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Sin Cara: Worth the hype???

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I write this with Rick stars recent blog in mind. "Not cutting the mustard" doesnt even cut the mustard when referencing our latest WWE Debut, Sin Cara.
I totally agree with Rick, i have been completely dissapointed when it comes to what we have been shown to date, and its not his super hero outfit (ive seen some awsome luchadore outfits and this one to me just looks like he was taken from a B Grade Power rangers rip off) But enough with random spurts time to actually explain why i feel this way: -

1: - Persona/Character: - From what ive seen and watched of Mistico, He had Passion, he could express his emotions without anyone seeing his face. Am i the only one not seeing this in his new character? I see a puppy dog all excited to be in a wwe ring, when he should be focused on selling the match. I see a wrestler (oops superstar) so focused on looking around at the crowd that he forgets his opponent is already set up for the next fall and wandering around the ring like an idiot.

Yes he has some very cool moves (my next point) and could def. be Dubbed the RM of the new generation....but i dunno something lacks....if he isnt flying around the ring at 100 miles an hour i find myself bored of him within 10 seconds.....and that is worrying.

2: - Skillset/Presicion: - For someone with such a great skill/move set, i would have really hoped his presicion of these had the same WOW factor as the moves themselves. Yes i enjoy seeing him launch onto someones shoulders while mid reverse of a powerbomb or something crazy we expect of him now............but.......i dont expect a bum wiggle around the shoulders as he uses his opponents head as balance while making "hwa hey ha hwa" noises to cover the fact he has botched the rhythm. Now please refrain from the "Well you couldnt do it so why bag him" comments...simple im not paid a triple figure salary to put the effort in, if i was im sure i would be begging every talent around me to practice so i get things down pat. (Especially if i was the only person in a brand IM NEW TO, and no one was prepared for all my moves....)

3:- His general actions/voice in the ring - For a character who is yet to say a word, Sin cara is very talkative during a bout, or is it just me who is only starting to hear full conversations happening between wrestlers. (Yes you get the occasional comment made that stands out) but i can literally hear him talking between every move, every block every break, he is talking....and if you dont believe me watch his mouth piece it is constanly moving. And if its not sin cara, its ironic that it is only his matches this happens in.

Also he needs to stop over selling his beat downs....or is it me that believes that if sin cara cops 1 offensive move from a punch to enziguri he is down for 5 minutes. Apparently Primo is as strong as the (recieving a new push) amazingly powerful and agressive (thanks jr) All American american, Well thats how sin cara would make u view things, as a slam from JS recieved the same sell of beat down as primo slapping him did....................hmmmm

Either way after all my slamming above, im still a one to say he is new to WWE and has ALOT to learn as WWE is not like any other company out there. but i dunno everyone, whats your thoughts? Im not saying im correct, but definately feel that the push he has been given was not deserved......or at leats should have been put off like A.Kong's....

Take it easy fellas

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  1. SaiGoNDraGoN's Avatar
    I hope Sin Cara realizes that he has the skill level to do better; if anyone that wants to talk trash about him, just google Mistico in Japan so you can see his matches and what he can do. They pump him up too much too soon; if you think about it, Rey Mysterio jr had to go to to WCW with other luchadores before he made it all the way to WWE. Mistico AKA Sin Cara was brought right up to the big leagues and there is no other wrestler that understand the style other than Rey and WWE will save pairing them together for quite a while. WWE should have thought of Sin Cara's Rivals before bringing him to TV. Mistico does look overwhelmed looking at the crowd instead of living the moment; he has to understand he is the new guy and in a country where they are only exposed to this style of pro wrestling, his style is unknown (other than Rey's moves) Mistico needs to gain people's respect by actually wrestling and doing his moves, selling and stop relying on the boost that WWE is giving him. Hopefully soon another wrestler will acomodate his style to see him do the awesome stuff we are used to see Sin Cara do as Mistico.
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