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The Good Old Days of Wrestling

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First off let me tell you all that I have been a Pro Wrestling fan for over 20 years. I still remember sitting on some kind of toy car, at my Dad's friends house, flipping out when The Ultimate Warrior came running out to the ring. I remember how excited I was when my dad would just drive by the Wild Somoans' Wrestling School in Allentown, Pa on our way somewhere. I would push my face to the window and just stare. At the time I had NO CLUE what was going on in there, I just knew that wrestlers were "born" there.

There were times growing up that I would head off to school with ZERO sleep because I stayed up the night before watching Monday Night Raw, ECW, and WCW Nitro. Obviously not at the same time. I used two VCRs to tape two of them while I watched the other. It was so exciting back than. I don't know if it was that I was young and dumb or if it was really a lot better back than.

Honestly I think it was just SO much better back than. The storylines, the characters, the outrageous matches, and the attitude. Everything was great back than. Don't get me wrong here, I still love to watch some great wrestling but it is just not the same as it was before. I honestly think it is this STUPID PG rating that they have to put on it cause of Linda running for office.

Yes, I understand that Linda has been in the Pro Wrestling World for a very long time. I get this. I also get that she is trying to distance herself from WWE altogether but there is no way she is ever going to do that. There is no way that Linda is going to EVER not be involved with WWE. Yes, she doesn't "work" for WWE anymore but her name is going to be soaked with the WWF/WWE juices until the day she dies. She CAN NOT get away from it. She is married to the (Yes I am going to say it) most talented and most successful Professional Wrestling Promoters OF ALL TIME!

Like it or not, VKM is the reason pro wrestling is still around today. He is the reason you used to tune in every Monday night and still do. He made the Monday Night Wars and he continues to keep his game up within his company. Some of you are probably thinking that I am all about WWE. Well to be honest, WWE is the top priority in my house due to my 6 year old little girl. She is a huge Cena fan and I just love to give her crap about that. But I also love me some TNA. Their matches are great BUT they need to stop with the storylines that have been over and over by their big brother WWE.

Speaking of over doing storylines, it is one thing for one company to do a storyline over and over again but it something TOTALLY different for a different company to do the exact storyline just with a few twists a few years later. There is a reason why the first company stopped doing that storyline IT WAS STUPID and GOT STALE!

Ok on to something else. I mentioned that my little girl is a Cena fan, wait, A HUGE CENA FAN. She loves everything about him. And I honestly think that she has caught the bug just like I did back in the day. She can not go one Monday, Thursday (yes, she watches TNA too), or Friday without her wrestling. She is so cute about it tho. I come home from work and there she is, "Daddy don't forget about wrestling tonight". I don't think even if Cena would turn heel she would change the way she feels about him. She is just so into him. I guess she is the same way I was about HBK back in the day. I didn't care if he was face or heel, I just like HBK. Did not care. Another thing that makes me think this is because I am a big CM Punk fan and of course my little girl had to start liking him too. Even with him turning heel didn't change that she still likes Punk too. Obviously not as much as Cena but still.

Ok I am done being on my soap box so to speak. Let me know what you think. I plan to write more.


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  1. Y2LUUK's Avatar
    Nice story!
  2. justin sane's Avatar
    They've been missing the "anit-hero" persona, it just doesn't exist. Fans cheered for the Stone Cold character who shoulda woulda been a flat out heel in the 80's and 90's... When the NWO happened and Hogan went BAD, the fans (we) ate it UP. We booed them but we friggin loved them, same with austin, and rock at one point... but now they have Cena...mind you I love the guy and his work ethic and he is a freak of nature no doubt...but the character...when so many fans boo him, minus the kids and teeny boppers, but the real fans who buy the tickets boo the shit out of him. not because theyre buying into the character but quite otherwise....imagine if hogan got those boos when he fought andre at wm3. it wouldnt have been tolerated. hogan would have been a bad guy long before. Hogan went bad because the fan dynamic evolved into such as we dont want to see the baby face kiss ass anymore...we want the stone cold stick it to the man BADASS... but he doesnt exist. its just faces and heels. Give people a REASON to boo Cena. Knock the wrestling world on its ass, turn him heel, sure youll lose a few teeny boppers and kids, but youll gain so many more hardcore old school fans back. the closest thing now we have to a heel being slighty praised by the fans collectively is randy orton. good start. but we know how selfish the character is and hed turn his back on us in a second. but theres something to be said about cheering for a goodie 2 shoes, booing a dispicable person, and RELUCTANTLY but EMPHATICALLY cheering for someone who we have no business cheering for. he doesnt exist these days.
  3. shanethewolf's Avatar
    "They've been missing the "anit-hero" persona, it just doesn't exist."

    I totally agree. They looked like they were going that route with Daniel Bryan and it was a really exciting angle, but then they did a complete (and inexplicable) face turn at Summerslam and blew it.

    It seems as though WWE like to keep things organised and easily defined. When Nexus arrived and started tearing up the place it was amazing, but now they have them wrestling organised matches and under control. When they brought in the NWO it was Vince who was their leader, instead of just letting them go wild and do what made them successful in the first place. Same for the WCW and ECW invasion...they each had their own corporate figure as a leader.

    What's missing from wrestling today is chaos and rebellion. WWE especially feels very corporate and business like.
  4. Hesterica's Avatar
    @Mutiny2k that's a great story. nice bonding with your daughter. and yeah, totally agree that wrestling was better back then. for me it was part being young, the other part is because no wrestling promotion at that time was actually "established". WWE today is already a monster today so they have no reason to push the envelope.

    @shanewolf "WWE especially feels very corporate and business like" you hit the nail right on the head with that one. although i think this isn't completely bad. it has its own ups and downs. only problem is most of the downs affect us old school wrestling fans.
  5. Undertakerislegend's Avatar
    And I thought I was the only one, I find myself looking to indy promotions to get my "Fix" of great wrestling, or going on youtube to find old WCW, ECW AND WWF matches, just to be disappointed when I turn on my tv Mondays and Fridays, I cannot stand NXT, or Superstars anyway, so I know the feeling exactly

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