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Rick Starr

WWE Reviews, Sin Cara, Corre, WWE Draft and More!

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Hey Splashers! I know there's no sub-title as usual. I'm just gonna talk on some random topics that has been catching my eye.

On Sin Cara
Sin Cara just doesn't seem to be cutting the mustard if you ask me. He's been in the WWE for several weeks, and every week he seems to have problems. The WWE spent an incredible amount of time promoting Sin Cara's debut, who is no stranger to the ring. His latest issue was tonight on Raw, where John Cena literally had to hold Sin Cara's hand, as he pointed to the corner for him to celebrate. If Sin Cara does not get with the program real fast, he could find himself as a stepping stone, or even worse..released.

On the WWE 2011 Draft
It's draft time! Next to WrestleMania this has become one of the most anticipated time in the WWE since it was first conceived in 2002. Now the biggest question is who is it going to effect? Here are a few names, that crossed my mind...

John Cena: Yeah right! The chances of "Super Cena" going to Smackdown! next week are slim to none. It would be a nice change, but I don't think they are going to move him.

The Corre: I think the Corre could definitely be affected by the draft. Who will go? That's another question. Considering most of the Corre was previously from RAW earlier this year, I would not be surprised if the only one to go from this bunch was 'Big Zeke'.

The NEW Nexus: The second group who could be affected by the draft. To be honest, any of these superstars are up for the switch. They could pick someone like Otunga who in recent weeks has lost him stardom. Or they might pick someone like Mason Ryan, who is has the potential to be a WWE Champion one day, but his scary resemblance to David Batista could kill his career before it begins. I truly hope he changes his appearance soon, in order to have his own persona, and not live in the shadow of another.

Bella Twins: I would really like to see the Bella Twins split up for a bit. I think it would help their career to act as a single entity, rather than the typical "switcheroo" duo.

Sin Cara: Considering everything I said before about him, It's a coin-toss at this point.

John Morrison: While Morrison just appeared to start a new feud with R-Truth, Morrison going to Smackdown could be a big move for his career. With Edge's sudden leave, Morrison could be in line for Smackdown's big "Baby Face" Champion.

On The WWE Re-Branding
So the WWE decided that they want to take "wrestling" out of it's name and will no long use "sports" in any of it's terms. Of course this political B.S. is being setup for Linda McMahon's next election run. Many would disagree with me, but there really is no other motive behind this change.

The bottom line is it really makes no difference. It's still WRESTLING! It was wrestling 50 years ago, it was wrestling when I watched RAW tonight (Some would disagree to that statement.), and it will be wrestling years from now. Yes the game has changed throughout the years, and it will continue to change. But it's still wrestling to me, and to millions of others. If you want to call it...whatever the P.C. term is. go right ahead.

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Updated 04-20-2011 at 06:31 PM by Rick Starr

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  1. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Smackdown draft: sheamus Dan bryan otunga bourne Ted ryder truthbig name either Orton or cena
    Raw draft: big show wade del Rio drew Kingston mccool Rhodes slater big name taker
  2. HBKfan#1's Avatar
    John cena- Yes this would be a shock. But i agree with u. it wont happen in a million years. the face of the wwe on smackdown? the b show? nah
    The corre- signs of cracks in the group are evident. This could be the final nail in the coffin for the corre. Personally i want to see it happen. Wade needs to establish himself as a main eventer. alone. and i honestly do like gabriel. hes got the style. the speed . the agility. the cool finisher. He'll go far..only if his mic skills get waaay better.
    The Nexus-I'd like to see them stay put. Punk is awesome with them, and they can learn a lot from him
    Bella twins-a split would be good
    Sin cara- He's not moving because technically hes not even on a brand! He just goes around picking fights with people. although i would like to see a mysterio vs sin cara match
    Morrison-oh yes. he needs to go to smackdown. can you imagine the matches he could have? christian vs morrison. a.d.r vs morrison. taker vs morrison. rhodes vs morrison. mcintyre vs morrison
    all in all. i think next week will be an amazing draft. and there certainly will be some suprises. there always are
  3. Uneyque's Avatar
    Somehow, I feel Orton's going to Smackdown & who knows, maybe the World titles gonna change brands again!
  4. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    Sin Cara - I say just give him a little longer before sending him away to development or releasing him, He terribly missed that moonsault on Riley last Monday but he definitely has potential. (See Below for more details)
    John Cena - I think it would be a good change, Miz, Morrsion, Orton & Punk can rise to the top of RAW and everyone else can move up a peg with "Super Cena" gone. Smackdown needs some viewers and this is as sure as a way to get them as any other. but the odds of that are like you said Slim to none.
    The Corre -
    Really idek i havent been keeping up with them. In my opinion they should Mix with The NEW Nexus and dominate the shows like a new NWO. but thats just me. and they wouldnt really be affected by the Draft because NWO went wherever they wanted whenever they wanted.
    The NEW Nexus -
    First thing, Drop the NEW it just sounds dumb. We get it now. Mix with the Corre and dominate WWE. once again they wouldnt be affected by the Draft seeing as every superstar is on both shows anyways.
    Sin Cara -
    He should definitely head to Smackdown, just for a little while at leats, Smackdown is recorded so if he messes up its easier to correct and besides mysterio is there and 2 luchas will build an even stronger tie with the Hispanic audiences.
    Morrison -
    Easy. He should stay on RAW because he just got what could be a Main Event Headlining Push. don't want to risk him losing that.
    WWE Rabranding -
    Bad for business, thats all I have to say. To Vince I say "What would your father think?"
    My Opinions -
    WWE should stop doing drafts, while their exciting its just a waste all superstars end up on both shows at some point or another. So just unify the brands again so we can all be happy and sleep easier and hell if u must add another hour to your show lol. 7-10 sounds great to me. Only Mondays. Replay on Fridays and your good. Again this is just me so who knows.

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