and hopefully this does the trick.

The main reason the world is buzzing is because HE SMOKED A CIGARETTE ON PG PROGRAMMING.
Negative or not, this garnered major heat from the little cry baby organizations around the world. You could even hear fans complaining making statements like "WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS". TO HELL WITH THE KIDS. That was entertainment at its finest.

My whole thing is that these organizations are going nuts as if the WWE isn't staged. He smoked a cigarette as a villian character. They act like Randy Orton smoked the cigarette(If you hang around after the show I guarantee you'll catch Orton smoking a cigarette lol youtube it).

Something big is going to come from this and for R-Truth. This heel turn has the attention of everyone because of what he did. Lets make a huge star out of him. The WWE needs that vicious heel that Sheamus, Orton & Kane used to be.

R-Truth is pretty intimidating as a heel. He can go back to cutting Ron "The Truth" Killings promos which are gold in my opinion. R-Truth has all the tools needed to be future World Champ. The only thing that was holding him back was his horrible gimmick.

Truth is amazing in the ring and I think the heel turn was awesome.

The difference between WWE & TNA is that no one noticed Jeff Hardy smoking a cigarette to the ring because only 3 people watch it. R-Truth has garnered national heat, so lets make something happened.

Thanks and please share your feedback and check out my yoututbe link.

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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    I'm with you 100% on this one. Remember back in WCW when they used to do all these gimmick matches to show how dominant the Giant (Big Show) was? I distinctly remember one instance where he would wrestle handicap matches against jobbers WHILE smoking a cigarette throughout the whole match. And no one said squat. Why? Because it was a perfect prop (that's all the cigarette is is a prop) to show how nonchalant Giant could destroy his opponents. And now it's being used perfectly as a prop to cement Truth's heel turn. It just makes for more realism and a better story. Hats off to WWE for getting one right for a change.
  2. knox's Avatar
    thanks for the comment, yea man I guess times back then were more chills because cigarettes were still cheap lol idk. But yea I remember those Big Show moments which were classic. Cigarettes are expensive and more organizations are cracking down so they're making a big deal.

    But do you think R-Truth can be pushed as a serious World Champ or WWE Title Contender? Do you think he's worthy enough to be champ?

    Let me know what you think because I actually think he can but alot of people dont. I think R-Truth & Dolph Ziggler are ready
  3. Renevious's Avatar
    I think he definitely has the potential to be a major heel and possibly hold the belt. I wouldn't imagine him as a long time champion, but that type of heel persona would be a nice change of pace from what we're used to. I mean, I love what the Miz does with his character, but he's more of the cocky spineless heel that has to cheat to win. Truth can be the meaner type of heel who is just an ass because he wants to be but can also back it up. That's why I love Sheamus so much because he reminds me of Razor Ramon before he turned face. He cheats because he's just a dick, but he really doesn't have to. He knows he can beat anybody fair and square, but there's no point to it when you're a villain. And as far as Dolph goes, I'm really worried that changing his look like that is going to hurt him. I would really like to see him finally get rid of Vicki and use that momentum to make him a main event face character. He would just have to accompany it with some type of unique personality, or else it's not going to work. Thanks.
  4. knox's Avatar
    Once again I agree with u. Yea it seems as if Truth could be one of those one time champs who gets the belt because of the dues he's paid from his lenghthy career in the business. Sort of how Benoit & Guerrerro only had one title run. They weren't huge stars but they were in the business soooo long and worked their way up so Vince gave them a title run.

    Now I'm not a Miz fan but I think this guy will be atleast a 6 time world champs. As far as the "New WWE Direction", he fits into their prototype star
  5. Renevious's Avatar
    Yeah, I definitely agree with you on the Miz situation. He's young enough, he plays the PG villain perfectly, and he's definitely willing and eager to do all the PR and appearances to stay in the good graces of the higher ups. Those things are going to keep him at the top for a long time. Hey man, the mediator of this site keeps jacking me for some reason and not posting my stuff, so if you're interested in reading any of my blogs, you can check them out at either or I'm pretty sure they both have the same stuff as of now. I just happen to post it in two places, but I'd love to hear your input on my blogs. Thanks Knox.
  6. mrbluto's Avatar
    Holy shit!!! R Truth is an average wrestler and terrible on the mic. I would rather see Zack Ryder get a push than Truth.
  7. UKTNA's Avatar
    the crowd was chantting thats illegal wasnt there which it is in the uk
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