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WWE: RAW Review, April 18th

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I need to start out by saying I am a huge fan of the WWE and Raw in particular and unlike most I believe the WWE has been on form for quite a while. However, I have to say tonight's show from London absolutely sucked. First of all the crowd were awful. They were flat as a pancake all night which didn't help one bit, but far as I'm concerned the content was below the standard I have come to know from Raw.

Ironically it had some big moments, like Cole getting knighted and R Truth turning heel (although he wasn't exactly much of a face to begin with). I don't know what to say about the R Truth, John Morrison segment. It was certainly better than the crowd let on, but it really set the tone for a dull, flat, cumbersome, awkward show, which Sky Sports made even better by cutting to the commercials at the wrong time and returning with a couple of minutes of the Raw logo before going back to the programme.

Moving on quickly, like Sky's editor, The Rock has killed John Cena's heat. For all his haters Cena had an equal amount of followers. A few years ago you either loved or hated him and you let him know about it. Now the fans either hate him or are indifferent. This is an injustice because we had a right to hate him before, but now he's so much better and still has so much to give. It's a sad state of affairs if he has to come out with that Mexican jumping bean just to get a pop.

On to Sin Cara now. He is spectacular and he is amazing and I was incredibly impressed with him taking down Sheamus and Swagger but after watching him with Primo and the match with Cena against Miz and Alex Riley I am not convinced. He messed up the finish last week, his timing was slightly off this week and it looked like he missed that last spot by a mile. It doesn't bode well if he is going to be in the main event picture, he looks like he should be at FCW still learning his craft. There's guys been there longer than him, who have been putting on great matches and if I were them and this high spot junkie came in and went to the front of the queue I would not be happy. We haven't seen Primo for ages and all of a sudden he's back doing the job for Cara. That smacks of people not wanting to put this new guy over who hasn't paid his dues and will more than likely hurt them. Just ask Miz, he's either the best seller in the world or Sin Cara volleyed him in the skull. That I don't have a problem with, it's better than a popcorn shot, but botches I will not abide. So stop messing up Sin Cara!

Which leads me to Sir Michael Cole. I will freely admit I'm a miner and I bet the 'Sir' gimmick will catch on but this segment was painful. Considering this was a taped show it was so drawn out and boring. It was like going back to the days of Bischoff and for the first time in a long time I was watching Raw and not enjoying it. When they brought out the fake Queen I wasn't offended as an Englishman I was offended as a wrestling fan. I hope someone sticks something unpleasant in one of those Cole hole's you see on his mine.

As I just said I'm English and even though I don't have lineage to the High King's of Ireland I do have some Irish blood in me. So I was hoping Sheamus got a good pop. And what did he get? Hardly anything from the stuck up London crowd. Considering this was a show from England and right now is probably the best time for British and Irish Superstars, they didn't get much airtime at all. No McIntyre, Wade Barrett wasn't on, Mason Ryan was hardly on, and all Sheamus did was have a bad match with Santino after mentioning the draft which one of the Bella's did earlier in the night pretty much word for word.

The thing is I wouldn't mind if the British and Irish guys didn't get much airtime just as long as we didn't get a second rate Raw like we did. It felt like a nothing show from out of nowhere, a complete misstep. They should of built up the main event of CM Punk and Randy Orton in the opening segment. But even then it was a nothing fight with nothing on the line. If anything the Morrison, Truth match should of been the main event. And quite frankly I'm getting a little bored of the New Nexus, they have two settings, stand there and schmoz. WWE needs to give them some character otherwise they are never going to get over. And what the hell are they doing with Daniel Bryan?! Not to mention Dolph Ziggler looked like a jacked up Evan Bourne. I'm beginning to worry.

In closing, my advice to the WWE is stay out of London. Go to places that will appreciate you coming to town. But if you are going to go overseas bring your A game. After watching that dross I have to say God bless the USA.

And that's the bottom line 'cause Jonny 3:16 said so!

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  1. Fatality's Avatar
    Nice post, I seen it on tv, it was one of the worst i seen.... the only time i heard the crowd alive was the cena chants and the rko/gts chants.
  2. Jimboroom6's Avatar
    Well I guess we can all wait and see what the Smackdown show sounds like, same venue the next night!!!
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I do find it hard to believe that the crowd were dead on one of the UK tours. We love WWE over here and since we have very few opportunities to see the product live there's a good chance we're more vocal than a lot of US crowds.

    I went to a RAW show in 2008 and the crowd was amazing. On top of that the pop that Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels got in the opening segment was amazing, but still Triple H got a huge pop. The only downside to my experience was that Cena wasn't there that night; I would have loved to experience the reaction Cena gets live.
  4. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tad locust
    The problem with the Cole/Swagger/JR/Lawler angle is that there making it look like King & JR have no chance of winning.During the build up to a PPV your supposed to showcase that both are capable of beating eachother.
    There have been plenty of matches which have put the face at a disadvantage. Cena v Batista at WrestleMania saw Cena get destroyed for weeks, gaining zero momentum (it made his win "surprising").

    Also, it would destroy Cole's character of being untouchable right now if you put him and King in a situation where King can get his hands on him. King (experienced superstar) vs Cole (zero wrestling experience except 'Mania where he managed to botch the Swagger Splash and make the AnCole Lock look uneffective) would be a complete squash if you tried to give King and JR some momentum. They're just trying their best to sell the match as an actual contest.

    P.s. Why do they insist on wasting great superstars (Swagger, Sheamus, McIntyre)?
  5. mizisawesome94's Avatar
    Watched it back on Tv. and wow, they really really edited that show. Half the chants are gone and half the segment with r truth which no joke, lasted 30 minutes, most of which in silence or boring chants. Also cena on tv was getting this vid at about 1 minute in to see what really happened.. their only kidding themselves editing his boos.
  6. Fatality's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mizisawesome94
    Watched it back on Tv. and wow, they really really edited that show. Half the chants are gone and half the segment with r truth which no joke, lasted 30 minutes, most of which in silence or boring chants. Also cena on tv was getting this vid at about 1 minute in to see what really happened.. their only kidding themselves editing his boos.
    I think Skysports edited it .... On the US version of raw you can hear the chants aswel, Plus the bit where where truth was smoking
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