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Smack Talk: WWE Situations 4/21/11

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I've been a WWE fan my whole life, and I read alot of dirt sheets, and as far as I can tell I am in pretty in the know, as much as an IWC fan can be. That being said, I've never participated in the community until now.

I've decided to run down my thoughts on various people and situations of relevance in the WWE universe.

1. "Moron"son.

Are you kidding me? I love Jon, he is talented and generally awesome, but what kind of career building decision was it to get all the dirt flowing with your stupid Trish bashing? This guy has all the right things going on for him, though I personally feel that he is the worst of his type (refer to some other blog on, where he is likened to RVD and Jeff Hardy). Now the latest news is bashing Hall of Fame Trish in an attempt to cover up that you did one of the most unthinkable and reprehensible things in the business, and literally broke character over some nonsense. It is unfortunate that the world is focusing on your personal life, but at the same time you brought this on yourself by trying to get in the IWC tabloids. Get your head in the game, you are going to be champion at some point, when you're carrying the belt, you can get Melina all the screen time you want. Just don't screw it up, moron.

2. Michael Cole doesn't suck, and neither does Vikki Gurerro.

Cole is more and more Vince-Like every day. First and foremost, stop wrestling, maybe later... Now is not the time. Cole in right on the fence with me at all times between "I hate you because I am supposed to, and you are good at it" and "I hate you because I hate you." which keeps me enthralled to see his demise, and to see his latest tricks. Vikki draws so much heat, that it really is unprecedented in a female in our industry. She isn't on the roster because of an unfortune situation turned around, she is on the roster because she is potentially the very best female manager lead ever. These two are awesome bad guys that can point you to like or hate someone so well, literally because you are forced to want the opposite of what they want. We haven't seen anything from Cole yet, this is a monster waiting to happen, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the GM, or some other awesome and evil character from now on.

3. Sin Push

Sin Carra is spectacular, there is something wrong, but it is t his fault. I feel like when I watch this guy fight, his moves are all botched to a certain extent, and his in ring footwork can be slightly illogical - however, it looks every time as if he is expecting his opponent to be in the right stop, but they never are. He needs several months of not being crazy pushed, so that everyone else in the ring can get accustomed to his speed, and slightly upgrade there lazy styles.

4. Bourne Supremecy

This guy doesn't need to job all the time, he should be doing something at least reasonably tolerable. I really would love to see him connect his finish, because it is literally art in motion. Unfortunately, he has become so accustomed to it missing, that he recently started landing on his feet. Sheamus doesn't get anything out of beating this guy, so stop making me watch it.

5. R you serious?

There is a lot of buzz going around about the smoking scene on raw, with R-Truth... I just wanted to point out, that a character as one dimensional as his, might as well have signed a death wish. The guy doesn't have the skills on the mic to be a believable top heel, he doesnt fit any of the molds, accept the ol' "let me job this out for 6 - 8 months and then slowly fade to less relevant than ever". Everyone knows the smoking thing was a dumb idea, but I'm not even on that, just in general - this is really just another way to hold Morrison back, having him feud with a guy they pretended was top caliber for a week. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that cigarette / heel turn was a strong career ender for you.

I'll leave it at that for this blog. I've got strong opinions on some topics I will cover in my next blog (whenever I decide to write again, expect to hear about: Cena, Sting, Kurt Angle, Santino Marella, and Christian) so be sure to check me out again!

You can contact me at the forums on this website, user Mykeatog.

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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I'd be interested in hearing your views on Christian. For some reason I think you're going to slam him as being undeserving as a champion because of the circumstances it has come about in. This isn't an insult to your blog, I agree with pretty much everything you've said. It just seems to jump out at me that you aren't a fan of his?
  2. Mykeatog's Avatar
    I fully expect him to lose at the PPV, I wouldn't classify him as undeserving, I guess you'll find out how I do classify him exactly soon enough.
  3. MP.Brouser's Avatar
    If Cara keeps wrestling like this he wil be injured in less than 1 year.
  4. dres1214's Avatar
    Good blog. I agree about Sin Cara, he is too fast for the roster. They aren't use to that speed and that is the many reason's why it seems he botches his moveset a lot. I just hope WWE doesn't give up on him, maybe train the other guys to fit his style and not have the lazy way of going around it.
  5. SaiGoNDraGoN's Avatar
    Exactly; it would be awesome for Americans to watch Sin Cara Pulling the moves he did on his years as Mistico. I hope he changes his attire too because he looks as "Le petit Prince" He should try to buy his "Mistico" name from CMLL because that way every wrestler fan in the world would know who Sin Cara is.
    If WWE trains or pairs Sin cara with an individual that knows the Lucha Libre Style, watch how many new fans it will draw; has anyone noticed how many Mexicans are in America?? do you get the picture????
  6. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    Great blog man. I really feel that WWE is dropping the ball with Bourne. He isn't doing anything but jobbing to Sheamus when he should be put in a feud with Sheamus for the U.S title. Its really getting anoying seeing him lose every week. I THOUGHT WWE would have pushed him after his injury he got a few months ago but sadly WWE isn't doing anything with him. I really do hope he can go to Smackdown to be a big fish in a small pond that is Smackdown.

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