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Will Rock-Cena Qualify for a Great WrestleMania Moment?

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The WWE Universe, now standing on the heels of Wrestlemania 27 and the anouncement of the Rock-Cena showdown, Wrestlemania 28 has been set with the task of making the road to Wrestlemania an almost year long journey. Wrestlemanias are defined by their moments and the build-up to the moment or match, sets up the electrifying awe that is presented by the superstar(s). The Rock vs. John Cena is a match that most wrestling fans would have on the top 5 of their Wrestlemania dream match card but the Universe has their doubts on how to create this Wrestlemania moment, without watering it down. Two generations of wrestlers but more importantly 2 generations of fans put against each other, The Cenation vs. Team Bring It. Looking foward, when Wrestlemania 28 is in the history books and the moments have been created, the year long wait will be part of the magic that brought the Wrestlemania moment, if done right.

Wrestlemania has set the stage for so many moments and with the main event of Wrestlemania 28 lingering in the air and their moment set for so long away, I've been left here to think about Wrestlemania moments of the past; what makes a Wrestlemania moment and how are they characterized? There are 6 kinds of Wrestlemania moments.

1- The 6 star match (this is the match that surpasses expectations, carries the crowd through the whole match, flows as smooth as a ballet, and whose finish captivates the audience to the point of awe).

2- The "What we came to see" moment (This is the moment that is the result of great build up to a match and is a match up that is highly anticipated and the moment is carried by the energy of the crowd)

3- The amazing highspot a.k.a the "Holy Shit" moment (this is the most popular of the moments, and is the moment that is a one shot, one move, blow me away moment that leaves you wondering what the hell you just saw).

4- Moments that Make you (this is the moment that is responsible for catapulting a Superstars career after his or her match to the next level).

5- The Grand Entrance moment (this moment is sometimes over looked but is one of the ways that the Superstars make a Wrestlemania statement by making a spectacular entrance, ring attire or special attraction through their entrance theme).

6- The Pop moment (this moment is a moment that catches our attention either through a backstage or in ring confrontation or between 2 or more people who fans are exited to see together or a moment that is a memorable comedy bit or drama bit and or a memorable interview or speech, sometimes just a moment that gains the respect or admiration of the fans or complete audience reaction).

This is what we have to look for in the upcoming Rock-Cena match to see if they can give us that moment that all wrestlers live to have and all fans live to see. To see where Rock-Cena will rank after all is said and done lets look back at the greatest of all these Wrestlemania moments. (Disagreement are invited) These are my top 5 of each kind of Wrestlemania moment. And will The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 live up to any of these moments?

Top 5 Six Star Match Moments
5A-Wrestlemania 18- The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan
(The crowd took this match from a great 5 star, to the classic 6 star. Rock and Hogan on A-Game)
5B-Wrestlemania 17- Steve Austin vs. The Rock
(The match is a classic 6 star but screwjob at the end was little weak but can't deny the supurb Wrestling)
4- Wrestlemania 12- Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart
(These 2 guys excellently executed this task of wrestling for an hour-plus while still keeping us captivated the whole way)
3- Wrestlemania 13- Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin
(Steve Austin fights his "hart" out in this match and earns the Chicago crowds respect while Bret Hart does a amazing job putting Austin over while still winning the match, that's hard to do)
2- Wrestlemania 3- Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat
(This match was the original bar at which all Wrestlemania matches would be measured by especially since they stole the show from Hogan-Andre while being A MID-CARD MATCH!)
1- Wrestlemania 25- The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
(This one is self explanatory if you see it. It is what I call a "wrestling ballet" as it flows with a smoothness and sends the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with the streak on the line)
---(match worth mentioning---Wrestlemania 22- Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels)

Top 5 What we came to see Moments
5-Wrestlemania 24- Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair
(Knowing that Michaels would be the one to retire Flair at 'Mania made the match that much more special from Flair entrance moment to his exit, even the "I'm sorry, I love you" moment)
4-Wrestlemania 6- Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior
(This match was highly anticipated as the unstoppable Warrior was trying to take the torch from the immortal one and even up to the moment where they do the face to face, you are still anticipating the first move)
3-Wrestlemania 12- Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
(Michaels, leading into 'Mania was being hyped as being the next champion and the vignettes of them training for the Iron Man match were classic and brought more drama to the match as the boy hood dream was to come true, for Shawn Michaels)
2-Wrestlemania 18- The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan
(The dream match that came true and whose true storyline was create by the WWE Universe as nWo Hollywood Hogan, heel vs. The Rock, face, turned into The Return of the Hulkster vs. The Peoples Champ simply by a roar of the crowd)
1-Wrestlemania 3- Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant
(This moment is what Made Wrestlemania and was one of those Wrestlemania, where the fan favorite Hogan was such underdog going into the match against the undefeated Giant. Can Hogan do it?)
---(match worth mentioning--- Wrestlemania 14- The Undertaker vs. Kane)

Top 5 "Holy Shit" Moments
5-Wrestlemania 13- Steve Austin in Bret Harts Sharpshooter and never gives up
(When Austin looked like he was fading and he gave that last burst of energy, pushing up with blood streaming down his face and into his mouth, then he knocks out...Holy Shit)
4-Wrestlemania 17- Jeff Hardy swanton bombs off a 20 ft. ladder
(Jeffs dive off the ladder was amazing, and not only jumping off a 20ft ladder but he set up the table to close to the ladder so he had to shorten his leap to a tight flip and made it...Holy Shit)
3-Wrestlemania 19- Brock Lesner attempts a Shooting Star Press
(This one is 2 moments in 1,first, Brock Lesner attempts a shooting star press a great f'ing distance across the ring, second, he misses and his head awkwardly hits the mat HARD...Holy Shit)
2-Wrestlemania 22- Edge spears Mick Foley through table of fire
(The table on the outside is on fire, Edge spears Foley from inside the ring out and down to the flaming table and after he scores the pin, reveals a blood shot eye that look like was done for and was shivering from the pain...Hardcore Holy Shit)
1-Wrestlemania 3- Hogan slams Andre
(When it happened, no one believed it could be done and with the magnitude of the match it is to special to "out Holy Shit" this moment)

Top 5 Moments that Make you
5A-Wrestlemania 3- Randy Savage is put over. Savage vs. Steamboat
5B-Wrestlemania 6- The Ultimate Warrior is put over. Hogan vs. Warrior
4-Wrestlemania 21- Batista is put over. Triple H vs. Batista
3-Wrestlemania 21- Edge is put over after retrieving the MITB briefcase
2-Wrestlemania 10- Shawn Michaels is put over. Michaels vs. Razor Ramon-Ladder Match
1-Wrestlemania 13- Steve Austin is put over. Austin vs. Hart
---(match worth mentioning--- Wrestlemania 2000-Triangle Ladder- Edge and Christian vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boys)

Top 5 Grand Entrance Moments
5-Wrestlemania 14- Shawn Michaels comes out to live performance DX theme
4-Wrestlemania 23- John Cena drives Chevy through glass entrance
3-Wrestlemania 13- Steve Austin's glass shattering entrance
2-Wrestlemania 20- Undertaker's return as the Deadman w/ Pual Bearer
1-Wrestlemania 12- Shawn Michaels comes down from the rafters

Top 5 Pop Moments
5-Wrestlemania 6- Hogan and Warrior embrace after their match- Passing of the Torch
4-Wrestlemania 19- Rock pushes ref away to thank a defeated Austin- Private moment of Thanks
3-Wrestlemania 22- Chicago spontaneously turns heel Triple H face and face Cena heel-Change of Roles
2-Wrestlemania 18- Hogan is excepted back by the WWE Universe and The Rock Hulksterizes in the ring with the Hulkster
1-Wrestlemania 7- Randy Savage reunites with Miss Elizabeth
(moment worth mentioning- Wrestlemania 6- Hogans interview with Mean Gene toward Warrior)

Looking at these moments, and after typing all those memories up, I've, one, been reminded why we all love Wrestlemania and wrestling in general and two, know that Rock-Cena will fall under one or maybe more of these moments and even if the story leading in to the pay-per-view is weak or the Rock doesn't show up again 'till the Royal Rumble (which I doubt), the moment is at 'Mania and it only takes one night to make a classic, not the anticipating year long wait. So guys, chill out, I know it's eating you alive knowing that the main event is set and all you can do is wait. The moment is coming and when it does, it will be a moment to remember. I mean come on, Cena and especially the Rock are on those top 5 list a few times, so its not like they can't pull it off. Have some faith in the moment.

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  1. Noneguypr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    Greatest blog I read on this site...You sure know wrestling.

    lol I can tell your not a big Cena fan because you didnt mention him defeating JBL at Wrestlemania 21 to win his first WWE Championship under the "Moments that Make You"

    An honorable mention for a "Holy Shit" Moment could be when Shelton Benjamin jumped off that huge ladder and landed on someone on a table....I cant remember which Money in the Bank and which wrestler it was

    Awesome blog though
    Thanks alot man, took me 2 days to really think 'bout this one but yes I love Wrestling and love the business, I appreciate you sayin that. I agree with the Benjamin moment at WM23 I think but those moments like that are a little predictable cause they fall in slow motion since it take so much streghth to tip that ladder over. Doesn't mean i wasn't chanting Holy Shit when it happened but for me, if I was being selfish and based it off of personal favorite, Edge spearing Foley through the table of Fire would be number 1 there. And your completely right about Cena, anytime I attend a RAW or Wrestlemania, I'll always try to start a Cena sucks chant or when ever there in New York, its Fuck you Cena...thats the best. But I can't believe you'd mention the Cena-JBL... that match bored me so much thats when I took my bathroom break. If I would have put another worth mentioning in the 6 star it accually would have been Cena-Michaels at WM23. That match was surprisingly awesome and I have to say I did clap for Cena when he won (just 2-3 claps)
  2. knox's Avatar
    yea i agree with u again man...wrestlemania 21 maievents were horrible. The Cena match and Batista's match was a only a Cena hater when he is the champ but when he's not the champ I can sort of tolerate baltimore i started a Cena chant at Extreme Rules last year and made a 7 year old kid cry lol his mom asked me to stop so i did because i felt bad...

    but yea Great Blog i'll request u as a friend so i can know when u post more material
  3. Noneguypr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    yea i agree with u again man...wrestlemania 21 maievents were horrible. The Cena match and Batista's match was a only a Cena hater when he is the champ but when he's not the champ I can sort of tolerate baltimore i started a Cena chant at Extreme Rules last year and made a 7 year old kid cry lol his mom asked me to stop so i did because i felt bad...

    but yea Great Blog i'll request u as a friend so i can know when u post more material
    Yeah man, no doubt ,I dont know how this website works with buddylist and stuff, but look for me on facebook. Look for me by my e mail [email protected]... This is my first blog ever so thx man, youv'e inspired me to write another. About the 7 year old crying, thats awesome,, crush those Cena fans spirits,lol, j/k but same kinda of thing happenned to me at WM23 in Detroit, I was top, very last row, my first 'Mania live and previously I had only attended Raws in MSG and Fuck You Cena can't are look at as a simply competitive chant which the response is a Let go Cena chant back and forth but in WM23 it was just a whole bunch of Cena fans 12 and under with there parents and as soon as me and my girl friend said Fuck You Ce...... their heads whooped back in awe of my "Rudeness" hey im a New Yorker thats what we do but with out any back up to my chant I looked like the asshole so I just chanted with the kids for fun...exept for Cena of course, I even said "Ballin'!!!" with MVP and they look at me crazy...whats wrong with Detroit that city suck major balls... Chicago is the onw Im dying to be part of and WM30 hopefully back in New York...NE wayz...take care man...write back, seem cool man and Ill think of another blog topic to write
  4. knox's Avatar
    im going to add you now lol just dont write anything wrestling related on my wall...i made a bet with my girl that i wouldn't discuss wrestling for a just hit my ibox
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