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WWE's Roster>TNA's roster

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Hey, my name is WWTNA. I know what your thinking, "Great, another TNA bashing thread." Thats not the case in this matter. This is just a blog to really look into the hype of TNA's roster. Lets begin:

So I hear people saying that TNA has the best roster right now but creatives just doesn't use them to there full potential. Do they really have the best roster though? I mean sure, they have some pretty good talented people on there roster but I would't say its the best roster going. WWE has a better roster then TNA tbh. Why I feel this way? Well, its simple:

TNA's roster is most of mid-carders

Yup, I said it. How many guys are in the main event? Let see, Sting, RVD, Mr. Anderson, Matt Hardy(he worked his butt off to get that spot), and who else??? There are wrestlers that should be in the main event like AJ, Robert Roode, and Matt Morgan but its obvious that they are getting the mid-card treatment this time around because of the storylines they are in which is understandable. Not really a strong main event scene would you say? WWE has Del Rio, John Cena, CM Punk, Miz, Christian, John Morrison, R-Truth, Undertaker, Triple H, and Dolf Ziggler. How does TNA's main event scene compares to WWE's???

Lack of original stars to claim there own creations

Its no secret that TNA likes to sign former WWE guys into there organization. While its not a bad thing, its not original either. When I tune in to TNA, I wanna see young guys that I have never seen before, prove that he or she has what it takes to be the next TNA star (similar to Sin Cara in WWE). Not some former WWE washed up hasbeen trying to prove he or she still has it when that wrestler should have been retired(Tommy Dreamer). I just want to see new and original stars from TNA like the likes of members in Fourtune, Amazing Red, MCMG, The British Invasion, Gen Me and Ink Inc. Signing WWE hasbeens or neverwas just makes it look like WWE is doing something great since TNA wants there leftovers. I know that Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, and RVD, are former WWE wrestlers and are doing pretty good in TNA but thats WWE's creation of Superstars, not TNA's.

Useless talent in TNA

I mean come on. I know people say that WWE has some useless talents but TNA just takes the cake. When you have Tommy Dreamer, Robbie E., freaking Angelina from Jersey Shore, Scott Steiner(He was good in TNA but should now retire), Devon(Whats his role in TNA???), Jeff Jerrett(He should't be a wrestler anymore), and Sting(He is an legend in the business but should retire) and some of them are hogging up the TV time for young talents. Just give the older guys like Sting, Steiner, Devon, and Dreamer backstage roles, announcers, managers, or retire and just keep the rest of the useless talent off TV.

If TNA can improve on these three things, I bet they can have an awesome roster, better then WWE's roster but to say TNA's wrestler is better then WWE's roster is a stretch.

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  1. The New Guy's Avatar
    I like it, I kinda agree with you
  2. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The New Guy
    I like it, I kinda agree with you
    Thanks New Guy!
  3. JJYanks121's Avatar
    Dreamer already works backstage so they are moving that way with him. As for the rosters, WWE has two shows which changes things a bit but I agree that more guys are given an opportunity to succeed in WWE. TNA is very much taking on the Bischoff personality of "if you've never drawn before, you aren't going to draw so you aren't going to work at the top". That needs to stop if they want to move forward. You have to create new stars at some point and right now they are not. Good points about that.
  4. helmsley's Avatar
    well i think that the lack of good storylines makes some guys that should be on the main event ( like joe or styles) be on the mid card, also they push someone for a taping and the next month taping they dont so there is no way they can build new main eventers like that
  5. xStraightxEdgexSaviorx's Avatar
    I know the WWE is a lot bigger company with a lot more guys than TNA, but I think if you line up the rosters talent level wise than you'll see that the WWE's is better by in large. Totally agree WWTNA.
  6. Clikka's Avatar
    I may go off topic here, but if you look a little deeper than looking at an entire roster there is an all to visible comparison between both brands and the stealing comes from both sides in my opinon: -

    Now some may disagree with what i wrote below but here it is: -

    Aj/Cena - Both men work there asses off for there representing companies. They are the posterboys of these companies for a reason. And yes some may argue about AJ, but read between the lines. Lets start when hogan came in (as before aj owned the place and the company) he gets changed to the biggest heal they have and gets linked with there biggest sign at the time (FLAIR). These two could do wonders for either company and get used by both as the poster boy.

    Sting/Taker - Both iconic legends. Who never seem to die.

    Angle/HHH - Both seen as the future retiring hero's of the brand.

    Deniro/R-truth - (whats with this gospel stuff truth keeps saying to close comparison in my opinion) but either way midcarders who the crowd like but never seem to deliver.

    Abyss/Kane - Long time members of the rosters representing the monsters of the brand.

    Sin cara/Sangriento - Both new luchadores expected to change the business.....

    EY-OJ/SM-VK - Both comical tag teams which are used to simply entertain and fill spots.

    My point of comparing all these wrestlers is that, most of my examples above you can stand side by side and they represent there position well, but WHO IS USED BETTER! WHO has STORIES written for them better WHO has the better production crew?? sorry to say it but everyone needs to stop comparing TNA to WWE. Its like comparing Playboy to "Joe's Mens Club", One has a lifetime of credit to its name and the money to back, the other is 2 nasty men's wish for something similar..........................Mabye in a few years if tna lift there gain, but for now they shouldnt be compared.....because as much as it sucks to say, it is how the TNA stars are used....because i for one believe if AJ was in WWE (without the politics of destroying a TNA star) he would be just as passionate as they pay his bills..........
  7. Lowki's Avatar
    Agreed. For a company that restricts original promos and characters these days, i find the WWE characters to be better developed than TNAs. TNA seems to change things way too often. The list you mentioned definitely has a stronger upper card than TNA (you missed out Randy Orton btw);

    Look at the title pictures for the past year (since Jan 2010):
    TNA has had AJ, Sting, Hardy, Anderson, RVD, Angle, Pope, Abyss, Matt Morgan,
    Out of those, only Sting, Anderson, RVD, Angle and Hardy are still around the main event scene. (when hardy comes back he will be unfortunately).
    Pope, Morgan, AJ, Abyss have literally been droped from main event to mid card and are involved in things nobody even cares about. AJ and Abyss may be in the "main storyline" of immortal vs Fortune but they are definitely not the focus of the storyline - that would be Hogan and the network. Angle has dropped into a fued that gets main event focus.

    WWE (will obviously have more):
    World Title
    Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Jericho, Edge, Del Rio, Swagger, Christian, Big Show, Cm Punk, Kane, Ziggler

    WWE Title
    Sheamus, Orton, Cena, Miz, Morrison, Batista, Barrett, Edge, R-Truth, CM Punk, Jericho,

    Out of these Batista, Edge, Jericho left/retired.
    The rest are all involved with the upper mid card: Swagger is in a stupid fued but it is one of the main fueds in the WWE getting a lot of attention and TV time. Big Show and Kane are fueding in the tag title picture and with Barrett who is IC champion.

    The thing that WWE seems to do better is once someone reaches main event, they can usually keep them there. Edge and Jericho didn't do a whole lot for most of 2010, but were still main eventers in people's eyes. This is something TNA can't grasp with people like AJ. When AJ is relegated to mid card, he doesn't feel like a huge player.
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